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3D printing with sand. This makes my knees weak. Being a metal guy I love this. Imagine being able to print the molds for pouring metal directly instead of doing lost wax or some other technique. 

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This is quite new to me, but wouldn't "replication" be a tad more descriptive than "printing?"
+Jim Lovasz They are actually printers that lay down ink, powder and glue, plastic, chemicals, or or cells layer by layer. 3D printers also use epoxies and lasers to harden epoxy and several other techniques. 

3D printers are on the verge of being replicators. If you look through my profile you will see them being used for many different materials, clay, cement, sand, human cells, plastic, metal, electronic circuits, etc.

When these 3D printers started out 5 years ago they were printing #8 spaghetti strands, now the diameter is a small as ~.2 mm.  

Thanks David, technology on steroids!
+Jim Lovasz It is getting there, what we need now is a combo print head that does extruding, milling, and electronics. :) 
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