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A highly-organized collection of atoms occupying a spacetime region near you.
A highly-organized collection of atoms occupying a spacetime region near you.

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So I have installed (and uninstalled, and reinstalled) Bitcoin Wallet (v4.70) on my Android phone. At the bottom of the app, it says "Synchronizing: Network problem". Is this normal? The problem has persisted for a few days, now.


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Bao Bao, I believe.

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Some quick thoughts on PokemonGo and Ingress:

I went to a local Ingress farm location last night. It is in an area that generally has ample parking available. I could usually park, walk, upgrade and glyph. Last night there was NO parking. The entire road on both sides was lined with parked cars.

When I looked in the park, I saw no fewer than 40 people standing and sitting in groups. This was at 2230!!!! They were all playing PokemonGo. Laughing, having a good time, yelling back and forth to each other and whatnot. I heard someone call out that they caught a Snorlax, heard others calling out other Pokemon they'd caught (or hatched? I dunno). PokemonGo doesn't have the team component like Ingress does from what I've seen. Clearly, there are similarities with regard to socialising with other players. They go out with their friends in large groups to play, yet that team component is certainly lacking.

I've seen PokemonGo get more publicity in a week than I've seen Ingress get in 3.5 years. I've seen more reports of trespassing and vandalization with regard to PokemonGo players this week than in the last 3.5 years with Ingress.

I'm not sure if PGo players realise that their actions do and will continue to have an effect on its predecessor game and its players. I know the PGo crowd is, in general, younger and less mature. I hope for the sake of both games, especially Ingress, that players of both games learn to be smarter about choices they make in how, where, and when they play.

-A poorly lit park (in the middle of a neighborhood) isn't the place for 40+ people to hang out at 2200-2300h while loudly gloating about which Pokémon they just caught/hatched.
-Hiding in the bushes behind a PD (at night especially) isn't wise.
-Vandalizing an informational sign with spray paint isn't cool.

Use your brain. If it seems like a bad idea, it probably is. Please stop putting the players of both games at risk due to your poor decision-making.

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Rattlesnakes on Wolf Rock. Beware!

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These buildings are in Nashville, TN.

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I guess I missed this the first time around.

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Last week Sandra and I were wondering what these clear globules washing up on the Delaware beaches were. I thought they might be eggs  (or diaper fill ...), but now the mystery is solved: they are salps, a type of tunicate. Who knew? READ THE NEXT PARAGRAPH

By the way, this is some crazy-ass shit right here: "Eventually, the salp chains break apart. All the individuals that are released turn into females containing one egg. Males from a previous generation of salps will fertilize the females, producing an embryo. The "mother" then develops testes and goes on to fertilize the eggs of other nearby salps, all while the embryo continues to grow inside of it. That embryo eventually pops out and grows up to create another chain of clones."

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The aforementioned Utah Teapot print, in progress.

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I really like the typography used over the doorways in the Silver Spring First Baptist Church. It has been empty for some time and is slated to be demolished, sadly. #silverspring

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My first foray into 3D printing. Hooray?
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