CM11 KitKat is alive on Skyrocket!

Just about everything is broken atm though :)

What is broken (left to do):
1. Camcorder
2. Playback of videos
3. Audio
4. Camera
5. Cell calls
6. Cell data
7. WiFi
8. Bluetooth
9. Battery indicator
10. Internal/external SD
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Can't wist for it all to be fixed!
Makes me want to dust off the ol Skyrocket.
How did you get past audio-caf build errors?
Can't wait to test the builds once they hit the servers. Great job as usual...
Bam! The Skyrockets just won't give up!
I can't wait to see how this one goes! 
You are machines. At least boots, lol.
Suddenly owning an hercules dont feel outdated. Lol
I'm drooling over the Nexus 5 but my Skyrocket is like The Terminator...You just can't kill it! You guys rock!
Battery indicator is fixed, as is wifi, bluetooth, cell data and cell calls. Audio, camera, and media codecs are still broken. Progress though!

I'll try to keep status on this post. See the OP for the latest.
Would you mind shooting a link? I'd like to test the puppy out for a whole day to see how it holds up.
Thanks for the updates TP. BTW, is there a place we can donate money to the SR maintainers?
+Justin McGarry thanks for the thought. How about making a donation to ? My sister has Type-1 diabetes so that seems like a good cause.

+Justin Love not yet. We will post to XDA when it is more functional. Right now with audio not working, it is pretty useless.

Update: internal/external sd cards + USB OTG is up.
So we are where we started with 10.2's release...lots of audio/visual stuff monkeying around with each release.. Great job in such a short time!
Camera (still shot) now works. Camcorder FC's.

Audio is still the major hangup.
Lol! Man, you are killing it! That's crazy fast to have so much done! Thank you and great job! 
Just finished setting up.:) Will see what the battery sets in front of me.
So how did you pass the audio-caf build errors?
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