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Google Reader is shutting down on the 1st of July. 

In order to export a list of your RSS feeds do the following. 
1 - Login to google
2 - Click here
3 - Click Choose Services
4 - Click Reader
5 - Click Create Archive
6 - When Done - Click Download
7 - Save to your hard drive.
8 - Back it up online just in case you have a hard drive failure.  (lets hope Google drive survives for a while)

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I wonder, how many zealous google readers, are influencers, leaders within their profession / industries. It would be interesting to see a big data heat map of ripple effect.
Why, oh why +Google ? I can't believe they're shutting down the reader?! It is very useful service, just like Google Wave was. I really don't see how Google Reader can obstruct anyone? Anyway, thanks for the info +David Fuchs.
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