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Well they say imitation is the best form of flattery.... But not in this instance.. Hey Pixonic... You've been ripped off.. 
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Want!... How? 

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Greetings fellow WWR pilots! I've started a clan for the casual player. The player who has to work, has a life outside of WWR.. LOL... We'll probably never achieve high status, but we could organize and give those top clans a good fight.... I love this game and if this sounds like the clan for you, then look me up! "The Working Clan" "RUSH", pilot name "Captain Howdy"... See you on the battlefield! 

So, WWR pretty much eats up all my gaming time (don't have Xbox, etc), and honestly, I can't figure out wtf is the deal with squads, clans, heck, just finding one of your friends is confusing!... I'm L27 looking to find my way in to some more organized action ... Any help would be awesome!... Other than that, this is Captain Howdy signing off! 

Won't open. Crashes back to main screen... Bummer... I'll keep checking back for updates? 

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Happy Friday Resistance! Fly your colors proudly! 

green67... Concord CA...
I like blue skies 

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Just throwing this out there...I'm 44 and am back in school to get a degree in IT Security...I've been doing this on my own for the past 13 years and want to be legit....anybody else retooling in midlife?..if so, I'm curious as to why and what type of shift is going on.
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