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OH, look!  Google+ is still up and running.  

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Gay Dance Party Radio

Boom, Boom, Boom. Let me hear you say, "Way, Oh!"  [echo] "Way, Oh!"

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My momma always said silly is as silly does

Still the Social Media Virtual Wasteland as always


To my Gentlemen Friends and Mannish-Women Friends:

If you are an American and you currently shave in some capacity, then you know that current razors on the market come in 2 varieties:

1) For about $5 per month you can routinely cut yourself and bleed profusely by dull, rusty razors produced by monkeys around the time of the Spanish Civil War .

2) Or, for about $20 per month, you can participate in Proctor & Gamble's (Gillette's) attempt to rule the world by making humans submit to social norms.

Either way, I can now, after 5 months on the program tell you that there is a better way.

The Dollar Shave Club offers 3 options. I will speak of the the top-tier of which I have had the best results. 

You get four 6-blade razors for $9.00 s&h included. I have found that four of these blades lasts me TWO months. Making this solution $4.50/month. And as stated in the video below...these blades are not good; these blades are F***king Great.

I mean it. It's not a scam; it's not BS. The 6-blade is just as good as, if not better than Gillette's Fusion System, but about one-fifth the price. The subscription is easy to set up, easy to alter, and easy to change, easy to make bi-monthly delivery and easy to pause (like when I took a month off for Movember).

Those of you who know me well, know that I would not type out all this or put my name at the bottom if I didn't believe it. David is a skeptical son-of-a-bitch (although I call myself 'pragmatic') Click here to join.

And after the first month on the program, buy me a drink with the money you save, you clean shaven devil, you....

T. David Gossett 2014 03 01

And once again, Google tries bring Google+ into the forefront oif mainstream Social Media. Meanwhile, Yahoo! buys Tumbr (assuring Tumblrs slow, maddening decent into failure, at which time Yahoo! will roll down the windows  on  its 1972 Datsun and throw the corpse out the passenger's window. Luckily, the  Google Mapping Car was there to take a photo of the corpse in repose. The photo will then be placed as an Easter Egg for you on Google Earth.

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Meh. Whatever.

So Google plus is actually getting pretty fancy-schmancy when it comes to mobile updating and mobile viewing
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