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It is the bad greedy capitalism that we must fight and control, not the good positive manifestation of it.
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David Fuchs

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"In case you missed it, Homeland Security set a proposal earlier this year that would expand the records for arrivals and departures at a cost of almost $300 million a year."
Rights groups worry that a refusal to disclose may hurt visa applications.
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Bah voyons! "l occasion fait le larron" comme on dit en France... 
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David Fuchs

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The pace of development of artificial intelligence is going to get faster. And not for the typical reasons — More money, interest from megacompanies, faster computers, cheap&huge data, an…
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Genetic algorithms reached a point where self-writing software became effectively possible and if you were to combine that with a high level compiler compiler, you could probably create software that generates code to generate code more efficiently than we do.  Its coming.
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David Fuchs

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The Blue Screen of Death has been around for more than 20 years. You’ve probably seen one or two before, but you’ve never seen one quite this big. That massive video wall (probably [...]
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oops Giant fail
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David Fuchs

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Self-assembly; no assembly-line robots and no people need to apply. Forget factories. MIT’s Self-Assembly Lab is designing devices that snap together in minutes. Read more
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David Fuchs

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"The ice shelf loses icebergs like this naturally every few decades, but we're concerned that this one might extend far enough back that it breaks the "compressive arch" which is holding the ice shelf in place," he said"
A rift is extending farther across the Larsen C ice shelf in Antarctica, threatening to set in motion the collapse of the entire shelf.
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David Fuchs

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"The brains of the Robocar and the DevBot is an Nvidia Drive PX 2 supercomputer that’s about the size of a lunchbox. Sporting dual Tegra CPUs and dual Pascal GPUs, the Drive PX 2 can manage the flood of input from cameras, radar, and other sensors in real time so the car can drive itself."
DevBot is the test car for Roborace's Robocar, the autonomous, electric racecar being developed to run in the Formula E championship. Developers will be able to ride or drive DevBot as they test their software.
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David Fuchs

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"However, the cost of the FIT policy increases over time, as the cost of generating renewable electricity declines. This development typically shows in increased electricity prices for household customers. As a result of the FIT, average retail prices have soared, at least over the last decade. Residential consumers are charged about 35 cents/kWh compared to about 13 cents/kWh in the United States, making Germany the country of some of the highest electricity prices in Europe."
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David Fuchs

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Fisherman found 75 pound pearl 10 years ago, just learned its worth $100 million
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I would!!!!
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David Fuchs

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Roboeve, a Beijing-based team of young engineers and industrial designers, has created what might just be one of the cutest little robots we've seen lately. The robot, called Xpider, is made using 3D printing technologies and offers a number of fun features, such as an integrated camera and facial recognition.
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David Fuchs

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"This benefits the taxi industry and no one else. Moreover, riders won’t even know the fee is being assessed because the law doesn’t allow Uber and Lyft to show it on the invoice—a sneaky way to keep the political backlash to a minimum."
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David Fuchs

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""Driverless buses are not currently legally possible on public roads. Furthermore, this is not our aim," Andreas Mink, director of engineering electronics for the bus project, told Business Insider via email. "On the contrary, the driver's job involves a lot of responsibility, and we want to make this job as easy as we can rather than do away with it.""
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Trains have more use for it. Less variables. Why didn't they look to trains? 
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  • Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
  • State University of New York at Farmingdale
Geek and builder of things ...
Classically trained Engineer and Programmer. Involved in open source, software, and hardware. Current interests: 3d printing and nanotechnology, predicting the future of technology, and low cost power production in 3rd world nations using material at hand. 

A simple addendum or thought - Recently I have noticed, there is an accelerating rate of change in science and technology, that seems to be just outside of peoples range of perception. Perhaps they are ignoring it because they do not understand it, or maybe they are paying to much attention to Snooki and the like to even notice. 

Bragging rights
Current Project - Uncompromisingly solving the world energy issues.
Consultant - Programmer - Engineer
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