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Why has no one told me about up until now?

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One word "thanksfortheshare".
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Do you use × instead of just × in your HTML markup? Are you typing © or, egad, © rather than simply ©?

I'm going to call this FONAC (fear of non-ASCII characters), and it's only an issue for English speakers. If you're Japanese, the © character doesn't feel any more 'special' than 著作権.

The W3C has a nice example: (and a definitive answer for settling arguments).

I also kinda like how GitHub has utf8=✓ as a URL parameter (I'll admit it still seems a little wrong somehow).

I'm not even going to point out that your files must be encoded as UTF-8, because they already are.
How can I use character escapes in markup and CSS, and when should I use or not use them?
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If you're a JavaScripter and haven't watched the +Douglas Crockford  YUI sessions I highly recommend them. If you don't have 10 hours to spare, then maybe this will be of some use:

Crockford: The Good Parts

Volume 1
32:20 half ASCII
41:30 Arrow key hjkl order
56:20 Moore's law

Chapter 2
50:00 'string' etymology
55:40 parseInt('08') === 0
1:08:45 RegExp 2-inch rule
1:20:30 % is NOT modulo
1:21:20 The evils of type coercion

I was so engrossed I forgot to take notes on the best bits.

Episode IV
38:53 <script type="application/ecmascript"> bad idea. Ignore w3c!
39:20 web standards are a stupid idea
55:30 css-to-javaScript names (hypens to camels)
1:15:20 why did AJAX take five years?
1:25:20 IE6 was the bomb
1:32:15 - funny (remember he worked for Yahoo at the time)

Part 5
22:10 eval ... Step away from the machine
48:24 don't optimize without measuring
54:50 3D rendering just on the edge of being possible
59:10 making mistakes

Scene 6
Also all good.

Level 7
33:50 super-obscure dicObj['constructor'] bug
49:40 this one broke my heart (IE9 must die)

Section 8
12:20 We are hunters and gatherers
17:45 JSLint will hurt your feelings
20:25 why would I be crying if this weren't important?
37:00 don't use with
49:50 write what you mean
57:45 JSLint isn't strict for the fun of it
1:02:30 Dart smack down 
1:06:00 You have to watch the whole thing to know what 'that list' is.
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Chrome dev tools tip of the day: use console.profile() and a timeout to gather stats at particular points in your code. For example, a hamburger menu opening.

    onClick: function() {
        console.profile('Hamburger Open');
        setTimeout(function() {
            console.profileEnd('Hamburger Open');
        }, 1000);
        // Do some stuff

This will create an entry in the profiles pane of the dev tools when the code executes.
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So this is new... Chrome Canary dev tools, in the styles tab you can now search for a CSS property, value or selector.

Or click one of the computed properties and it will highlight wherever that property is set.

The highlighting stays as you navigate the DOM tree with the arrow keys making it easy to hunt down where some property is being set.

Excellent stuff.
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Don't know about Firebug, but the Firefox dev tools does have a search function for computed styles.
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This just in: Joyent teams up with Microsoft, SAP and IBM to gain insights into how to be out of touch with what developers and users really want.
Joyent, IBM, Microsoft, PayPal, Fidelity, SAP and The Linux Foundation Join Forces to Support Node.js Community With Neutral and Open Governance, Resources for Developers
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Well done +David Gilbertson​, well done :)
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As a recent convert to the Atom Editor, I thought I'd share a pro-tip and a few of my favourite things.

I've got the atom directory SugarSync'd, which means my packages and keyboard shortcuts are synced across all of my machines.

On the package front I'm loving project-manager with open-last-project, minimap is sweet too, all helping with Sublime withdrawal symptoms.

But the coolest thing is that it's good old HTML5. You can even bring up the dev tools if you want to poke around.

Oh and one more tip, if you're working with files over 2MB, you're out of luck.
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+James Coyle can be a SQL batch script...
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If you've ever set your CSS transitions to 5 seconds so you can see what's happening when your widget transforms, this is awesome...

There's a new control in Chrome Canary's dev tools; on the elements tab, in the styles area. This let's you slow down any animations on the page, as low as 10% speed.

If you click the play/pause button, it seems to get focus, so the space bar becomes a play/pause keyboard shortcut for your animations (until you click elsewhere).
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Project Spartan has shown up on the Kangax compatibility table. And it's showing lots of green (second only to Babel!).


Haters gonna hate of course...
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+David Gilbertson If only banknotes could grow on trees... I don't use to express opinions about vaporware.
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Dev tools tip of the day: typing $0 in the console will give you the currently selected DOM node. You can access its methods or even wrap it in jQuery $($0) if you're that way inclined.

If you want to see the element as a JavaScript object, you can use console.dir($0).

This works in all the good browsers.
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You would imagine that tip would be more widely mentioned, I've never seen it. Thanks
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You can now play with transition curves from within the Chrome Dev Tools.

That's just so cool.

Canary only, naturally.
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Just like Firefox 33 :D and animation editors in Firefox 37 (Developer edition)
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Chrome Dev Tools tip: on the elements tab, the search box will match on CSS selectors.

Note that Chrome won't find partial matches. In the screenshot I searched for [type=submit] .search-icon and it finds a result, but searching [type=submit] .search-ic won't find a match.

This one has been around for a while since it's in the stable channel, but I figured worth sharing anyway.
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I think it exactly working as CSS selector. Hence partial matches may not be provided.
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Have him in circles
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