#JohnWesley said, “God grant that I may never live to be useless!”

I sure feel that way about my life. I can't imagine retiring. I would so hate to live in a nursing home. Like Wesley, I want to be eminently useful--to have a purpose in life.

However, when I've visited the very old and broken and known that they themselves feel useless, and when I've seen society, churches, even families treat them as useless, something in my heart has said: NO! They are not useless, or perhaps they have little use other than to tell us that being of little to no use is not the point.

It shows me how much of a Thomas the Tank Engine I have become. How much I obsess over being a "busy little engine" who is "always useful" in the machine of modern day life. I confess: I have resigned my identity to my function.

But when we cannot do things for others anymore, when in fact we cannot do much for ourselves--the things a 2-year old can even do--you know, I have not lost any use for the Father. He is glorified in me in that season of life as well. And he will be glorified in a season when I "do less than before" and even when I retire and still do much for others but don't get a paycheck for it, and feel perhaps less useful to my family because of it.

In the grand scheme of things--the metaphysical realities of salvation, sanctification, redemption and revelation--I'm not of much use compared to Christ anyway. My usefulness just gets in the way of those things.

"I am crucified with christ and I no longer live..." Gal2v20a

[This post today inspired by my friend and fellow XP Ken Depeal]
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