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Premier Guitar picked up our press release!
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Cool! Congrats!
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Bring back the Rockefellers! It stretches my imagination what the city would be like if this happened all at once.
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I've been waiting for the "education customized to the individual" to come about.  Hopefully 20 years from now we'll look back and laugh at the concept of 'grades'.
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Heh, I'm not sure that course is being taught even now! :-D
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David Graham

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That would be awesome if she (or any other CEO) took a stand - watching it play out would be good theater.
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That sounds about right. NPR had an interview with Jesselyn Radack (a former DoJ attorney who went public with information about possibly-illegal FBI handling of the John Walker Lindh case.)  At least the way she tells it, the executive branch managed to rain a great deal of harassment down on her without actually bringing any charges.  I think this is the story --
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David Graham

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I no longer blindly believe most study conclusions.  Give me the data and let me decide.  Most "studies" start with a conclusion and then find data to support it.  That's how a lot of academic funding happens - Special interest A wants you to do a study.  The results are implicit.
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David Graham

commented on a video on YouTube.
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Very nice, dude!
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Hmmm... I have an E-Bow... I like where this is going... :)
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David Graham

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Interesting studies, with unsurprising results.  Nice talk.
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It was a nice talk.

Since he uses stats, I'd have to see the original data and the way it was collected before I could agree or disagree with his design of the experiments and his conclusions.

I like diet Pepsi with my pretzels. 8-)

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David Graham

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My drive this morning
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Mine too!! 'Cept it was 75 mph down 28 into standstill traffic towards the Burgh. :)
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David Graham

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I was disappointed by the lack of a new product category announcement.  Sure, the 5S is brilliant... yawn, but come on - gimme' something new.
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