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I am loving OS X Lion! How about you?
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It has been the best os experience in a long time thank you Apple :)
the only issue i have is now ive gotten so used to the reversed scrolling now i do it on all of my computers :/
Loving it, Didn't get beta so retail version was my first experience of it and its great!
Yeah I really am. Except struggling slightly with the scrolling between spaces and on pages. It feels back to front to me...maybe cause I am upside down in Australia.
I got some problems downloading it (shitty internet connection here in Italy) but I hope I'll be able to install it tonight.
I think that what previous versions of Mac OS X and Windows 7 had in common was huge. They were very much the same. But what Apple has done is brought the features of an entirely new and fresh platform that they created (iOS) which is fit for the current time and integrated it into a desktop version and enhancing the productivity and experience of a personal computer.
My favorite release so far! Very slick 
Incredible. I'm amazed in how fast and smooth my iMac is running. Lion is King.
I love Lion! The new Safari is fantastic. I think im gonna make it my primary browser again.
yeah i found that out later but now im so used to it that it doesnt bother me now
Slick and smooth, only wish I had a Ssd
Digging it so far, just getting annoyed with all the gestures, allot to get used to.
Really like the new Mac OS X Lion! Full Screen apps, Screen Flow, Spotlight and the many other new features is just AWESOME!!!! And most importantly the installation was so nice 'n easy. Apple two thumbs up with this new operating system.
My only gripe with Lion is the three finger and thumb gestures. I have an older MacBook Pro and the button takes away too much space for me to comfortably be able to perform those gestures. And those are the only ones you're unable to change. But other than that I love Lion so far.
I was just able to get it installed on my MacBook Pro. From what I have seen so far, I love it.
I know that commenting on this isn't where I should ask for advice, but it's the only place I can think of. Do you think that I should reinstall Lion? I have had 6 kernel panics in the last two days, not caused by any third party software. :/
I don't have Lion since Ada won't let me upgrade the OS. Gonna be gettin a Mac Mini at the first of the year that comes with Lion. Will let you know what I think as soon as I test it out.
I just make the transition to MAC from a HUGE PC Machine. I got an iMAc 27" with an i5 cpu 12 gb of ram and the radeon 6970m 1gb. Well its awesome! I got it working with Lion and Windows 7 with bootcamp so I really have both world on one really good looking computer. The high resolution its one of the best part for me! so much space! love it! The gaming its good on lion, but for example Battlefield Bad Company 2 I have to run it on Windows and well Works INCREDIBLE!. I just say if u can! BUY a MAC!
Seriously, are you just an Apple Fanboy or do you have an "Objectionable" bone in your body. Rather than saying "I love this" or "I hate that" why not start being more objective in your writing and you'll get more views/followers/hits/etc. Just a thought.
Personally I prefer snow leopard as I don't like mission controll
love it a little hard to get used to and was a little glitchy but best os out besides aparently mountain lion will be better
Where the hell is my Front Row? iDVD and iWeb being discontinued? Rosetta no available so the iMovie HD install is gone? I'll stick to my custom Windows 7 PC.
no they haven't i have all of those after installing it
I noticed after I upgraded last night. I even got my Front Row back with Front Row Enabler. Sorry I jumped the gun, meh i'm just a short tempered arsehole. One thing that did indeed irk me was the reversed scroll crap on my magic mouse. Natural Scrolling? How is it natural to reverse the way i've been scrolling through content for the better part of a decade? I turned that Natural Scroll crap off, it was just too annoying for me when I've used up and down on scroll wheels for ever.
I found it strange to use at first but got used to it after a day or so of web browsing I have now used it for four months and switched it off a couple of days ago that way now feels really weird. 
Meh, I just like using the mouse the way I've always used it. After a couple of days using Lion, I am happy with it. It has some nice features to make Windows 7 look like a kids toy. Though I do like the snapping windows feature in Win7 and the fact that MS has finally opted to include universal driver support. Slapped it on my custom PC and it recognized all the hardware with out issue. Only needed to install specific ASUS motherboard utilities and a few other goodies for the GPUs. But Lion is shaping out to be a fantastic OS, despite the fact that Mountain Lion is around the corner...kinda pissed me off that I finally get Lioned up and now there is another version right there...:(
Losing it totally on my Macbook Pro
I am still trying to convince my self that windows xp is stable and didn't blue screen on me twice today.
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