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This is a great video on using a 3D printing with cement to build a house or building. It would be one of favorites on if they had it on the site. 

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I believe +saul griffith designed a machine to do concrete 3d printing of houses at one point.
+John Bump I speculated on this about ten years back. I even nailed the fact that a square nozzle would be needed on the extruder/print head.

Coming from a CNC background my design for a wall was like the letter H repeated. Think cinder block wall. draw two parallel lines then draw the support directly (at 90 degrees) between them.  

The way this man does it is way better. The only improvement I can see is doing a a sine wave in the center (curves supporting a load better and all). 
Very interesting project. Thank you for sharing.
I like a wooden house :-D
+Tomo Owa I spent some time in an adobe house in Arizona. A week in 100+ degree weather and it stayed ~80 degrees inside the entire week. I didn't need air conditioning during the day, or heating at night when it went down to 50 degrees outside.

I will stick with packed earth and cement for the next house. Extremely lower energy consumption and high thermal mass.
+David Fuchs Thanks for the info. I see your point. Precisely, a wooden house in a part of Asia.
Fantastic video! This is such a good idea to build house, concrete house with lower cost, safer, less energy consumption and environment friendly. What we complaining about for such good things. I have had a builder built a house for myself. As standard, it is make of timber. Guess what, I will not build such things anymore. It cost so much money, time and the main thing is it is not strong at all. I couldn't put curtain on windows because the timber wall will not support it. I couldn't put a piano upstairs because the ceiling will fall down if I do. And when I walk on upstairs, I can feel the floor is not flat (If you put a ball on it, you will see the ball is moving to the lowest point). And we put all our money in this house and made a 30 years loan on it. After 30 years, this timber house will have lots problems, and I got to work all my life to pay off this house loan which will worth nothing at the end.  I did asked someone about brick house or concrete house, people love to live in such house the only thing stop them do is the cost. Now if we have this technology, the cost has been significantly reduce, which will make quality concrete house become much more affordable.
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