Proud of your enterprise social network? Seeking IT leaders and corporate social network users (with their company's permission) to give me a guided tour of their social collaboration environment and tell me how it has proven most useful, share tips, and lessons learned.

This is for a book I'm writing, Social Collaboration for Dummies, to be released this Fall from Wiley.

I'm thinking of a remote demo via GoToMeeting,, or a similar tool.

Ground rules are negotiable. Conversation and tour can be "off the record" or "on the record" or somewhere in between, as long as we're both clear. You don't have to show me anything particularly proprietary or sensitive, but I'm looking for a chance to see more of these environments "in the wild" rather than through vendor demos. My employer uses Jive, and I've played around with some of the others, but I'm looking for a broader array of examples from different industries, using different platforms.

This is not an invitation for vendors to bombard me with product pitches, although introductions to users willing to participate would be welcome. Ideally, I'm looking to connect with happy ESN users directly.

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