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"SmallBizDavid" (aka David F Leopold)
"SmallBizDavid" (aka David F Leopold)


Today is a very special day for Entrepreneurs. Eleven years ago, the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, the world's premier Entrepreneurial organization, supplied the funding for Global Entrepreneurship Week; today is Day one for 2018.

Ten million Entrepreneurs and Students of Entrepreneurship from 170 countries globally, will celebrate Entrepreneurial experiences---and learnings.

I participated as a Partner in year two, and have participated every year. In 2010, I spent several days at the Kauffman Foundation in Kansas City; what an exciting experience!

Earlier today, I recorded a 45 minute conversation about Entrepreneurship with a good friend, +Scott Scowcroft. It will be posted upon completion (of the Scott Treatment). On the 28th I will be recording with +Barbara Weltman, "America's #1 Small Business Tax Expert", who will be releasing her Small Business Taxes 2019 revised edition. Barbara and I have been liver streaming for 10 years now, and I am honored to have her as a friend. She is the champion for distribution of information for Small Businesses.
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For the last seven or eight years, my "Community" of choice has been Google+. The collection photo I've chosen, is a recent update to my current G+ profile picture; five years ago, Eloise who is my "first" granddaughter, was introduced to Kimba, the proud "king" of the Giraffes at the Cincinnati (OH). Since then, Kimba has fathered three children, and Eloise was blessed with a sister, "equally precious", Evelyn. In August Eloise and Evelyn came to Cincinnati and wanted to see the "world famous "Fiona" baby Hippo" and Kimba. This is the absolute truth; when we went to the giraffes, Kimba was across the way, out of close photographic view. When he saw the three of us, he came over to say "hi" and take advantage of this photo op...

Back to Google+. Thanks for all the wonderful opportunities you presented me as I built wonderful communities of Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners around the world. Some lifetime friendships were built; successful Entrepreneurs shared their expertise; business relationships were forged. Who could have asked for anything more?

The technology impacted several facets of my life. I'll miss it and am certainly challenged to find a replacement. I don't regret using Google exclusively; I'll just have to take lessons learned and test them in other technologies.

Where do we go from here?

I would like for anyone from the dozen Communities I have developed to join here and share how Google+ helped you in the challenges of your Small Business---and maybe you'll make some new friends and forge new Small Business relationships.

I am creating a new business opportunity for your Small Business. Please email me ( three COMPELLING/personal MARKETING/SALES sentences and contact information for someone who would like to contact you because of what you were able to share--and how it might move their Small Business (or life!) forward. I will create a massive (I hope) Directory of Worldwide Entrepreneurs/Small Business Owners and publish it for general distribution.

I am in the process of launching the SmallBizDavid Foundation (LLC). Members who donate to the Foundation will be able to become Small Business Marketing/Sales Ambassadors to new or existing Small Businesses---with a monetary return on investment commensurate with their original donation.

I am also developing three websites that will address the 1000's of questions that folks have with regard to their own Health Insurance needs---and will seek answers form the Health Insurance Industry "brokers/experts".

We have many challenges in today's Small Business marketplace.
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In the last 18 years, I have "adopted" four individuals as my Small Business Mentors; chronologically they are: +Brian Tracy, +Michael Gerber, +Barbara Weltman, and +David Amerland. I have had the pleasure of going one2one with Brian Tracy celebrating a book project in which we were both involved; ten years ago; spending three days in "Michael Gerber's Dream Room" (his last personal appearance); live streaming Small Business Information (for the last ten years) with Barbara Weltman, "America's premier Small Business Tax Expert"; and for the last 7+ years, have live streamed with "Marketing/Sales Genius", David Amerland.

Several weeks ago I got a copy of David's newest book, "The Sniper Mind", a deeply insightful look into "The Sniper Mind"---and how to apply the information to everyday "Business" thinking. David's bibliography is probably a Guiness World Record; his 14 page index has totally captured my imagination.

My initial thoughts about the book dug deeply into my "entrepreneurial" mind. Thirty eight years ago and about 25 books later, Michael Gerber presented "The E Myth---Why Most Businesses Don't Work and What To Do About IT". In the three days I spent with him in his "Dream Room", I was actually strategically creating my "Dreaming With Entrepreneurs" business.

Fast forward to 2017; David Amerland presents his "The Sniper Mind" which takes insightful Entrepreneurial thinking to the next level, with emphasis on the who and why. Interestingly, I'm doing my strategic thinking on a new business project, The SmallBizDavid Foundation LLC, and his book has challenged much of my thinking. THANK YOU DAVID! You are meeting and exceeding my expectations of you as my primary Marketing/Sales Mentor.

Today's "SmallBizDavid's"recommendations:

Go to and sigh up for his daily " Daily Boost". Today's thoughts:



Purchase David's book by following this link:
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I have a project on the "drawing boards" that might impact the lives of 100 'Baby Boomer Entrepreneurs".The concept is to try to bring some order to the very confused state of Healthcare in this country---particularly to the lives of Baby Boomers (born between 1946 and 1964). Would you like to attend a "private/open meeting" (done via one of the streaming video platforms)?
Send a private email to me: David@DreamingWithEntrepreneurs.

I was proud to put this fantastic group of Entrepreneurs together to create a unique "video book". Watch for "revised updates" on a Facebook Group page...
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Happy Father's Day to the "billions" of Fathers globally. This has been a very unusual "Father's Day" for me; I have two two sons who live a "million" miles from me; they are "Milleninals"---young enough to be my "grandsons"--and I have had wonderful experiences with each of them---a million miles from where I sit...

Did you know that President Lyndon B. Johnson "created" Father's Day in 1966 when I was a Junior in High School?
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I have just finished watching CBS's "Face the Nation". I can now uneqivicably say that I will not have "faith/trust in the system" until "Impeachment Proceedings" proceed... I have no "political" positioning on this matter...
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EVERYDAY is "Mother's Day". A special thank-you to all who "qualify"!
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NATIONAL SMALL BUSINESS WEEK starts next Sunday; it's one of my favorite "weeks" of the year as we say "thank you" to the 28 million Entrepreneurs/Small Business Owners, who are really the ones who makes things happen---and to make our daily living, a little better...

Here's a great blog from Linda McMahon, who was recently chosen to "run" the Small Business Administration. She is a tremendously successful Entrepreneur herself, as she and her husband, Vince, started the WWE (Wrestling) and built it into a "multi-billion dollar" business.

By the way, tomorrow begins "National Volunteer Week"; take some time to contact your local SBA office and inquire about how their "SCORE Mentors" can help you grow your Small Business...
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