Nuns and Quantum Mechanics

Today I have been thinking about expectations. We all have them. Most of our specific expectations are found in idols we form concerning other people, though some are depersonalized expectations about life or perhaps our vague notions of God.

We say, This person has not lived up to my expectations, This job was not what I expected, or sometimes more simply I didn't expect this. I think we should seriously consider whether or not these expectations are a blessing or an anchor around our necks.

Recently as I looked across a lunch table, I said to my new friend, I didn't expect to have a conversation with a nun about quantum mechanics. If I had left myself stuck in my view of monastics that I had some few years ago, I would never have had the joy of that conversation.

More personally, what if my wife was merely what I expected or my children, or friends, or college, or my year of living in London? I believe there is a superstitious belief (in fact, magical thinking) that expectations create the future. I am so glad that they don't.

I do not know what to expect from God either and maybe that is the first step  in ending a relationship built on control (the illusion of it at least) and on built on love.
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