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mine is less common? then how come me, my cousin and my step brother all share the same birthdate? (different years) we must be the 'exception to every rule'.
I was thinking more of the american holidays...notable spikes and declines.
how come so high straight before and after the 4th july? how can you phycially stop a baby coming on the 4th if it's so high round that time!
...ask anyone who has been pregnant...
*pregnant and due near an anniversary or holiday.
i've been pregnant, and no force in heaven or hell is stopping that baby coming!
Tell that to the lack of births around July 4th and Christmas.

And I've seen plenty of things stop the baby from coming or bring 'em earlier, including stress and other such things.
Subtract 9 months and you will get days to make extra sure your birth-control is being used correctly.
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