Here's a seven-minutes-plus highlight reel from last night's victory by the Carolina RailHawks over the L.A. Galaxy. Because you may not have seven uninterrupted minutes at work, I've annotated the highlights below:

2:40 Galaxy goal by Pat Noonan

3:35 Great Ray Burse save that turned out to be crucial

4:00 Dazzling three-touch sequence from Cory Elenio to Brian Shriver to Austin Da Luz, followed immediately by Elenio cross that just eludes Nick Zimmerman

4:18 Tiyi Shipalane’s first run at the hapless Bryan Jordan

4:30 Shipalane’s second run at Jordan, and GOLLLLLLL

5:40 Jason Garey’s awful miss

5:54 Shipalane’s third run at Jordan, a cross and GOLLLLLL for Shriver.

7:13 Shipalane wins the ball as Galaxy are pressing forward, runs at Bill Gaudette but misses wide.

7:27 One final scare for the RailHawks. Disarray in the box, but Noonan misses a sitter.
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