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I know it doesn't really count, but I just got two Party in Hell on the same opening. I didn't take a screenshot. =(

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Just got home from the NM Happy Hour, my second. Since I walk by here twice a day, no brainer to stop in and say "hi."

The new office is actually right up the hall from the old office, but wow! what a difference. For those not in San Fran, 28 2nd Street is PRIMO real estate, and the new office overlooks the street.

Had the pleasure of meeting Rogie, in the flesh, and had a nice chat about Butte (heh), pasties, Berkeley Pit, St Patricks Day and other oddities of that part of Montana.

I won't say anyone spilled the beans on what's coming, but I will say what I didn't hear from anyone (especially Todd) sounded completely awesome. But then, we already know that, right?

I did, however, mention that I'd love to see crossover art from sites like Gunnerkrigg Court. (You know about Gunnerkrigg Court, right? 1200 pages of awesome: Read from the start!)

Good times.

Over last week, I'm getting almost the same (insulting) trade offer from three "different" people. This seems really, really unlikely to me. Fair trades are all a like, but systematically crappy trades seem to have a distinctive "smell" which varies from person to person. In this case, its mix of 1-2 grey, 2-3 green and blue for a cherry cats chase. The declines are in my trade history.

Very odd to have 3 different people offering essentially the same crap trade.

Pink and Blue counts show 24 for Brewster and 21 for Surrender. I was under the impression (from here, iirc) that all the PnB chases had been accounted for when it sold out. While I could believe there's a Brewster lurking in an unopened pack, I do find it hard to believe that there are 4 Surrenders unaccounted for.

What you say?

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I'm happy to see Ross getting this one.

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Anybody need a Torith? Two? Three?

I have no idea if this would be legit or not, but I think it be would be totally cool if some of the older sets without chases (Looking at you Lost Realms. And Daydreams.) "acquired" a chase or two. Might help get more of those sets into circulation, which they deserve.

Happy Holidays!

Ok, back to the spice mines for a few hours...

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Misterus Funghius seems a bit shy.

Also, I'd love to see your traffic stats at 9:00:01 PST this morning.

If Neonmob had badges, what badges it could have?

* Having every common card issued, maybe outside of super special issues which people could not reasonably acquire ("you had to be there" type cards)

* Having all commons including all special issues.

* Likewise, having all the green, blue, purple, ER etc cards for all sets.

* Set completion: 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21,... sets completed.

* Completed trades: 1, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, etc. 

* Number of chase and/or variant cards.

* More?
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