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+Alex Lindsay ...and it's seem to be a trend.
Future owners of the 2016 MacBook Pro may be feeling the pain of Apple removing MagSafe from the notebooks, but a new project on Kickstarter is hoping to help ease that feeling. We’ve written about Griffin’s BreakSafe before, but customer’s hoping to use…

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+Alex Lindsay for the MacBook and the MacBook Pro 13" only :(
A lot of noise has been made about Apple’s move away from MagSafe with the all-new MacBook Pros. Instead of MagSafe, the new machines feature four USB-C ports, all of which are capable of charging the machine. As Zac noted this afternoon, the ability to…

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+Marques Brownlee This is amazing! Only thing missing are the black and red trims and it would be a real MKBHD branded car.

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JavaScript Unit Testing For Beginners
Unless you truly love writing vanilla JS then you should be working with JS libraries. The best ones will speed up your workflow and they’ll provide error-free libraries for testing your potentially error-laden code.

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Use :root for Flexible Type

Calculate the font size based on the viewport height and width, then use the root em unit based on the value calculated by :root.

:root {
font-size: calc(1vw + 1vh + .5vmin);
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The newest Bootstrap 4 and Material Design.

It has been 6 months since we started coding, testing and creating documentation for new Bootstrap 4 and Material Design layer on top of it.

I have to say that the interest has exceeded our expectations.

If anyone would like to test it and share your feedback I will be grateful. Thanks !

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Turn data from your other tools into presentations with the new Slides API: #io16
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