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2 hours of dancy bliss for you, kids. Share, tweet, whatever. Spread the word.
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Some funny shit.
We try the #jellybelly #Beanboozled all flavors jelly beans. Mmm, rotten egg. Just like mama use to make.
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Dance Machine 5000 Podcast Episode 28. Featuring tracks from Hot Chip, Camouflage, Ivardensphere, DYM and lots more.

1. Northern Lite​ — Johnny
2. DYM​ — With A Smile
3. Naommon​ — Beginning Everyday (ArôMe Artificiel's Mix)
4. Seabound​ — When She's Hungry (Iris Mix)
5. Miami Horror​ — American Dream
6. iVardensphere​ — Mother Of Crows (Club Mix)
7. Chainreactor​ — Kick Ass
8. Advance​ — Voice Of Resistanz
9. Neonsol​ — Poisoned Land
10. Sinestar​ — Fortunes Faded (Krammix Liberator Remix)
11. Device Noize​ — Eutanasia
12. Electro Spectre​ — You Push For the World
13. Hot Chip​ — Huarache Lights
14. Thermostatic​ — Animal (John H & M.E.E.O Remix)
15. CAMOUFLAGE​ — Misery
16. Metroland​ — Struktur (My.Cosmo Remix)
17. QNTAL​ — Tyger
18. Arachnophobias​ — Deepest Lies
19. Dani'el​ — To Dare
20. The Dø​ — Miracles (Back in Time)

Remember, you can listen and download from the DM5K site and get links to all the bands in the podcast as well.

You can also subscribe:
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