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For +Johnny Wills #joinindaily

Today's theme is "Balls." 

It is fine to hate her. It is fine to have problems with her....

HE IS NOT A FUCKING CANDIDATE. THEY ARE NOT ON THE SAME LEVEL. The dems brought a retired boxer to the fight, the republicans brought a toddler AND WE ARE SOMEHOW TREATING THEM THE SAME.

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No seriously: Minnesota has their own name for being a Democrat, that’s how serious they are. How the fuck is MN a tossup now? #dfl

feel like my livetweet of the south is the most overlooked parody on twitter...

But I'm not full of myself or anything. WHAT?! I'M NOT!

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Read what +Tshaka Armstrong has to say and go vote please.

To my fellow persons of color,

Saw a story on CNN saying that voter turnout among blacks was down. I've seen articles showing that in the south and midwest, in some areas, the GOP is engaging in tactics to keep black votes suppressed. I don't know what is true and what is not, but this image below is our history. This took place in my dad's lifetime, so it happened not long ago at all.

In the scope of history, the Civil Rights Movement happened just yesterday. In Ireland, there are pubs and taverns that are older than our country. Think about that for a second. There are "watering holes" in Ireland that are older than the United States of America and people want you to "get over" this country's sordid history? Not, don't get over it, vote. Be angry at what America was founded on and vote. Be angry that xenophobia can still be a political platform and vote. Be angry that the Southern Strategy still works and vote. Be angry that politicians can sit in office for 40 years, a few of whom I'm sure voted against equality and desegregation, vote. Be angry that the crack epidemic was created by our govt, and vote. Be angry that our government experimented on black men with syphilis up until the late 70s or 80s, and vote. Be angry about the militarization of our police forces and DAs and Police unions who protect bad officers to the detriment of those they're supposed to be serving and vote. Be angry that poor communities have less access to educational resources, and vote. Be angry that our education system, in the wealthiest nation on the planet, lags behind countries with far fewer resources, and vote.

Our grandparents, and their parents died so we can vote.

Blacks (whites, and other ethnicities) were beaten so we can vote.

Black folk went off to war to protect our freedoms, only to come home and be treated like trash.

If you are black, no matter how much this country has tried to tell you otherwise, you have every right to every freedom America has to offer. This country has a long way to go still so that you actually have equal access to those freedoms but nothing will change if you don't vote.
Please vote. Your vote does matter. Your participation in the process matters. Black votes matter.

Be angry at yourselves if you feel that America is still letting so many of us down, but you didn't vote.

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I just spit coffee out of my nose.

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HOLY FUCK. Not sad the wife and I ditched a physical printer now...

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#bigscaryblackman and me, hangin'.
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