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Hello all, 
I'm looking for resources - articles, research papers, case studies, etc. - that can illustrate how personalized learning can positively affect education.
Anyone have anything to share?
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Hi David,
If you go to my Scoop.it sites, I have clipped many pieces on Personalized Education.
When you get to the site, use the Filter tab and enter the term(s) you want to search for.

Also, Kathleen McKlaskey runs a Scoop.it site devoted to Personalized Learning at
and Barbara Bray's blog, Rethinking Learning focuses a great deal on Personalized Learning
Yes we had her in to speak as part of the course :) Good stuff!
Last week I passed this info on to a fellow ADE, Lori Roe, who was doing a presentation on Personalized Learning. Part of the info is from a presentation I did at ISTE in 2010.

This is our group project from ADE Institute in Full Sail, 2009.
Guess who got the group going on this topic?
I thought our video was on this Ning. Guess not. Will look for it.

"I don't want my son to be limited to learning only what his teacher already knows!"  
— John Couch, Vice President of Apple Education

To me Personalized Learningmeans that u make it personal. You chose what, when, where, how & with whom you want to learn”
Craig Nansen


Remember that this document was from ISTE10 - and then repurposed for a local state tech conference.

And that these were my talking points - not a slide show or web site. I have updated it slightly, removing some stuff that is no longer relevant and updating a few (from ISTE10 to ISTE11).


Personalized Learning - what is it?
Lifelong learning?
Professional Development?

Books - you chose the books you want to read
Magazines - you chose the magazine articles you want to read
TV Shows - you chose the educational shows you want to see
Podcasts - you chose the podcasts (like iPad Today) you want to listen to
People - you chose the people you want to learn from and collaborate with
PLN - Personal Learning Networks
        Different from Professional Learning Communities
You chose who you want to learn from and collaborate with
Different than Listservs - they are more Q&A - more intrusive

The Google Document is at

Are you familiar with the communities in Edmodo?
The communities in Google+
Groups in Google+ ?
These are my next (after Twitter) best PLN resources.

There is a group (not real active) on LinkedIn for Personalized Learning

From my Diigo resources
Noticed I have some of Barbara's stuff bookmarked :-)

Albert Einstein - "Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climba tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid."
Have you seen the video for Animal School? Similar concept for children with disabilities.

Craig Nansen
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