I am giving away a FREE copy of +Michael Stelzner 's awesome book "Launch."

Michael has also agreed to sign this copy for the winner and then send it on...so watch the video for instructions on how to take part, and share share share!!

This book has a ton of great information about launching a product online. I have been following Michael for a long time over at his blog www.SocialMediaExaminer.com. If you are wanting to keep your hand on the pulse of social media, you NEED to subscribe.

+Guy Kawasaki states on the cover "Launch is your road map to success in an ever-changing world."

+Mari Smith said "Mike's teachings absolutely work! This book is a must-read for anyone serious about building a sustainable empire on a solid foundation in today's fast-moving, new media world."

+Seth Godin comments "Hands on and generous, Michael shows you precisely how he does it, step by step."


1. Add me to your circles

2. Post a comment on this post as to why you should get this book, and please be original!

That's it! We will pick and announce the winner on August 1st, 2011. We will then send you a message to get your shipping info, and then shoot the book over to Michael to be signed, and then he will shoot it out to you. Easy breezy!!

So best of luck, and may the best comment win!!!!
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Ok.. you were already IN the "Cyber Guru" circle.... I'm ready to connect some "Launch" DOTS so need the info! If +Guy Kawasaki +Mari Smith and +Seth Godin say it's a must read! Then it's a MUST read.. Have Michael sign it "To Carra in the Cosmic Cow Pie!" I need to launch into someones mix of thinkers as a "vintage player" I can talk to "vintage people" in their language and take the fear away! So "Launch" me up Scotty! Shared and 1+
Thanks for sharing the book David. 1st off, I collect autographed books so what an awsome bonus should I win. I've been around the internet for a while, had some successes but no Gigantic successes and I'm looking to really understand how a launch SHOULD be done vs the hype that I've seen for a long time. Reading the book will allow me to expand my knowledge and since I'm a DOER it would give me the real result I'm looking for, which is to have long term success
I added you to one of my circles and I think you should give the book to +Jay Napier because he collects autographed books!
I put you in my friends circle even though you are not my friend, which kind of defeats the purpose of circles and Google+. Hold on............... OK I have now switched you to acquaintances, but wait the whole reason I put you in my friends circle was so you would feel cool and give me the book. Damn, hold on again............. I have now created a new circle that I have put you in called "People I think are some what interesting and pwn at internet stuff". This is a pretty elite circle as only you and Tom, from MySpace fame, are in there. Tom is the #1 friend on most people's MySpace account so you should feel honored. If that is not enough to win me a signed copy of the book I would be willing to throw Mark Zuckerberg in that circle even though I am not sure I have the real Mark Zuckerberg circled.

Basically what I am saying is give me the book because I obviously need help in my life on the internets.

- Mr. Shizz
Just posted on fb but could only like David Foster and FanPageEngine when I tried to @ it would not post.. but it's there with your video on my fb wall... sharing the cyber <3 if you have a bit.ly link to the youtube post we can all tweet it too! More cyber <3
I was just going to give you the bit.ly info so you could track it.. I followed you on twitter and will just create my own then if you don't want to be able to see how many people open your link..I was just going to RT you so the connections come back to you.
1. check. 2. I should win this book because I need it! I just started a local social media consulting business and truly need all the help I can get! I need my consulting business to succeed so I can quit my job waiting tables and start to provide the life my wife, kids and myself truly deserve. So that's it, thanks for the contest!
Ok - I put you in my "People I don't know but who have something I want" circle.
I should get the book for a simple reason: I forgot my wedding anniversary....however Hubze webinars and events are in my Outlook calendar :)
Hey David I am already in your Circe. For the past few years I have been working on a Business Training & Support site that specializes in Launches and Pre-Launches of businesses so this book would be invaluable to me and it will be a blessing for 1000's. In fact if I do not win it I will probably buy it. Be Blessed.
I would like to get the book as I would like to see how much value from this book could be used and applied to non-US businesses. Different countries, different strategies etc.
I help people with their launches by throwing Twitter parties. I want to expand my launch portfolio to help my clients rock their marketing efforts. I already learned one tip from you. I'm going to try doing a little Google+ marketing by giving away a free book to my audience. I may even try to throw a Google+ party around a giveaway, now that would be fun.
Hi +Carra Riley That's a good idea. The only problem is that a hangout can only support 10 people.
Hi, David! You are added to my Suzywonton's Google + ! Some trivia: Did you know that "Launch" comes from Anglo-French lancher, from Late Latin lanceāre - "to use a lance, hence, to set in motion". Looking forward "to setting in motion" new ideas and projects! Love to have a copy of the book! Hope you will "set it in motion" my way. Heave Ho!
Karl.. can more people listen than 10... maybe only 10 video but is the audio available for more than 10?
Let the countdown begin. Fire up the engines. Propel beyond the competition. With Michael's book my business will be ready to Launch in... 3... 2... 1... LIFTOFF!
1) August 1 is my birthday and "Launch" would be a great birthday present. 2). Now the real reason, watching you the products you have to offer since the beginning of Hubze and FPE has helped keep my interest alive in this business. Now that things are at a place where I can truly can dive in and run with it - it sounds like "Launch" would be full of great information.
+Carra Riley No only 10 in a hangout.. But there is a ninja way to show a hangout on livestream and other platforms... :P
What a creative launch to Launch! Would love to read this as I am building a marketing program for my father's small business!
clearly I need this book as I am a bit lost in the social media world. I stared at this page for a while before I figured out how to even add anyone to my circles!
Hey dudes, look no further! If I get the book, I'll run the same competition as you on behalf of Post Planner (http://www.facebook.com/postplanner) and I will pass my own copy to someone else once I read it. And maybe this Launch copy can travel the world from the US to France (where I'm based) to another continent and so on! So this comment may not be funny but guys we're talking about LAUNCH processes here, right? :-)
+Julie Cros That is a great idea...to have this book make it all over the world would be awesome! I did that with a book I read called "Ishmael." I to this day am not sure where it is, but I know it is out there somewhere...hopefully making it to new hands.
+Julie Cros Julie.. Good to see you over here.. Been chatting with you and Josh...
That is a great idea. I have done that type of thing before, but never with books. I'm going to order a copy right now, as soon as I have read it I will pass it on. I'm going on vacation the 4th through the 16th - this book sounds like a great one to take and read on the beach. I will work out the details to pass it along when I get back.
Launch...are you sure it's not written by Jeff Walker? Kidding! (This comment will definitely not win me the book). Product launches are a proven way to generate interest for sure. I will pick up a copy for sure if I don't happen to win.
+David Foster that's great, I like that a lot! I also did it a couple years ago with 'Never Eat Alone', kept track of the book for a while until I stopped monitoring when it was in Brazil! +Scott Ayres yeah nice to see you here too :-)
Just placed the order - it will be here the 1st - my birthday. Getting your own birthday present is great - that way you get what you want. Seriously - when I'm done I will pass it along.
+David Foster Getting you to help pass it along to someone who would really benefit from it was part B of my plan - thanks.
Hey dude! This is Dan Murray. why should I win? well.....i'm a ninja! well im working on it. I've been following u guys for a little while now and im super impressed not that im an expert but i will be!! anyway you guys have taught me a lot and hopefully will change this 21 year old long island boy, who builds ponds and waterfalls into pools for a living into a social media extraordinaire! Seriously your saving my life, can you imagine a 6ft tall 145lb kid lifting boulders in the heat we've been having? yea my life expectancy is dwindling as we speak. i'm a techie doing manual labor go figure! trying to build a mental image for you, if you need more help think of skinny african kids with british women talking in the background but i'm on my way working it, thanks for being a good guide! Hope i win! you'll save my life
I am somewhat a "newb" to the realm of social media, and feel that I would greatly benefit from reading it! My husband and I don't have any spending money, so it would be an awesome blessing if I could add this book to my "sponge resources" :) Thanks! God Bless!
You're already in my circles, bud! Cheers!
I added you to my circles, and I think that I should win because I currently am a small business owner with a few different irons in the fire - unfortunately, business has been down lately and my wife is now 9 months pregnant to top off the cake, so we are down to one income. I really could use that edge that I know this book will give me, to put me back up in the dogpile so I can make the income I need for my family.
Knowledge is the only thing we have that will last for our lifetimes, unfortunately I won't learn about everything, but will die trying. This book is a must and I want it!
Love learning from you and the others in the post about social media
Added you to my circle of friends = yes I've done that! Is this ...
Unique enough to win me a signed copy of the Launch book?
Not sure I want an answer lol
Crazy comical response expected ... give me courage
Hype is most definitely over-rated!
1. I am only guy from Serbia right now in this thread.
2. I am tired of download books from torrent
3. I have a better tattoo than you.
4. I am not good in English, but i am still trying to be interesting. :D
5. You are in my circles (Yaix)
6.If i write a book you will get it for free.
Thank you for the opportunity to compete, what a great way to share ideas. +David Foster I think we should go out and buy +Michael Stelzner 's book even if we don't "win" because having his book will improve our knowledge regarding launch. +Michael Stelzner is brilliant, his ideas fresh and I am always open to new, useful and interesting insight. I'm a huge fan of yours and +Michael Stelzner . Launch is on my radar to purchase. However if I win the book, I'll invest the money in my business instead! I enjoy learning, especially from those in this field whom I admire.

Winners seek opportunity and engage based on strategy.

I hope I win! #winning
Added you to my circle of friends
I want this book and I am willing to buy it but if I can get an autographed copy for free so much the better. I can then take the money that I saved from buying the book and buy more product from HubZe. How's that for some ass-kissing.......LOL!
i did lik to get that, because i dont hav any kind of thingy with autograph of some Great Person.. and not dam rich to buy some1 autograph fr free...
yeah! i m a good reader.. but the only problem is my habit of Reading some Book AGAIN & Again
eg: The Secret | Rhonda byrne
i hav read The Secret More Then 3-Times, even our School Librarian got Irritated by issuing that book again and again
YOU'RE IN! 1st to find his way into my Following Circle and of course MY HEART! And trust me... I don't just love you for your content! :)~ Almost as much as I love the content and amazing tools you guys create-- I'd love a copy of "Launch" almost as much! It'd of course not be a true gift unless YOU YOURSELF would autograph it before sending it to me! :)~ Keeping fingers crossed in wild anticipation for your email August 1st! (ps--flattery will get you everywhere AND free books--RIGHT?) wink wink
We have launched about 3 companies and appx 20 digital events within Indian Territory within last 4 years and to tell you the truth, we are still learning. This Learning comes along with a real steep data charts and climbing curves. It comes along with amazing amount of hurdles and obstructions. In such a scenario, it will be a great help if we could get our hands on this great book and learn a few tricks of the trade and be able to help ourselves as well as our clients to get into the race with the mainstream within their industries ... It will definitely give us an edge and a much needed push to reach our of the ocean and breath the fresh air.

Will Await for the book to arrive to us :)
I need that book, because I'm the real Dave Foster :P
UPDATE: Hurry and share your answer as I am selecting the winner TOMORROW!!! Share this with anyone whom you think needs this book!
Voting for Ivan M. Too funny and you will get his new book for free! 
OK announcing the winner... +David Grosse !!! Congratulations David!! I will be contacting you to get your mailing address. This was a LOT of fun. I am going to do another one tomorrow with a new book!
UPS just delivered my copy, Michael Stelzner says "For the person who's been told, "It can't be done," this is for you. Reading the table of contents is an eye-opener in itself. +David Foster I may have this read before I leave town - then pass it on.
Great post.. lots of fun and good idea!
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