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We're excited to be here!
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Cardboard goes from 20% project to 100%

* updated cardboard app to discover and launch VR apps
* updated SDK and new Unity plugin
* new developer website
* manufacturing instructions
500K+ units shipped, and it's just the beginning :)

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If you haven't seen this yet, it's amazing

It uses a technique the creators call "lyric-lapsing" to achieve lip syncing within a time lapse.

Next thing I want is a VR enabled version of this, would be quite trippy :)

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Very interesting and fun review of Cardboard :)
Cheap, Basic Hardware. Cheap, Basic Apps.
Still the most compelling new media experience I've ever been exposed to.
I played a crappy game with crappy graphics and crappy environment on this thing. It still managed to induce in me the most powerful and intense fear response that any video game has ever induced in me; no other game has gotten close. I literally experienced the hair on the back of my neck standing on end, shivers running down my spine, and a big adrenaline spike.
I was skeptical about claims that these devices would replace most use-cases for big televisions down the track. I watched YouTube videos and my own personally-captured videos on this crappy hardware and am no longer a skeptic. “In your face” means something different now. When our devices capture stereoscopic 3D as standard there will be no going back.
I flew through 3D Google Earth, along valleys and in between the spires of a church on a hill somewhere, shot up into space and plunged back down to Earth elsewhere. It was fun as hell. But looked crap; limited by resolution and bandwidth. Limits that we will soon crush.
I rode shotgun on a rally car racing at full speed and looked over to the car racing alongside trying to overtake, then glanced behind me at the other cars chasing us, having just jumped over the mound that we crested moments earlier.
I glided around the gardens of a villa, went inside, climbed the stairs and looked out over the gardens and distant horizon from a balcony. All it lacked was resolution and a better UI for navigation; first-person games will be amazing in this thing. People will lose themselves in these worlds. We think people spend too much time playing in virtual game worlds now; we ain't seen nothing yet.
I booted up my recent PhotoSpheres and . . . just wow. This is how PhotoSpheres are meant to be viewed; immersively. I need to shoot them in higher resolution . . . and in stereoscopic 3D. Like with the video: in your face means something different now.
I did all of this in half an hour to try everything out quickly and get a feel for it. I finished with a sore nose where the cardboard had dug in and left a depression in the skin that took 5 minutes to go away, and sore head where the USB cable I had used to wrap and tie the thing to my face had left other depressions. Everything suffered from cheap hardware and issues with resolution and bandwidth. Also lacking were important subtleties with optics, tracking, and presence. But this is as bad as this technology is ever going to get; good dedicated consumer hardware launches next year. I’m forking out another $100 to get a better, more comfortable version for my phone and for the short-term at least, could care less about the resolution and bandwidth limitations. 
Think strapping a display to your face is stupid? Give it a try. This thing was $20 and gives a good basic glimpse into the future of entertainment media that not only awaits us but is coming at us like a freight train. 

#googlecardboard   #virtualreality   #omfg  

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Build my google cardboard with some lego bricks. Works awesome and is a lot fun with my htc one :) Keep on going with this cool stuff.

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Exactly the kind of concepts we wanted to emerge :)
cc +Damien Henry 
You receive an envelope in the mail. Your realtor has identified a few beach houses for you. Given that you're busy in the office, she sends you a folding #cardboard  VR headset. You pop in your phone and it launches your Realtor's app in VR mode.

Using virtual reality and 3D, you can experience the properties like never before. As it turns out, that one property she called a "sleeper" looks much more impressive in VR than the pictures on the web site.

I have to say that the Google #io2014  announcement of cardboard is one of the most exciting virtual reality concepts to land in recent memory. Sure, cheap phone mounted VR is nothing new, but it's never been done this cheaply. It's inspiring. For Marketeers, VR is suddenly interesting again -- cardboard can be branded and printed for all kinds of possibilities. The components are no more expensive than the old disposable opera glasses. 

Our team at +BrickSimple, LLC is already putting it to work. We are hiring. Contact me or send your resume to

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The talk we gave at I/O about #cardboard  is now on youtube :)
History, demos, principles, and software toolkit!

Some problems with the hdmi cable during the demos, but it could have been much worse than that ;)

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I love #cardboard ( and the easiest way to create 360 immersive content for your virtual reality experience is using #photosphere and Google Camera ( If you're at #io14 come to my session tomorrow "Views from Everywhere" to learn more. 

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About to give our talk about #cardboard and our vr toolkit at #io14. Exciting times :)

Should be posted on YouTube within 24-48 hours.

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Excited to be at google I/O for the first time :)
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