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Although has started hosting Skyrocket nightlies, we are still going to make releases on at times when we feel significant changes or bug fixes have been made.

On a related note, alpha5 is out!  Check our blog for links.
We're releasing alpha 5 today! Changes include new kernel from the T989 kernel source, and BLN support and LPA has been enabled to increase battery life. See the Install Guide for installation instruc...
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What is the difference between cm9 night lies and your team chopstick effort? I have been running superlite5.0 up until now.
Think of CM9 nightlies as a snapshot of the code that has not been tested and may have incomplete changes.  Team Chopsticks releases a build when significant progress has been made or there have been big bug fixes.  Think of those builds as more stable.  We also post release notes so you can see what is fixed or changed.
So is there any problem with these and the brickbug that has been mentioned for the skyrocket?  I know I have the bad chip so now I am scared to flash anything because it might brick the phone. EDIT: NVM I read the changelog and see that you guys have worked around that.  Running it now and all seems well.
I'm running Alpha 5. Everything is great so far. You guys rock!
I don't see Alpha 5 anywhere? Can someone link me to the download please? Thanks
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