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I Hackintosh'd a G5 case. It is beautiful. And faster than my 5k iMac. Not sure what to do with it now. Suggestions?

Ever wanted to set up a L2TP/IPSec VPN server on your Tomato router? I know, I know..who hasn't?? Anyway, I wrote up a howto detailing the (somewhat painful) process.

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For all you #FreeNAS  geeks out there. The #Crashplan  plugin gave me some issues. Here's how I got it working in FreeNAS 9.2.1.

After somehow corrupting my CyanogenMod build VM again, I finally wrote down how to go from clean install to building CM. Hope it helps someone else. #cyanogenmod   #ubuntu

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As a stopgap until nightlies start, we have released alpha3 build of CM11 for Hercules, Skyrocket, and Exhilarate. Download links and instructions are here:

It is a good cleanup release with many fixes and more CM-specific features merged in.

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An alpha1 of CM11.0 for Skyrocket is out. There are some oddities preventing this from being a daily-driver. Please make sure you read the release notes and install instructions here:

And you can find support and can discuss the build on this thread:

Enjoy!  Thanks to +Mike Grissom,  +Dave Carey and +Roger Noriega for all the hard work!

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This is absolutely perfect. Archer is one of the best shows on TV right now.  Can't wait for January!

CM10.2 alpha1 for Skyrocket

Ima just gonna leave this here.

Please make sure you use the recommended recovery, radio and gapps. Anything else, no joke, will bootloop. Cheers!

Question for the G+ universe: What is the best Twitter app for Android?  TweetMarker support, send-to-Pocket functionality and a clean, simple UI are my requirements.

Plume is the Twitter app that I am currently tolerating. But its UI is cluttered and sometimes painful to use.
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