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David Esquire

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OMG! In exactly 11 months - it's Christmas Eve!!!

Anyone else as excited as me? WHEW HEW!

Here comes Santa Claus, here comes Santa Claus - right down Santa Claus lane!!

#Christmas #Santa #ChristmasEve #SantaClaus #Holidays #Family #ChristmasPresent #ChristmasTree
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David Esquire

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Working on this video for my brother Tony helping raise awareness for cancer for The Polar Run Rally, and while less than 24 hours ago I was over the moon excited. Now all I feel is a void - missing our mom.

We're in the richest country in the world and yet, the cure for cancer is kept from us.

Donald J. Trump - Dude, I really hope you're all the man you want us to believe because a LOT of us are tired of #cancer killing our loved ones.

You have the power to #besomebody. and let the cure for cancer off the chain and help humanity for more good like you're already doing.

I pray it never happens to you, but if one of your family members came down with cancer, you would feel the pain we feel and it sucks. It really sucks to the core watching someone you love die - knowing the cure for cancer is available TODAY.

#BeSomebody #FCUKCANCER #CancerSUCKS #inspire #Life #Love #Family #DonaldJTrump #HeyJude #TheBeatles #Honour #Respect
Good morning everyone! I'm one Huntington Beach Wedding Photographer that wants to dedicate today’s West Coast Wednesday Videos Of The Week to my late mother; Reina Francis Feleciano Mills.I woke up yesterday with "Hey Jude" a favourite Beatles song that my mother loved and would walk…
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David Esquire

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David Esquire

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Portrait captured and edited on the iPhone 7 Plus at Amazing Thai in Uptown, Minneapolis.

Title inspired by The Police.


#TravelPhotography #ShotOniPhone #iPhoneography #Wanderlust #Travel #Tourist #Tourism #Traveling #iPhoneonly #BeSomebody #inspire #Minneapolis #Minnesota #ThePolice #Sting

Professional photographer, philanthropist, educator, filmmaker, Director of Photography and Google Glass Explorer: David Esquire of international photography company Esquire Photography is an award winning, caffeine-fueled photographer that loves to work with outgoing, passionate & exciting people.

His roller coaster career spanning from USA to #England, #France, #Switzerland, #Netherlands, Canada, Mexico, India, Japan, Singapore, Costa Rica and #Germany has blessed him to photograph Grammy award winning bands like #DuranDuran, The X Games, commercial & fashion, contributed to a best selling book on how to capture better photography, modeled for Ralph Lauren, teaches and gives motivational speeches in Elementary, High School and Colleges and has had his photography and written word published in 4 languages worldwide.

If you are ready to be treated like royalty for your photo shoot, contact him at:
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David Esquire

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A shout out to my brother Tony asking me to film his promo video for the Polar Run he's doing as he's raising money for cancer!

I feel totally honoured to do this for him - especially since we lost our parents to cancer!

‪#Joby #Ampridge #Beastgrip #Neewer #Gitzo #ShotOniPhone #Cancer #Inspire #FCUKCancer #BeSomebody #Inspired #PolarRun #Minnesota #Minneapolis
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David Esquire

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David Esquire

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‪After 3 hr meeting with my #Minneapolis client previewing their 2nd commercial ENTIRELY #ShotOniPhone & a very long nite of revisions - I'm done 4 the day!

Now for some fast R&R for tomorrow's meeting! WHEW!!

#BeSomebody #JOBY #IKMultimedia #Beastgrip #IPhoneOnly #Entrepreneur +JOBY +beastgripTV +ikmultimedia 
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    #Professionalphotographer, #filmmaker, #DirectorofPhotography and #Google #GlassExplorer #DavidEsquire of international #photography company #EsquirePhotography located in #NewportBeach in #OrangeCounty, #California is a caffeine-fueled #photographer that loves to work with outgoing, passionate & exciting people. His roller coaster career spanning over 30 years from Southern California to London, Paris, Zurich, Costa Rica & Berlin has blessed him to photograph Grammy award bands like Duran Duran, The X Games, commercial & fashion, contributed to a best selling book on how to capture better photography, modeled for Ralph Lauren, teaches and gives motivational speeches in Elementary, High School and Colleges and published in 4 languages.
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I'm a caffeine-fueled portrait and international #photographer & #GlassExplorer with Esquire Photography located in Newport Beach that loves to work with outgoing, passionate & exciting clients. My roller coaster career has blessed me to photograph Grammy award winning bands like; #DuranDuran, #ExtremeSports, Commercial fashion & published in 4 languages.
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We have ordered from #GreatDragon in #Minneapolis several times since moving. Tonight was the first time we had an issue with seafood being in my food. Which is a BIG concern as I am extremely allergic to seafood. We called to bring this to the restaurant's attention or talk to the manager: "Chen", but the person who answered the phone argued with us and eventually hung up on us. We will be bringing this incident to the health department's attention along with expressing to other future diners on all necessary social media sites to beware Great Dragon Chinese Restaurant in Minneapolis because they do not care about customer service and making sure you get what you order. Especially if you have allergies. #CustomerService #ChineseFood #MinneapolisRestaurant #Allergies
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