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For anyone wondering just what Senator +Bernie Sanders stands for, and what his political platform is for the 2016 presidential elections, is an excellent site to visit. I just recently discovered it myself. It's all made by volunteers, though it thoroughly documents Sanders' views and voting records.

If anyone asks about where Bernie Sanders stands on a certain issue, this is a great source to use!

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Where does Bernie Sanders stand on the issues? He's running for president to create jobs, raise wages, protect the environment, and provide health care & education for all.
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Thanx for the link to on the issues. 
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Here is an excellent article from +The Independent's Voices column that refutes the nonsensical vegophobia and scaremongering that the mainstream media has pushed so hard to keep meat profits (and cancer rates) sky high. It also counters the notion that veganism is extreme by pointing out that carnism is what's really the extreme dietary ideology. I highly recommend it.

#Vegan #Veganism #Vegetarianism #Carnism #Children #Nutrition
You may have seen recent news stories about a malnourished child who was removed from his parents. A sad case, of course, but given that malnutrition affects over 3 million people in the UK, why has this particular story made international headlines? Because the child was vegan.
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This is the Economic Update on Global Capitalism for the month of July 2016, entitled "The Great Emerging Conflict: Capitalism vs Worker Coops". I highly recommend this video, as I do all the content from Democracy at Work and all the lectures by professor Richard D. Wolff.

In this video, the following three major topics are discussed:

1. Signs of capitalism's exhaustion
2. Signs of where economic change is headed
3. Why and how economists are fighting over this change

Multiple minor topics are also discussed, such as Bernie Sanders' endorsement of Hillary Clinton.

#RDWolff #RichardWolff #RichardDWolff #RDW #Capitalism #Socialism #WorkerCooperatives #Coops #Economics #Politics #GunViolence #GunControl #Pittsburgh #TPP #DNC #Italy #Bailin #DonaldTrump #Tariff
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Donations to Jill Stein have increased by nearly 1000% since Bernie Sanders endorsed Hillary Clinton as the presumptive Democratic nominee. It appears that countless Sanders supporters are refusing to follow Sanders into a potential Hillary Clinton presidency, instead taking a principled stance and supporting Jill Stein of the Green Party. Whether this surge lasts is unclear, but this definitely opens up the possibility of Jill Stein becoming a serious contender in this general election through the support of disaffected Berners.

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Jill Stein selects human rights activist Ajamu Baraka as Vice-Presidential running mate. Despite speculations that Nina Turner from Cleveland, OH might take the VP slot after Jill Stein offered on July 31, Turner ultimately turned down the offer on the basis that she still wanted to reform the Democratic Party to fit her progressive goals. While multiple people—including Chris Hedges, Margaret Flowers, Kevin Zeese, and Aaron Dixon—were also considered for the position, Jill Stein ultimately chose Ajuma Baraka, as explained in the article below.

Jill Stein is expected to become the Green Party nominee on Sunday, August 6, at the Green Party convention in Houston, TX.

#JillStein #JillNotHill #Jill2016 #Stein2016 #JillStein2016 #ItsInOurHands #NeverHillary #GreenParty #ThirdParty #AjamuBaraka #Politics #Election2016 #NotMeUs #PoliticalRevolution #TheTimeIsNow #BernieOrStein #BernieOrJill #BernieOrBust #NinaTurner #RunNinaRun
Dr. Jill Stein, Green Party Presidential candidate, announced Ajamu Baraka, human rights scholar and activist, as her Vice Presidential running mate for the Green ticket.
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Here is yet another excellent lecture by professor Richard D. Wolff, given on October 27, 2015 and entitled "Economic Justice, Sustainability and Transition Beyond Capitalism". It was given at the UW Center for Communication and Civic Engagement at the University of Washington in Seattle, WA.

#Economics #Politics #RichardWolff #RichardDWolff #RDWolff #RDW #Capitalism #Socialism #Communism #Marxism #EconomicJustice #Sustainability #ResistCapitalism #DemocracyAtWork #Lecture #Seattle #UW
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Here is the monthly Economic Update on Global Capitalism for June 2016, entitled "The Costs of Capitalist Decline in North America and Europe". It came a bit later in the month than usual, and I failed to share it at that time. I highly recommend this video to anyone interested in understanding global capitalism, or anyone who is interested in economic and political lectures in general. I also recommend all the previous monthly updates as well as the weekly updates provided via podcast.

The three major topics of discussion are as follows:

1. Economic slowdown in US: why and what it means
2. Street battles in France: why and what they mean (Wolff just back from Paris)
3. The battle over Brexit: why and what it means

Puerto Rico, national parks, Cleveland RNC, and other minor topics are also discussed.

#Economics #Politics #RichardWolff #RichardDWolff #RDW #RDWolff #UnitedStates #France #Brexit #DemocracyAtWork #Capitalism #Socialism #PuertoRico #PROMESA #Colonialism #Imperialism #NationalParks #ClevelandOH #Cleveland #RNC #NuitDebout #UpAllNight #Germany
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Ralph Nader comments on the current state of the election.

Most notable in his commentary is Ralph Nader's statements about Bernie Sanders' endorsement of Hillary Clinton. In his opinion, Sanders' endorsement was a masterful attempt at holding Hillary Clinton accountable to her campaign promises by giving it widespread media attention. Moreover, it sets Hillary Clinton up for "political betrayal" because if (and when) she fails to live to her campaign promises as president, Bernie Sanders can use it as an opportunity to call her out, discredit her presidency, and incite a popular response that will attempt to hold her accountable to her promises.

Overall, Ralph Nader provided an excellent analysis.

#BernieSanders #Bernie2016 #Sanders2016 #BernieSanders2016 #FeelTheBern #NotMeUs #PoliticalRevolution #TheTimeIsNow #BernieOrBust #BernieOrStein #BernieOrJill #JillNotHill #VoteTogether #MakeHistory #Movement4Bernie #Politics #RalphNader #Politics #Election2016
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Jill Stein of the Green Party has arrived in Burlington, VT for undisclosed reasons. Some are speculating that Bernie Sanders and Jill Stein are having talks as rumors about Sanders defecting to the Green Party remain popular and thousands of Berners are moving to supporting Stein after he endorsed Hillary Clinton. Jill Stein does have multiple campaign events scheduled in the area, however, so perhaps she is only in Burlington to prepare for those.

#BernieSanders #Bernie2016 #Sanders2016 #BernieSanders2016 #FeelTheBern #NotMeUs #PoliticalRevolution #TheTimeIsNow #BernieOrBust #BernieOrStein #BernieOrJill #JillNotHill #VoteTogether #MakeHistory #Movement4Bernie #Politics #JillStein #Burlington #Vermont
Jill Stein arrived in Burlington, Vermont, Bernie Sanders’ hometown, on Friday. Stein, the presumptive presidential nominee for the Green Party, has watched her
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Dr. Cornel West has officially endorsed Jill Stein of the Green Party for president. Refusing to support either the Democratic or Republican nominees, and with the Bernie Sanders campaign almost certainly over, Cornel West has moved onto endorsing Jill Stein for president and is joining her in encouraging disaffected Bernie Sanders supporters to vote Green this general election as the principled alternative.

#BernieSanders #Bernie2016 #Sanders2016 #BernieSanders2016 #FeelTheBern #NotMeUs #PoliticalRevolution #TheTimeIsNow #BernieOrBust #BernieOrStein #BernieOrJill #JillNotHill #VoteTogether #MakeHistory #Movement4Bernie #Politics #CornelWest #JillStein #Jill2016 #Trump #Neoliberalism
Cornel West, a Sanders appointee for the Democratic Party platform, slammed Hillary, Trump and Obama in an op-ed
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My name is David, better known by my Internet alias: Nøkkenbuer. I am a philomath with a penchant for philosophy. I have very eclectic and heterodox beliefs, none of which conflict with my rigorous commitment to reason and skepticism. My opinions have radically changed over the years, so opinions I have expressed in the past may not reflect my contemporary views. I do my best to maintain an open mind, and I'm willing to consider any view, even if I disagree.

I typically post about content I find interesting or worth sharing, including (but not limited to) any of the following topics:
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I purchased a pair of NVX Audio XPT100 headphones from Sonic Electronix. The quality of the product was very good and the product was shipped to my residence minimal problems. After exactly a year, the right gimbal clasp on the headbands broke. I contacted customer support about the issue, in the hopes that I could potentially purchase a replacement headband for my headphones, since the speakers were still in great condition. I was not expecting much, since Sonic Electronix offered no replacement parts for sale anywhere in their online store. To my pleasant surprise, the customer service agents sent me a replacement headband free of charge! (In fact, they had to send it twice, since the first one appeared to have been lost in the mail.) Now, my headphones are like new. Overall, I am an extremely satisfied customer.
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First Review (September 10, 2014): Earlier today, I went for my first dental checkup in roughly four years. It was also my first time visiting Element Dental and I must say that it has been my best experience at a dentist appointment I believe I ever had. My dentist was, Dr. Brad Vermeulen over at the Bryan (77802) location. He was pleasant, insightful, patient with my questions and concerns, and polite all around. The assistants were very kind and professional. Everything seemed to be running orderly and efficiently. Despite being late to the appointment, I was still seen within a reasonable amount of time. Moreover, the doctor made sure to clarify his procedures, ensure that I was comfortable and satisfied with the operation, and listened intently to my questions or comments. Overall, I highly recommend the Bryan location. I will be revisiting in about a week for my second appointment and may update this review after it has been complete. Given the outstanding service I received earlier today, however, I suspect my second visit will be just as seamless and, dare I say, enjoyable. Second Review (September 17, 2014): My second appointment was just as great as I expected it to be. The appointment went fine and the visit was very pleasant. I corrected the doctor in the above review, however, since I had the wrong name listed. Overall, I am thoroughly satisfied with my experience and I recommend anyone living in the Bryan / College Station go to the Bryan location of Element Dental, since it has by far provided me with the best dentistry experience I've ever had. Third Review (April 06, 2015): Apparently, there was a complication from my first appointment, in particular a small air bubble in the filling. Dr. Vermeulen took care of it quickly and efficiently, however, so everything went fine. I have no complaints. Mistakes happen and fortunately, it wasn't anything major. The service was great as always, and I am satisfied with my experience.
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Lupe Tortilla has some of the most delicious steak fajita and corn tortillas I have ever eaten. Unlike most of the fajita meat I've tasted before, the meat at Lupe Tortilla isn't covered in pepper nor is it heavily spiced to the point that the seasonings become overpowering. All the food is excellent, especially the chips and beans. I highly recommend this restaurant to anyone searching for authentic Mexican food at a reasonable price.
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The people here are always nice and the food is delicious as well as nutritious.
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75 reviews
I began eating Boneheads a few months ago, when it was still a fresh and nowhere near as popular. It was amazing! The food was delicious and their half chicken was literally the best chicken I have ever tasted in my life. It was juicy, tender, and flavorful to the point that it actually converted me from an avid dark meat lover to a white meat fan. I had never enjoyed white meat before, since it was usually dry and tough, but Boneheads cooked it perfectly. The chicken was magical... And I enjoyed every moment of it. Even better, the seasoned fries were delicious and expertly cooked, so much that I actually exchanged all my sides for fries! For me, it was the perfect meal, and best of all, it was pretty cheap for such outstanding quality! Not anymore. Had I reviewed this establishment then, I'd be raving about how amazing it is and giving it a well-deserved 5-star review. Now, though, I am truly sad to report that Boneheads is no longer the great place I remember. After ordering to-go the same half-chicken (sometimes spicier than last time) and seasoned fries meal at least five times, enjoying it every time as my favorite meal of the week—or new favorite, if I had Boneheads earlier—I had taken a hiatus from my new go-to place for healthy, flavorful meals. I didn't want to overdo a good thing, after all. About a month ago, Boneheads was growing in popularity and more people visited the place. Craving the usual, I ordered the half-chicken and seasoned fries, anticipating yet another outstanding meal. Apparently, though, something had changed. Whether there was a different chef or manager or staff, or if the cooks were simply slacking in quality to make up for increased demand, or whatever the case, the meals were no longer anywhere near as enjoyable. Even worse, the chicken was not the spiciness I ordered when I received it, the wait was much longer than usual, and the price had gone up! In fact, I was so disappointed that I vowed to never go back to Boneheads. A few weeks passed and I wanted to give it another try. It was certainly a fluke, right? How else could I explain the fact that the chicken was so dry and tough that even KFC could do better? Or the fries so poorly seasoned and undercooked that Five Guys could outdo them? No, surely it was just an off-day, and was bound to happen. I just finished eating the last meal of Boneheads I'll probably ever eat. Not only was the chicken completely the wrong order (I asked for the spiciest and got a grilled concoction that was less spicy than their "mild"), the sides were wrong; the half-chicken was significantly smaller than usual; the seasoned fries were undercooked and barely seasoned; and the chicken was so dry and tough that I actually had to resort to dipping it in ketchup. I NEVER thought I would have to resort to condiments with Boneheads' excellent chicken. The chicken was excellent no more, however, and it was no longer the Boneheads I grew to love. I'm not sure what happened. Perhaps as the restaurant grew in popularity, they sacrificed quality to meet the demands. Maybe management changed or cooks were replaced and the new employees are less experienced than before. I don't know what changed, but I do know that the 5-star Boneheads food is no longer a thing. The meal I just ate is hardly deserving of even two, but I didn't want to seem too harsh. What happened, Boneheads? You used to be the cheap, delicious restaurant my family enjoyed, but now it only brings a more expensive disappointment every time. I wished I was giving Boneheads the 5-star review I always thought it deserved. Not anymore, though. If you're thinking about going to Boneheads, maybe reconsider, especially if you used to be a fan. You'll probably regret it.
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The food here is good and the service is adequate. I have no complaints, but I have yet to experience anything very praiseworthy either.
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After going to Poppa Rollo's Pizza for the first time just a couple days ago, I was definitely impressed. The service was amazing and the decor was thoroughly enjoyable. The food was good, but then again I haven't gotten to try much from there, so I may update this review after I go another time. Now, to address each aspect of the restaurant: The food was good, but it was not all that great. I had the Special Salad with the anchovies. It was tasty, but very salty (as was expected from a salad consisting primarily of anchovies and olives). My brother and friend both enjoyed the pizza they ordered quite thoroughly, though, so this may give you some insight as to the quality of the food. Once I try more food from here, I will update my review accordingly. The decor was very good, bordering on excellent. The place was quite busy, but the tables were nice and cozy and the general noise level was surprisingly low. I particularly enjoyed the old movies and shows that were playing on the big screen. In the waiting room, Flash Gordon was playing, absurdly fake graphics and melodrama included, and The Three Stooges were on in the actual eating area. Moreover, there is a number of arcade games in the playroom/kid's area. Overall, the environment in the place was pleasant and comfortable. My only complaint is that the smoking section (which included the kid's section) smelled like a giant ashtray, which can be quite unpleasant for those unaccustomed to the smell of cigarette smoke. The service was by far the best feature of the restaurant. Despite the wait time (around 15 minutes), the quality of service was excellent to say the least. Each time our drinks were low, we had them refilled or replaced immediately. In fact, the waitress brought out a small pitcher for our friend filled with the drink he ordered. She was very nice and made sure we were satisfied with our meals. Additionally, one of the other employees helped us take a picture and even joked with us while we ate. Overall, the service was superb and in this aspect I have no complaints. If you are interested in genuine Italian food at a great restaurant, I recommend Poppa Rollo's Pizza.
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Food: GoodDecor: Very GoodService: Excellent
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