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Automattic schießt wieder mal einigen Leuten, sprich Plugin-Entwicklern, Sponsoren, Nutzern, ins Bein:
Ob die mit ihrem Schwarz-Weiß-Denken dauerhaft Erfolg haben werden, ist fraglich. Vielleicht gibt es mittelfristig gar mal ein weiteres, alternatives Plugin-Repository? Wer weiß...
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The guy is way off. Automattic is not planning on making a for-pay plugin repo. Matt has said publicly more than once it will never happen. WordPress will always be free and there should be nothing in the admin area that suggests otherwise. (for self hosted installs, before someone tosses out does this).

The reason Mark notifies plugin developers about this is not because Automattic does not want it, it's because users complain.
As of my reading this project seems to do something good - it's up to the plugin author to support that thing or not. - If there's one rule for all then also Jetpack/WP Stats have to be removed because they "phone home" and together with Akismet doesn't fit privacy laws of the European Union so users in EU couldn't or shouldn't use these... WP Germany has had contact with Automattic about the whole Akismet privacy issues but at Automattic they are not really interested in these kind of issues. End result: users (webmasters, devs) have to look elswhere for solutions. For example "Antispam Bee" does a wonderful job, so I don't have to use Akismet....
FWIW - I don't have paypal buttons or donate links in any of my plugins. But I've had a substantially better return in donations that the figured quoted in that article (something in the range of $10 for every 5K downloads).
That's interesting, Ron! And I am personally more in that direction - I don't like plugins with 5 banners or big "Donate me" etc. links... I occasionally get donations for my translations on my personal site. The donate linke are discreetly at the bottom. So it's absolutely ok :)

What got me thinking a bit more is Automattics HANDLING of these things - like the mentioned BIG privacy issues of some of Automattic's own plugins. I have a friend who has a great plugin on but got banned for a week in summer because of only ONE user who had some problems with it and dropped a short mail to They immediately banned that plugin. In the end this one user had issues - but more regarding his hosting company than the plugin... But Automattic did not communicate anything with the plugin dev they just banned it. All the other thousands of users who were happy with that plugin had one week where they couldn't get updates or anything about the plugin because it was just not there anymore. Later they re-confirmed and all was ok but this was unecessary if they would had contacted the dev of the plugin before.

And that's my point with the above story: it reads to me a bit like, they don't negotiate, they tend to immediately ban, remove etc. But there are a lot of cases which are not black or white but just gray!

I am also trying to understand Automattic's side as they have responsibility with the repository for thousands of plugins and millions of users. That's clear. But where is the borderline?
no this is not absolutly correct, because every download of wordpress has "akismet" and you have to pay for it ;)

no donate button <==> no akismet in every download
No, you are not obligated to pay for Akismet. casual blogger making no money from their blog does not have to pay. There's even a sliding scale on the pay screen where you can opt out.
Just my 2 cent about the behavior from Automattic:
There a just about 100 people at I think it is not possible to contact the developer, because if it is really a security problem/virus/malware they have to protect the user. So suspending a developer is the only way to solve this. Then you can solve the issue (and this should contain contacting the developer!). After that (if everything is fine) the developer is not suspended anymore.

Phoning home/removing translator links/etc. are an entirely different thing ...
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