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My intro is gay as fuck. I know
My intro is gay as fuck. I know
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Anybody here with one of those android TV boxes with kodi and stuff like that? Do any of you guys know how to update apps in the play store on the box? Whenever I try to go to "my apps" section, it doesn't do anything. Thank youu!!

Hey guys I just got a Google cardboard kit and I was wondering if its possible to use Google earth with it?

Hi guys, I accidentally downloaded a large playlist of music to my moto 360. I was wondering how to delete all the music off my watch 

Hey guys so I have no idea how, but on my moto x on Chrome, I always get this 'shopping assistant' popping up on the side. It's slowing down browsing to the point where its barely usable! How do I get rid of it! I have no idea where I got it from!!

Hey guys so I just got my moto 360 and I am completely new to Android wear. I was wondering how to get into 'settings' on the moto 360? To check for updates, turn on/off ambient display etc. Thanks!

Guys, for $175 is a brand new moto 360 worth it? Should I wait for the 2nd gen even though I prob won't be willing to pay for the $300 price? Thanks 

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Without spoiling it, if I activate the knightfall protocol in batman arkham knight will I be able to go back and complete riddles and stuff like that? Or is the game (or that save game) officially done and nothing can be done on/in it. Thank you!

In Batman Arkham Knight, is there a way to take out the drones that patrol the city? I beat the story and want to move around around Gotham in peace without worrying about that annoying red light. Thank you
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