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In a few days, you'll be able to talk to your iPhone and iPad by saying "Hey Siri..."

Apple is trying to compete with the "OK Google" phrase that you can use with Google app and website.

But I already talk to my phone, and I start every conversation with "Hey Emily, would you…"

I played around with the words I use (the "wake up phrase") because nothing felt natural, particularly in public. But now that I have a phrase that feels right to me, I use my voice activated assistant service much more frequently and easily.

While I don't think Apple will let you customize their built-in wake up phrase "Hey Siri" other apps WILL let you do it. I highly recommend customizing if you can.

My favorite app is the Dragon assistant app for Android (I also use an iPad). I tried wake up phrases such as "Hey Dragon, do this…" for awhile, and before that briefly toyed with phrases such as 
 • "Okay assistant…"
 • "Open up and…"
 • "Do this for me…"

Once I found what I liked, I went even further and created contacts called "This task for me," and "This task for shopping," etc. and so now I can say things like

"Hey Emily, would you email this task for me, Subject…" and it makes being productive just feel a lot more natural. (My tasks appear automatically on my to-do list in Asana using their email a task technique.)

(And how did I pick the name "Emily?" I asked my wife Sarah to suggest a name she wouldn't mind hearing me say :-)
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David G. Larson

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Um, WHAT did she say? A brief guide to Scottish colloquialisms from former Dr Who actress, Karen Gillan. Anything that can make me laugh out loud on a Monday has to be worth a share. :)
#drwho     #hilarious   #karengillan   #scottishaccent  
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David G. Larson

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Another couple of favorite keyboard shortcut references: Keyboard shortcuts for Google Sheets and The Big List of 111+ Keyboard Shortcuts For The Most-Used Online Tools

My current favorite is hold s, right-click any image to do a visual search (Google images) on that image in Chrome
<p>Below, you'll find a list of keyboard shortcuts for Google Sheets.</p> <a class="zippy zippy-win"> <h4>PC shortcuts</h4> </a> <div> <table class="nice-table wide"> <tbody> <tr>
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David G. Larson

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My favorite recent Windows tip:

Annoyed by "hover select" when you use single click settings in Windows Explorer?

Turn it off in RegEdit at HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Control Panel > Mouse by setting MouseHoverWidth and MouseHoverHeight to 0
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David G. Larson

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Had a lot of fun sharing the basics of really making Social Media work for you with +Marty McPadden and +Misty McPadden 
Inspiring Connections 13 is now ready for you to download =) Learn To Be A “Smarter” Twitter User With our guest +David G. Larson  also known  @TweetSmarter #socialmedia   #tips  
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Same here +David G. Larson!! :-)
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David G. Larson

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Need a good key shortcut reference? Don't miss Wikipedia's "Table of keyboard shortcuts:"
In computing, a keyboard shortcut is a sequence or combination of keystrokes on a computer keyboard which invokes commands in software. Some keyboard shortcuts require the user to press a single key or a sequence of keys one after the other. Other keyboard shortcuts require pressing and holding ...
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David G. Larson

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How to open Word 2013 documents by default in the same view you saved them in (restore this lost functionality from previous versions):

Word 2013 FORCES all documents (crazy!) to open in Print Layout view. The add-in at the bottom of the page at restores the behavior of previous versions of Word—you see the current view AND zoom setting when you open again—thanks, Jay!

I mean, when I save in zoomed outline view, I want to open in zoomed outline view!  What was Microsoft thinking? Particularly with outline view, where you have portions of your document collapsed, and portions expanded (though no solution will restore the collapsed/expanded view of the outline). Changing defaults is one thing, but they didn't even create an option to restore the lost functionality.

If you want to try using an outline tool that in quite a number of ways is better than outline view in Word, try the free tool Workflowy. Go here and get even more free ►

► Important notes:

Changing the view and nothing else won't save the view. I just add a space to get it to save, same way Word has always worked. Also, this doesn't affect new blank documents if you set the view in the Normal.dotm template (the NewDocument event doesn't fire for the first blank document in a session, and Jay didn't want some new documents to behave differently than others.)

To contact Jay, try these forums where he talks about creating these macros:
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David G. Larson

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API Integration Platforms And What They Work With:

There are a ton of great ways to automate your work nowadays, using tools like AutoHotKey, Gmail filters, Outlook rules, etc.

But even more powerful are tools that connect things, so that whenever you do something in one place, something useful automatically happens somewhere else.

The easiest to use and understand of these type of tools is probably IFTTT, which is short for "If This, Then That." Tools like IFTT include:
  • Zapier
  • itDuzzit
  • CloudWork
  • Pipethru
  • Formstack
  • Magic xpi
  • Adeptia
  • Mule ESB
 • onesaas
 • cloudbees
 • wewiredweb
 • wappwolf
 • snaplogic
 • Axway

But what can you automate with these tools? I've made a list of some of the most popular integrations for consumers and businesses, thanks to Canadian software developer Mathieu Fenniak 

• Dropbox
• Google Calendar
• Twitter
• Facebook
• Gmail
• Google Contacts
• WordPress
• Evernote
• Google Drive
• Blogger
• Flickr
• Google Docs
• Google Talk
• Google Tasks

• Salesforce
• Box
• Campaign Monitor
• Chargify
• FreshBooks
• Highrise
• NetSuite
• Quickbooks
• LinkedIn
• Stripe
• Toggl
• Trello
• Yammer
• Zendesk
• ActiveCampaign
• Asana
• Authorize.Net
• Basecamp
• Batchbook
• Campfire
• Capsule CRM
• Chatter
• Constant Contact
• FreeAgent
• GitHub
• Google Docs
• MailChimp
• Microsoft Dynamics CRM
• PayPal
• SugarCRM
• Twilio
• WebMerge
• Zoho CRM

There are more of these Integration Platforms as a Service (iPaaS) all the time, and the list of APIs they work with is also bigger than what I have listed here, but this is a good starting point.

I remember in 1991 when Monarch (now was released: they made transferring information AMAZINGLY more doable for small and large businesses alike. You would print out information reports from one application to a file, and then Monarch would make it easy to read that information into another application, eliminating a lot of data entry.

But nowadays, with smart API integrations, everything can be kept up to date automatically. We're living in the future!

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David G. Larson

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If you were ever wondering what all the search options in Gmail are, here they are in one place: 

...including such things as has:orange-guillemet and other advanced options :-)
<p>Advanced search operators are query words or symbols that perform special actions in Gmail search. These operators allow you to find what you're looking for quickly and accurately. They can also be
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David G. Larson

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Cool Windows 7 tips!

► Minimize all Windows except for one in an instant:
• Mouse movement
Grab (mouse down on) the title bar of the window that should stay visible and shake. Every window except the one you shook will now be minimized.
• Keyboard shortcut
Use Windows Logo+Home will minimize/ restore everything except the current window

► Snap a window to one side of the screen
• Mouse movement
Grab (mouse down on) the title bar of the window and drag it right or left or up until it snaps
• Keyboard shortcut
Use Windows Logo+right, left or up arrow key. The Window will move between three positions: snapped left/right/up or centered each time you use the key combination. (If you use Windows+down, the window will minimize.)

► Cycle through just one kind of open program (when Alt+tab is too cluttered
Hold down Ctrl while you repeatedly click on the application's icon on the taskbar to cycle through all open windows of that application

► View Jumplists faster
INstead of right-clicking a Windows taskbar icon to view its jumplist hold the left mouse button over it and just drag upwards. The list appears instantly, and the mouse moves over the items normally to help you select one quickly.

And yes, if you snap your taskbar to a different edge of the screen, you simply click and drag the mouse into the screen. (For example, on one window I have the taskbar at the top edge, so I just drag down from there.)

► Nearly 100 other tips:
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David G. Larson

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For you Excel junkies, I discovered a simple way to automatically create colored bands in alternating rows regardless of how much you shift things around. Use conditional formatting with these two formulas: =ODD(ROW())=ROW() and =EVEN(ROW())=ROW()
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