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David Fuchs

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Nanowerk is the leading nanotechnology portal, committed to educate, inform and inspire about nanotechnologies, nanosciences, and other emerging technologies
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David Fuchs

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I have been reading up on the shootings in Oregon at Umpqua Community College. So many things do not make sense, you have a guy who is half black, and half white, being described as a white supremacist (1). CNN altered his profile pic to make him white (2) (and see image below) and his original image (3). And why would a white supremacist ask if people are Christians (4)? Plus you have the president calling for changing the laws on guns (5), as if that would prevent crazy people from doing things like this. Australia banned guns and they have 4 times the mass murders, per person, as the US does (since 1986, AU pop 22 mil and 17 vs US pop 300 mil and 58) . I just do not get the rationale behind this. 

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+David Fuchs Sorry David, I can't agree with you... Stopping someone on a mass murser rampage with a hammer is easier than if he's got a semi-auto... I feel your argument is not 100% objective... 
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David Fuchs

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Forecasting the trend line out 20 years is scary ...
A record 94,610,000 Americans were not in the American labor force last month -- an increase of 579,000 from August -- and the labor force participation rate reached its lowest point in 38 years, with 62.4 percent of the U.S. population either holding a job or actively seeking one.
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This is not true, and the source is bullshit too.
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David Fuchs

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Being a geek, this made me smile .... 
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David Fuchs

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A new open source software offering from IBM could change the way transactions are handled online -- and that means more than just financial transactions.
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Hopefully I will hear more at IBM Connect later this month.
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David Fuchs

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"Researchers at the University of Gothenburg and the University of Iceland are researching a new type of nuclear fusion process. This produces almost no neutrons but instead fast, heavy electrons (muons), since it is based on nuclear reactions in ultra-dense heavy hydrogen (deuterium). The new fusion process can take place in relatively small laser-fired fusion reactors fueled by heavy hydrogen (deuterium). They have gotten twice the energy from what they put in and believe they can get to 20 times the energy out as put in."
Researchers at the University of Gothenburg and the University of Iceland are researching a new type of nuclear fusion process. This produces almost no neutrons but instead fast, heavy electrons (muons), since it is based on ...
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Know explain of computer blue tooth and satellite work 
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David Fuchs

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"All technological innovations, starting with the fire brought down from Olympus by Prometheus, are a hopelessly entangled mass of risks and benefits. Wallach is in a good position to know. He's chaired of the Technology and Ethics study group at Yale University's Interdisciplinary Center for Bioethics for most of its thirteen year existence. He knows that scientific inquiry and discovery will inevitably lead to technologies that can be used for ill as well as for good."
In A Dangerous Master, a bioethicist argues for debate before tech is adopted.
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+Mr. Cabbage

Its more Like how do we get it Back under could be one election away from doom
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David Fuchs

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"If all goes to plan, the Lutz Pathfinder will be the first fully automated vehicle to be trialled in a pedestrianised space in the UK. "When you consider that there wasn't even a design in place for this vehicle less than 18 months ago, it has been a really quick turnaround,""
The 'Lutz Pathfinder' will soon be driving itself around Milton Keynes in the UK.
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Could you let me know how much its costs trinadad tiare jose 
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David Fuchs

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Engineering backup copies of mitochondrial genes to place in the nucleus of the cell, aiming to prevent age-related damage and restore lost mitochondrial function. This is attacking one of seven kinds of known aging damage. E...
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belle couleur d'image
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David Fuchs

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"Media company stocks have been diving because investors are concerned that subscription revenues are threatened by cord cutters and skinny bundles. Top executives from media companies, including Philippe Dauman of Viacom, have mostly been downplaying the threat the decline poses."
Winds of change continued to blow through the TV business in the second quarter, with live TV viewing dropping as the number of homes with broadband only and those with streaming video subscriptions rose. According to Nielsen's second-quarter Total Audience report, the number of homes with ...
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David Fuchs

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"There are several interesting things about this graph. First, it was made in the 1980s, which proves that an IBM Selectric can make graphs. But never mind that. The graph shows the range of global surface temperature (vertical axis) over time (horizontal axis) in the past and future. If there was no effect from the human generated greenhouse gas CO2, global surface temperature would range, and had previously ranged, between about a half a degree C (Kelvin in the graph, but one degree K is one degree C) above and below a hypothetical baseline. However, given the influence of human generated greenhouse gas, the temperature rises."
Originally published on ScienceBlogs. By Greg Laden Look at the graph at the top of the post. This is a graph from the now famous Exxon documents that date to 1981, explaining how Exxon scientists were projecting global warming with continued release of the greenhouse gas CO2 into the atmosphere. There is a lot written about that work
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Also think construction / jet scream. ...
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David Fuchs

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"That’s because Cas9 isn’t perfect, despite its hype as a laser-precise genome editing tool. Cpf1 offers some slight advantages. For example, when it cuts double-stranded DNA, it snips the two strands in slightly different locations, resulting in overhang that molecular biologists call “sticky ends.” Sticky ends can make it easier to insert a snippet of new DNA—say, a different version of a gene—though the Cell paper does not actually show data directly comparing Cas9 and Cpf1 when inserting DNA."
Scientists have found a second CRISPR system that can edit human DNA.
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  • Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
  • State University of New York at Farmingdale
Geek and builder of things ...
Classically trained Engineer and Programmer. Involved in open source, software, and hardware. Current interests: 3d printing and nanotechnology, predicting the future of technology, and low cost power production in 3rd world nations using material at hand. 

A simple addendum or thought - Recently I have noticed, there is an accelerating rate of change in science and technology, that seems to be just outside of peoples range of perception. Perhaps they are ignoring it because they do not understand it, or maybe they are paying to much attention to Snooki and the like to even notice. 

Bragging rights
Current Project - Uncompromisingly solving the world energy issues.
Consultant - Programmer - Engineer
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