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David Dhannoo
Social media specialist, football fan and a daily plusser!
Social media specialist, football fan and a daily plusser!

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A new project that I am working on - feel free to join if you're into architecture, interior design, and fashion. If anyone can help with the logo that would be brilliant! :D 

#Architecture   #InteriorDesign   #Fashion  

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Latest post for +The Digital Marketing Bureau :)

#DeepLearning   #AI   #Tech  
This week our social media specialist +David Dhannoo looks at the fascinating world of deep learning and takes a look at Stanford University’s researchers latest work on training algorithms to diagnose skin cancer.

#DeepLearning #AI #Tech

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Llamawithnodrama is an Instagram account that you probably want to follow. It is everything in one: it features an adorable stuffed llama, it contains travel, and it gives nothing but good vibes 😎👌

#Travel #TravelTuesday 
Adorable stuffed llama goes on vacations, gives nothing but good vibes

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Looking forward to trying this out :)

#Daydream #Google #VR 

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Freelance photographer Anthony Parisi has published a lengthy video he took while attending the first E3 at the Los Angeles Convention Center in 1995 that includes the keynote presentations from Sega, Nintendo, and Sony. This throwback has Sega introducing the Saturn console, Sony discussing the PlayStation, and Nintendo … well, Nintendo had a lot to say about Chinese piracy.

#E3 #Sony #Nintendo #Sega 

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It's Chinese New Year 2017, year of the Rooster! What's your zodiac animal?

#ChineseNewYear #China #Rooster


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Love this :) 
What Instagram would look like on Windows 95
Animated Photo

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The Future Of Google
Google CEO +Sundar Pichai: "We’ve been building these incredible capabilities, be it Search, the Knowledge Graph, our understanding of natural language, image recognition, voice recognition, translation. Particularly over the last three years, we have felt that with machine learning and artificial intelligence, we can do these things better than ever before. They are progressing at an incredible rate."

Also, At Sundar Pichai's Google, AI Is Everything—And Everywhere >

Follow Create+ with +Denis Labelle ->


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