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I am Jack's complete lack of surprise.
Everyone called this. Some times everyone is right.
As predicted, the poopular and useful Social Sciences repository SSRN, having been acquired by Elsevier, is now being destroyed. Papers are being quietly vanished from SSRN, without their authors e…
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Fahrenheit 451 comes to academic publishing.
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David Dickens

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We're asking cops to do too much.
Indeed. I follow a lot of folks on both sides of the political spectrum who dislike the police state. While they use different language and come at the problem from very different experiences, they have more common cause than they realize.

This is not a political post. It is an observation about our society. Where we've been, where we are now, and where we are going.
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It could be said that its about bending the angst of a nation in a means to create new direction for the nation to mold to.   So that all the events of the New era..2000 on were for the resolve of past misguided efforts.   In a means to equalize the world as a whole.  That the us has been the center piece for letting the world understand that human freedoms  create more possibilities than human inslavement.......At what cost is the world run amuck for freedoms sake.   We knowthat greed and poverty are both ends of the spectrum of the excuses why the whole world is not equal.  yet we place advancement as a means of converstion to new social order.  We move the cost of freedom.   There is only real freedom when you can live without enforcement of........internal life represents freedom.  nothing else comes closest to that dream than the thought of a new life that never odd we are in our own sanity
If you went back to the 60s and the womens sufferage of the generation before, you would see that the whom medium of being set free equals first women began it in the American early west,  then as the world moved to older and older years, we find women taking their shot at total freedom....along side the 60s and the bra burning and the sexual revolution.  The whole world could be benefited how the US has changed to meet the new era.   Did other ethnic efforts evolve from the woman sufferage, and other society from the proof in the effort.   Success, did America build the oil industry for all nations while they laid back in the social freedoms of older social demoncracvy of the oldest society known to man.   Is it said that money and women can grind out change  Look for Hilary to be the next president if that holds truth.  Or if the world needs to slow down and gather stock for a few decades....does it mean that Trump will hold the presidency.
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David Dickens

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Something I've witnessed far too often.
You don't help anyone when you deny them their agency (that goes for parents first, but also professors and staff).
The rise of the lawnmower parent
It happened again this week. Several times, in fact. I’m a professor at a well-known local university, and my office is located directly across from the elevators. Because I maintain a literal “open-door” policy for my students, visitors often mistake me for the department secretary, as I am the first person they see when the elevator doors …
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Woah, I just spent 20 minutes reading the comments to the article (Why do I torture myself).  I left the classroom after 13 years, mostly due to constant harassment from parents.  I squirm a little when I hear 20 year olds referred to as "children."
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David Dickens

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I've I read this paper.
Many scientific papers take the form:

1. Stuff X happened
2. If hypothesis Y is false then the chances of something as extreme as X (for some definition of extreme) happening is less than p.
3. p is small, therefore it is likely that Y is true.

I'm going to ignore the fact that this isn't a sound argument. (An example of a sound argument might be "if X happened then Y is true with probability p. X happened and p is large. Therefore Y is likely true.)

One problem with the argument in 1, 2 and 3 is that if you try many different things that result in many different Xs you expect to be able to eventually cherry pick a suitable X that can be used to justify Y even if it's unlikely.

Given how obvious this problem is, why has it been getting a lot of attention so recently? I remember talking about this with researchers 30 years ago and nobody seemed to care.
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Greater than 1
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David Dickens

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This takes all the fun out of spywork.
Looks like voter information might as well be public record.
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+Ken Barber​ that all good and well until there are errors in the DB. Perhaps no answer is interpreted as "might own gun" which gets translated to "owns gun" when the data is merged carelessly with some other source. I don't think victim blaming helps anyone here when the main problem is bad data management. 
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David Dickens

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Malibu doesn't do triple digits. But the forecast insists we are going to get baked like a roast for 5 hours this afternoon. Here's hoping for no brownouts, since it is supposed to peak out at 111.

I feel bad for the kids in the dorms. This is a town that claims you don't need A/C. We should probably leave out beverages in the library for folks trying to escape the heat.
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Good luck David here's to hoping the power grid remains stable! I have family and my oldest just up the coast a bit near Camarillo / Ventura. 
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I predict that if they start charging for Windows after banging on everyone to upgrade for free, it will be the end of Windows.
For the average user there is no reason why they need a full version of Windows on their computer at home. I prefer PC gaming, but it isn't necessary. And I prefer a full Office suite and a few useful utility programs. But for the price and the hassle I've been thinking the PC I've got at home will likely be my last. If Microsoft pulls these shenanigans, then they've made my mind up for me.

My apologies for the Forbes link, beware of their ad blocker policy. 
Subscription charges are now an official part of Windows 10 pricing.
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Chrome OS is making in-roads. This is why. Bye-bye Microsoft! 
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David Dickens

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OK, I'll admit I was surprised.
Riddle me this Batman, why would only 1 in 4 professors in the UC system actually bother to submit their publications to the Open-Access system that has been provided?

We can get caught up in the narrow motivations of the publish-or-perish treadmill, and I know that there might be some small technical barrier (aka I'm not even sure how to submit my paper), but 25% seems more like a deliberate protest vote.

The article suggests faculty have just enough cover from the challenges of the system to enable their naturally contrarian tendencies. To my mind that makes the non-compliance all the more troubling.
If you build an open-access repository, will the users come to it? In some sense I'm one of the offenders here: almost all of my new papers go on arXiv, not to this repository. I suppose I could use both, but what purpose would that serve?
Three years after the university system’s Academic Senate approved a bold plan to make faculty research freely available, only 25 percent of professors are putting their papers in a state-created repository.
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Calling UC "contrarian" disturbs me more than anything else, honestly.
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David Dickens

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Again the theme is, ad networks are inherently malicious.
Until they clean up their act, ad blocking is a necessary security measure regardless of whether or not the ads degrade the user experience. Websites have a legitimate need to generate revenue with ads, but until their practices are as legitimate as their need, it is both fair and just to shut the threat vector down.
"Advertising networks have served malware onto the computers of unwitting news readers over and over in the past couple years. [...] Even when malware infection is not a problem, advertisers’ pervasive tracking of users on news organization websites is really disturbing to any reader who cares about privacy. One Princeton study that looked at a million websites found that news sites were the most likely to feature trackers -- even more than porn sites. [...] Edward Snowden himself recently said: 'If the service provider is not working to protect the sanctity of the relationship between reader and publisher, you have not just a right but a duty to take every effort to protect yourself in response.'" (Columbia Journalism Review):
New York Times CEO Mark Thompson caused a minor stir a couple weeks ago when he gave a speech at an advertising conference declaring that
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Thanks for the heads up, sharing.
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David Dickens

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Security Theater is neither security, nor theatre, discuss:
Troy Hunt on the problems people cause when they try to appear to solve problems.
Stupid security theater.
Back in the day when the British had a penchant for conquering the world, they ran into a little problem on the subcontinent; cobras. Turns out there were a hell of a lot of the buggers wandering around India and it also turned out that they were rather venomous which
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RaboBank never worked with real passwords. They give customers a device, unlockable with the debit card with a chip and the usual pincode, to generate 1time passwords you enter in the clear. Latest devices (called Rabo Scanner) have a camera to scan a security token they show in the browser.

This is in Dutch, but it should be clear what's going on anyway:
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David Dickens

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Easier 2-Factor Authentication from Google.
Faster, please.

Stop scrolling please. Go turn 2-Factor on. It'll just take a moment and it is easier than ever to use. Thank you.
Google is making two-factor authentication a lot easier to use
Google has supported two-factor authentication for more than five years now, but the search giant is making it a little easier to use this week. Previously, you've had to manually enter a code from...
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+Franc Schiphorst,

I did not say I did not understand why they were not following the strict rules... Just stated they were not. Convenience vs. security - unfortunately most of the time, convenience must win or productivity is lost.
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David Dickens

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Word Macros Are Back.
No need to panic, but it's time to take another serious look at Microsoft Office Documents and the Macro payloads they can carry. This is an excellent treatment of the history of the problem as well as why they've come back.

The default behavior of Microsoft Office has usually allowed for inadvertent execution of malicious macros, but recent versions of Microsoft Office make it much easier for the user to make the wrong decision.

If you wish to protect your systems, restrict access to macros. Regardless of the level of information provided to an end-user, don't always rely on that user to make the right choice.
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If you really need secure macros, change to GAS.
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