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Good work all in Liverpool
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Deep green fields, well done all involved
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The back story of Ingress has spored a badge.

Who are the Shapers?
What is their plan?

Can you assist your fellow's by explaining any of the above.
Today marks the 2 year anniversary of the day +JoJo Stratton, filling a gap left by the shuttering of P. A. Chapeau's Investigator Board, created her very own edition of The Word of the Day.

Since then, she has explored depth of meaning in language and ideas every single day. You can find the daily posts on her Google+ page at

Jojo, thank you for keeping the torch burning.

For your incredible commitment to this Investigation, you are the first recipient of a new class of Medal that I've created in collaboration with +Operation Essex founder Dr. +Edgar Allan Wright. Congratulations.

This medal will be awarded to those who have gone above and beyond in helping the Niantic Investigation reach its maximum potential:

By digging tirelessly for the truth...
By working to mentor and educate others seeking to join the Investigation...
By being a bastion of creativity and commitment....
And by working to maintain the positive momentum and sentiment within the Investigative community. 

This medal will be deployed by me slowly, a few each week, to those who myself and Dr. Wright agree are truly deserving. There are many such investigators, and we intend to ensure that each of them carries this badge of honor. Please do not be offended if another deserving investigator receives theirs before you. We are equal in our commitment to the truth.
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Start with chapter 1
Then there are books just go to the play store and put in ingress, this is a good one to start with
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New iOS toys in Maps
The fastest mode of transportation is now clearer than ever with #GoogleMaps for iOS.
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Thought you are having a bad day!
The image showing the woman sitting in a waiting room with a solid helmet of expanding polyurethane foam is believed to have been taken at a hospital somewhere in Eastern Europe,
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Very bad photoshop / GIMPshop.. :-/ 
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Have him in circles
3,399 people
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Tee hee

I am not convinced that his Dad wants him to play #Ingress
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All for a good cause

Only available for 14 days Unravel & Unwind CIC are hoping to raise some crowdfunding revenue to keep the community craft drop in space open. Unravel & Unwind provide a safe...
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Well done all involved
Dear fellow agents,
We have life!!!
For some time now we have thought that our local Resistance community has died off and only a few rogue players still remained trying to enforce their rule and rigid ways.
The local enlightened community rose from the ashes of 2014 where we struggled to win cycles to where in 2015 we have comfortably won 32 of the 35 cycles thus far. We suspected we might have killed off our smurfs…. Until Friday night the 18th of September.
We started to get reports in early the evening about suspicious movements and links being cleared around Gauteng, we immediately jumped into action and started to move teams into positions for blockers. One of our teams took a page from our local resistance manual and used a portal that was difficult to access to place out blockers to our neighboring country Botswana. Immediately when the resistance saw blockers going up, they closed of Gauteng with the legs of their initial field blocking any further attempts for blockers to be thrown. Resistance teams coordinated and took down the blockers in sync and put up the fields. We underestimated the hunger of the resistance to prove that they are still alive and started to watch their plans on intel unfolding, looking for a weak spot in their plan to attack.
We started sending out teams to clear out the links through the early hours of the morning and attempted to add in more blockers but realized that the smurfs will not let down easily. We pulled back our teams and decided that instead of taking out their fields immediately we will use it to our own advantage and retaliate in a show of force.
Seeing a small gap between their fields and other blockers that will allow us to make our fields, our fielding team took on the 600km drive to their destination and started to move the rest of the teams into place. We soon realized that new blue blockers where going up that was blocking our small corridor and sent out a fresh crew to take it out.
The green fields went up across Southern Africa, reaching from Kathu in the Northern Cape South Africa to Chipata in Malawi and Ponta do Oura Mosambiek. With 7 layered fields up worth approximately 165mill mu our cleaning crews jumped into action and took down the blue fields. Showing that the local enlightened will not be outdone.
We would like to congratulate our local resistance, we have to commend you for a great effort and a job well done.
But we would like to send out a great big thank you to the following agents that made this possible on such short notice:

Crazy Midnight Field Killer
@Bigchief for driving through the night to take out fields
Ermelo Blocker Killing Squad
@DTribble for driving so far, woman alone and always being able to rely on her for great support to the community 
@Payet and @Viper574 for being such great sports and helping out.
Field Destroyers
@Suitepee&@j6x9base13 for being our Blue Field destroyers
@Tabiac&@Tariam for doing a roundtrip to Bella Bella to clear remaining blue links

Blockers – 
@db4 for helping out with blockers
@ DJG96 for keeping @db4 company and killllling those blockers
@TVS000 for allowing us to use your precious as an anchor for a blocker

Intell operator
@Reforged– our Main Brain!!!

Master Fielders – may their fields forever be legendary 

We'd also like to thank a member of the Resistance for keeping us entertained with some tears for taking out a Guardian /LSP -@Vrystaatroos
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2 years ago

Can not wait for #TCSummit2015
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Yeah... I'm having the last Summit thrown at me by Google Photos too. :-D
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Ingress man bag anyone?

H/T +Jenny Tong
Weapons of Mass Distraction messenger bags in 2 colors and 4 sizes, GET!
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Being able to understand the basics and share knowledge with others
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Kent, UK
Kent, UK - Sydney Aus
Chromebook Guru who has a passion for Google Earth and sharing knowledge
Have a collection of tee shirts, showing I have done, now they are getting little tight :-) 

Still plenty more to do, learn and share. 

Heavy user of Google Earth and Maps, Top Contributor in Google Maps.

Chromebook Guru, was a Top Contributor to Chromebook Central.

Google Drive user and Top Contributor. 

Also have some knowledge of mobile devices, mainly with Android a Top Contributor in the Nexus Help forum.

  • University of North London
    1984 - 1989
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Excellent service and honestly priced will be back i i need tyres
Public - 7 months ago
reviewed 7 months ago
Great Cake and coffee. What more could you ask for even a Gluten Free offering
Public - 9 months ago
reviewed 9 months ago
Good service and a great cut
Public - 9 months ago
reviewed 9 months ago
This restaurant never fails to disappoint. This is the last time I will be disappointed here. Dry overcooked chips listed on the menu as "ultimate" did not realise failure was the next word. The menu had more missing as "sorry we have run out" was for most of the words said to us by the serving staff. When we asked at the front desk when we came in is everything on the menu? "Yes" was the reply. On the plus side the steak was good when it came after an hour and a half wait. Though the kid's meals looked like they has spent all that time in the microwave. To be told this is how they come.
• • •
Public - 9 months ago
reviewed 9 months ago
11 reviews
A mixed review from me, the food was good though let down with oven chips. The wood fired oven made good pizza and excellent garlic bread. service was very good and attentive
Public - 9 months ago
reviewed 9 months ago
The best fish and chip's in the area.
Public - 9 months ago
reviewed 9 months ago
Very professional service
Public - 2 years ago
reviewed 2 years ago