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Debouncing, Throttling and requestAnimationFrame explained with examples . My first article on CSS Tricks \o/

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AMP HTML is interesting

I think Google has learned from AngularJS, that the earlier you make public a framework, and ask for partners/collaborations, the better. "Let's do it a community effort". I don't know if it will succeed, but at least is they are doing it open source. That's to be praised. I wouldn't imagine something like this coming from Apple, for example.

After saying that... If AMP works for you, Google, as a smart trick to load faster some news snippets in your news carousel, congrats. But don't call it a framework. There was no need, you can set up a guideline of "best practices", but AMP is like a pretentious joke, creating a "subset" of the web, I don't care if it's done with the best intentions. Only Google has the power to push it down the throat to his media partners. Sad for them.

Aside of that. AMP performance is NOT impressive. It's just "good"

After all the tricks that it's doing, cutting down the expressiveness of HTML and SVG, controlling your JS loading, telling you how to create an equivalent HTML canonical page, no forms allowed, and so many other restrictions, some of them plain silly... after all that... the content doesn't load that fast anyway. It's a trade off that no one in its sense would accept. Unless you "have to".

It's like creating a m. site at the document level. 

I'm glad that AMP is public so we can de-construct it and take the best parts of it, without the crap.

For example, a week ago, I posted
that the work of Andrea on Web Components is amazing, and "under the radar". I'm sure AMP will give the document-register-element a big boost in popularity, since it's the only dependency that AMP has.

That's nice.

Still my opinion on AMP is not final though. But the first impression was quite bad. Let's see how AMP evolves.

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Google is sending massive "Fix mobile usability issues" emails.
I have to admit, I have receive one of them from and old site of mine.
Luckily my job is making responsive sites every day... but for all those people that are not web developers ? This must be overwhelming !

I will paste here the content of the email with links:

Fix this now:
1 Find problematic pages
View a report of the non-mobile-friendly pages found on your site, and the issues discovered.
Inspect mobile issues
2 Learn about mobile-friendly design
There are a variety of techniques you can use to make your site mobile-friendly. Specifically, look for information about the issues brought up in Webmaster Tools.
Follow our guidelines
3 Fix mobile usability issues on your site
Fix the issues preventing your site from being mobile-friendly.
Not sure how to proceed?

• If your site is built with software like Wordpress or Joomla (also known as "Content Management System” or CMS), read the easy steps to make a CMS mobile-friendly.
• Read more about building mobile-friendly websites on our Developer site.
• Ask more questions in our Webmaster Central Forum —mention message type [WNC-451500]!forum/webmasters

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3 first slides of "Front-end Tooling Workflows" by +Addy Osmani

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Blog post: Best of  +ng-europe Day 1. Notes and pics


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Some notes about the status of AngularJS and what to expect from ngEurope, the first AngularJS conference in Europe. 
Hashtag #ngeurope  

Check this twitter list too with all the speakers
#AngularJS   #JavaScript   #Paris  +AngularJS 
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