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Bizarre way to run a Web filter: “Some person, nameless and faceless, working out of his house in the United Kingdom, winds up determining what information students in Camdenton will have access to.”
A judge has ordered Camdenton school district in Missouri to replace a filter that puts pro-gay sites in the sexuality category, but allows antigay sites, which are often classified as religious.
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I just read the article;the software is even more insidious. Sites with anti-gay content were mostly classified as "religious" and allowed through, while sites supportive of LGBT issues were categorized as "porn" and blocked. Even a US Supreme Court ruling was blocked!
I used to run (nothing there now) but I can tell you that there are dozens of schools in Missouri doing this, not just this one. Most of them "blame" it on their filters doing things they don't mean, but over the years I've had a lot of students ask me why the website wasn't working when it was (at the time).