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David Corsalini
Computer Science student with the passion of creating things, all kind of things!
Computer Science student with the passion of creating things, all kind of things!

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Are there any sources for API 3? Only one I've seen is the comic cover one and that is a no go for wallpapers.
Is there a list or a subreddit that talks about Muzei sources?

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An Introduction to Icon Animation Techniques

Week #1: wrote 27 icon animations for Android
Week #2: learned how to animate SVGs using SMIL and CSS
Week #3: learned the basics of Adobe After Effects to create cooler and more advanced icon animation effects
Week #4,5,6: learned JavaScript and ported 19 icon animations from Android to SVG to use as inline blog post demos
Week #7: rewrote and polished a bunch of animations, planned out structure of blog post
Week #8: writing, editting, rewriting, deleting, rewriting again, editting, repeat...

Don't think I have ever worked this much on a single blog post before... but I wouldn't have it any other way. Let me know what you think, and don't forget to share! :D

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Round 2.

5) How do you decide that a character doesn't need to roll for an action? I have a sharpshooter that wanted to shoot an enemy near him. It is a simple action for him. I made him roll, because I wouldn't know what conditions to apply without a Take Down move. He rolled a 4, I made him apply a minor Condition (arrow to the arm), but this made the punchbag lose control of his gatling and shoot all the heroes. I made him apply the condition because the shot was really simple for him, but that 4 made me narrate a sudden movement of the train that made him miss.
On other occasions I just gave the player the action as done, because it is simple for him and he's not under danger/endangering someone else.

6) How do you decide when a Difficult/Borderline/Possible move is not possible?

7) Can you open the same Drive Book more than once? Upgrades seem to take a lot of points to unlock and there seems to be few Drive Books.

8) Are the other ways to get points for upgrade (can't remember the name)? Take down a villain, do something spectacular, ecc

1) How would you handle mind control? One of my players tried to mind control a punchbag that was shooting them. He wanted to make him turn and shot his allies. I did it with Take Down, using all 3 for imposing a mind controlled Critical Condition. Is it correct? What should I use if he's trying to control an enemy that is not attacking the heroes?

2) how would you handle hacking? One of my players tried to hack the train to stop it. I made him roll Seize Control, but I'm not sure it is correct and how I would handle other hacking situations.

3) the scene was on a speeding train, using Take Down, he used 2 to move him out of the train, effectively neutralizing him. Isn't this overpowered relative to the 4 actions needed to neutralize him with Conditions?

4) "Reduce the size of a mob by 1" means that with a mob of 3 units of 10 npc you take out 10? 1? How big do you usually make your mobs?

#firebase #analytics won't let me see custom params in the console, while only providing useless precompiled ones.

So... any suggestion on a better analytic suite? I already tried Fabric Answer and I don't consider that a really good solution.


+Firebase how high is custom params visualization in your TO-DO list?
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And then GoT's translation crews all over the world...

#gameofthrones #got #doors
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I'll need 3...

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And then I finished Uncharted 4...
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