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I don't understand Google's strategy (or lack of) when it comes to tablets. Now that Android 7 Nougat is out, it looks like it could be a really good experience on Tablets. Problem is, it is currently impossible to get a "Nexus" or "Pixel" type tablet, and don't even tell me about Samsung ones, they don't run pure Android and I don't like what they did with Android on these.

Before I bought my iPad, I wanted to get the Nexus 10, but it was sold out. And the Pixel C is too big and bulky for my needs. It's sad cuz I really do have a preference for the Android OS (as delivered by Google) but Google is not offering me any options to fully experience it on a tablet. Meanwhile, I love my iPad Air 2 and until now iOS seemed to provide a superior experience on tablets. So my point is, Google is missing the boat and losing users like myself.

In other words, when the Nexus 7 and 10 were still on sale, Android's experience on tablets was not optimal compared to what Apple offered with iOS, same for apps available. Now that Nougat is out and feels like it can finally compete, we have no tablets to experience the upgrade, and the Pixel C is unfortunately not as nice as an iPad, hardware-wise, and it's only offered in big and bulky size.

IMHO What google needs to do now is to release a new series of tablet hardware similar to the formats Apple offers (7-8in, 9in, 12in) and make sure it's as thin and lightweight as the iPad. Then we're talking.

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Kid Koala + Emiliana Torrini ça donne ça. Toune d'automne.

Ironique (ou inquiétant?) de voir des éclairs (lightning) au-dessus du Centre Bell​ quand les Tampa Bay Lightning​ sont dans la bâtisse!!

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Amazing to see these color images of Berlin in 1945!

Malade le but des Capitals à 1 seconde de la fin!! :D

Fucking Kreider is trying its goalie-killing trick again...

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