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Head of Marketing for InstantAtlas

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Julian Tyndale Biscoe of InstantAtlas talks to Jo Whitlam, Oliver Grant and Melanie Parker of the Community Information and Intelligence Unit (CIIU) at Hertfordshire County Council. Julian questions the team on how the manage the challenges of making their Local Information System all things to all people. 
Learn more about Hertfordshire's Local Information System here -  
Jo Whitlam is an active InstantAtlas blog author - read some of her articles here -

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“Giving students and others an insight into patterns of health risk and behavior at East Carolina University”

Surveillance and analysis at the Center for Health Systems Research and Development. East Carolina University is committed to service, teaching and research. It has a major commitment to improving health in the state and eastern region of North Carolina. The Center for Health Systems Research and Development (CHSRD) in the Department of Public Health is an important part of the University’s Health Sciences Division. In addition to surveillance and analysis of health problems, the Center is engaged with local communities to plan, develop, and improve systems of health services. We spoke to Christopher Mansfield and Katherine Jones about the center’s Health Data Explorer.

#eastcarolinauniversity   #publichealth   #mapping   #healthanalytics   #northcarolina   #ECU  

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Great post by Success with Software (InstantAtlas partner) and Dr. Dan Exeter at the University of Auckland,  Faculty of Medical Sciences.
Mapping health inequalities in cardiovascular disease using mapping software at the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences, Auckland

InstantAtlas is being used by Dr Dan Exeter at the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences at the University of Auckland to map health inequalities. Dan is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Population Health and his current research focuses on the epidemiology of cardiovascular disease (CVD) in addition to the development of deprivation indices using routine administrative data sources. He explains how InstantAtlas is helping him to create interactive online atlases of cardiovascular disease treatment and outcomes.

Follow the link below to the full article

#cardiovasculardisease   #publichealth   #auckland   #healthsciences  

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Health profiles are an increasingly popular way of presenting snapshot overviews of health for localities or regions in a given area. When presented as interactive reports online, they are effective in helping local government and health services make decisions to improve regional and local health outcomes.

Learn more - see examples - click on link below

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London Fire Brigade - Borough statistics reporting with interactive maps

The London Fire Brigade have released an interactive map using InstantAtlas to present borough statistics offering a range of information about  each of the 32 London Boroughs and the City of London.  

The link below will take you to their reports

#firebrigade   #londonfirebrigade   #firestatisticsmaps  

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The Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority have updated their InstantAtlas reports using our new HTML Single Map and Double Map templates

The 2 new reports which are used to present Illinois county crime and rish factor data can be found on the Illinois Statistical Analysis Center site here -

If you want to find out a bit more about why the use InstantAtlas for their reporting please visit the link below.

#crimemapping   #crimestats   #statistics   #illinois  

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‘How Fingal County Council is using data presentation software to evidence strategic planning’

The Fingal Development Board set about collecting data so that it could begin to analyse socioeconomic factors in the county. As well as creating a demographic profile was created, Fingal CDB set about an audit of existing public services – to examine the county’s provision of services (including: health centres; hospitals; schools and primary care teams).

The CDB decided that the best way forward was to set up the Fingal Data Hub ( The Fingal Data Hub is a technical interface that allows the member agencies of the Fingal Development Board to share and publish anonymised administrative data and official statistics.

#localgov   #fingal   #socioeconomics   #datapresentation   #statistics   #ireland  

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Create highly customised InstantAtlas components using the Feature Card.

New posting by Pierre Jenkins, Head of InstantAtlas Support

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