I enjoyed doing the clip and my response to it thing so much from when I did the Kodomo no Jikan one so I'm going to do another one.  Same format as the previous grab a short (fair use friendly) clip, an explanation of its context in the wider narrative and talk about my response to it.

The name of the episode this is clip was taken from is called "Sisters and daughters".  As the name suggests it is in part an exploration of family.  So the best way to start is talking about the how Nanoha and Fate's childhood.

Nanoha was raised by a family of martial artists.  Previously working as bodyguards they retired and founded a café.  Her family was stable, loving and supportive, trusted with responsibilities appropriate to her age and maturity.  She helped in the family business tending the till and keeping an eye on the other employees kept in line (I'm extrapolating some of this from the triangle heart universe, it is an interpretation others are possible).

Ever since Nanoha was nine she has been working as a magical girl in the employ of an extra-dimensional quasi-military law enforcement body.  Letting your daughter work for such a body sounds incomparable with being a responsible parent but given her older siblings used to work as bodyguards I suspect that her family's has a different perspective on what are acceptable jobs for kids.

In contrast Fate’s first parent was emotionally neglectful and physically abusive.  Unlike Nanoha she did not elect to take on the vocation of being a magical girl, she was manipulated into it and used as a tool to further her genetic parent’s mad desire.  Fate had much independence but it didn't come from trust and it wasn't given in an environment where it was safe to fail.  

Thankfully Fate was adopted by a supportive family, given a stable environment and (this is implied) counselling   She overcome her difficulties and become a well respected member of her society; paying the generosity of her adoptive parents forward by adopting kids in similar circumstances as her own.  However she fears that her genetic parent's influence may result in deficiencies in her own parenting.

So in this clip we have the two character's response to their upbringing played out.  Nanoha encouraging self reliance modelled on the way her parents treated her.  While Fate acts with compassion both as a rejection of her genetic mother's child raising and an embrace of her adoptive mother's.

There is also an issue of gender roles at play here.  As mothers (within Japanese culture) are expected to spoil their children and to indulge their desires.  While fathers balance this by encouraging less dependency.  So Nanoha despite her "Feminine" dress is taking a "Masculine" role and the opposite stands true for Fate.

It is moments like this is what makes me passionate for anime.  Scenes that treat their characters with richness, complexity and above all sympathy.
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