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The most important article you will read today ... if you love ketchup :-)
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I wish these types of classes were taught in all high schools.  A+ for the invention design, its simple and effective.
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David Fuchs

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What is happening in the energy industry is interesting to watch. Every time a disruptive technology occurs the techniques used to prevent the failure of the entrenched business model are slightly different, the one thing in common is the attempt to legislate around the technology to maintain control. This article describes a few of the techniques being used by the utilities ...
Originally published on SolarWakeup. By Yann Brandt  After incredible victories by solar policy groups, the anti-solar world lead by the likes of ALEC and investor owned utilities is coming out with a new bag of tricks. We have already seen the work come out in drafts of bills and those filed by legislators doing the work of the
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The winning issue?  Solar JOBS are growing exponentially...  If you highlight the Jobs, then we own the politicians...  
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David Fuchs

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Nanosale Reduction of Thickness Changes Lanthanum Nickelate from a Metal to an Insulator

Ever-shrinking electronic devices could get down to atomic dimensions with the help of transition metal oxides, a class of materials that seems to have it all: superconductivity, magnetoresistance and other exotic properties. These possibilities have scientists excited to understand everything about these materials, and to find new ways to control their properties at the most fundamental levels.
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+Justen Robertson actualy the total number of angels can be a precise number. And it is negative which makes sense as they are imaginary. Look at here
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David Fuchs

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Researchers achieve higher solar-cell efficiency with zinc-oxide coating 14% efficiency, there is the potential for 63% efficiency, using zinc oxide with other materials.

"Engineering researchers at the University of Arkansas have achieved the highest efficiency ever in a 9 millimeter-squared solar cell made of gallium arsenide. After coating the cufflink-sized cells with a thin layer of zinc oxide, the research team reached a conversion efficiency of 14 percent" ...

"Makableh said the surface modification could also be applied to other solar cells, including those made of indium-arsenide and gallium-arsenide quantum dots. Solar cells made of these materials may be able to achieve 63-percent conversion efficiency, which would make them ideal for future development of solar cells."
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Paint it on everything. Skin of airplanes (private), car roofs the future is electric powered.
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David Fuchs

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Graphene You Can Whip Up In A Blender

The first graphene was made by pulling layers off of graphite using Scotch tape. Now, in keeping with the low-tech origins of the material, a team at Trinity College Dublin has found that it should be possible to make large quantities of the stuff by mixing up some graphite and stabilizing detergent with a blender.
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Heh, good! Keep those costs low!
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In my opinion the Wyss institute at Harvard is one of the most important groups on the planet where nanotechnology is concerned. They are building the tools needed to create full blown hard nanotechnology. The DNA brick and DNA origami technologies have the potential to allow us manufacture through self assembly, solar cells, computers, medical devices, and much, much more.
+Gerd Moe-Behrens #nanotechnology #dnabrick #dnaorigami  
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+Michael Van Meter, the second of the "couple" of ideas you request: Try to design a computational "cerebral cortex" simulation based on Douglas Hofstadter's FARG work, again using minimal instruction sets to place as much parallel processing as possible within a small volume. My tendency would be to try to use computational cellular automata a-la Wolfram in some way, although that might be a dead end.
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David Fuchs

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A couple quotes from this article ....

"There are 79 countries where the cost of solar panels have dropped so much so that these countries have achieved grid parity with solar power."   You learn something new everyday.

"“Extremely hot days” are now 100x more prevalent than they were just a century ago."
Originally published on Green Living Ideas. Former Vice President Al Gore delivered a powerful address to a packed house at the Stan Sheriff Center at the University of Hawaii at Manoa this week. Environmentally, Gore is most famous, perhaps, for his 2006 speaking tour and subsequent documentary called An Inconvenient Truth, but as opening speaker Senator Brian
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3D Printing Produces A Golden Goose This is pretty cool, a device that allows you to scramble an egg in the shell, and if you wish, hard boil it. Check it out over at KickStarter.
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David Fuchs

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The robots of the future won't look anything like the Terminator

Andy Marchese has a lot of fish tanks but no fish food — his fish prefer batteries and compressed air. On a recent Monday, Marchese conducted an out-of-water demonstration of Bubbles, a pool-green silicone fish that sways its tail as cavities on each side of its body alternately inflate, creating a perfect imitation of a carp. It is the first autonomous, self-contained robot made mostly of soft parts.
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I'll fly like a bird?
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David Fuchs

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Researchers discover new method to produce large volumes of high quality graphene

Researchers in AMBER, the Science Foundation Ireland funded materials science centre headquartered at Trinity College Dublin have, for the first time, developed a new method of producing industrial quantities of high quality graphene. Described as a wonder material, graphene is a single-atom thick sheet of carbon. It is extremely light and stronger than steel, yet incredibly flexible and extremely electrically conductive.
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If any of you are interested in open science and making your own graphene ink +Robert Murray-Smith has been showing people how to make it at home for quite some time now on YouTube.
He currently has an indiegogo campaign running to try and earn a small bit of cash to buy better equipment too. If you contribute he will send you out some which has already been produced. 
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A simple addendum or thought - Recently I have noticed, there is an accelerating rate of change in science and technology, that seems to be just outside of peoples range of perception. Perhaps they are ignoring it because they do not understand it, or maybe they are paying to much attention to Snooki and the like to even notice. 

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