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I'm trying to find the create event option in this new environment, but can't. Does anyone know how to create an event here? Thanks!

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The newest DEN Zone show went live today with my friend Russ Freeman of The Rippingtons.  Check it ou!

New DEN Zone show out today!  Have a listen!  Enjoy!

Prepping for another iPads 101 For Realtors Thursday night.

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Awesome Opportunities!@DiscoveryEd back to school webinars 

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New DEN Zone Show up at with @lindsmor, @joe42ppc, and @jonnai2. A great listen before #densi2013!

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A new post has just been added to my I'm The iPad Guy blog.  The topic is a little different: The House Of Your Dreams.  Enjoy!

Creative Project-based Learning Using a Green Screen

@davidfisher65 #edchat #DEN #DENChat

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