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This is a fantastic opportunity to visit a massive data storage facility.Because sensitive information is stored on site there is a high level of security which means a limited number of visitors in addition to our All visitors will need to book early and provide a UK Government-issued photo ID (driving license, passport etc).Stockport Business Club members are free and there is a fee of £10 each for non members.  Contact me for more info
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Local business network group, friendly group welcomes visitors for taster session. No annual fees.
Meet at Bredbury Hall
Stockport Business Club
Tue, March 31, 2015, 6:30 PM GMT+1

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Sorry David away at present.......
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Rogue Traders
Where: Residents of Stockport
General Information: Following the storms of yesterday please be aware that there may be rogue traders/cold callers in your area knocking on doors saying that slates are missing or work needs doing etc. offering to do work when there may not be any to be done or may over charge.
Most genuine traders will have a huge volume of work at this time and will not cold call.
If you have house insurance it may be worth a phone call to ask if they can arrange for any repairs for you.
Distraction Burglary
When did it happen: 7/2/14 approx 12.30pm
Where: Heaton Norris
General Information: Two unknown offenders knock on the door and make reference to a payment she made 2 days earlier when work was carried out at her address. Offender 1 states she is due money back as they work had already been paid for. Offender 1 asks for a cup of tea. Householder goes into the kitchen to make the tea whilst the second offender enters the address and makes way to 1st floor bedroom and removes safe from inside wooden cabinet causing damage. Offenders then make off in unknown direction. 
Offender/Vehicle Description: 2 males, young looking, wearing hats. 
Rogue Trader
When did it happen: 3/2/14 approx 11.25am
Where: Heald Green
General Information: Unknown male attends address and tells householder pointing is required to front brickwork. Householder invites male inside to look at rear wall, male tells victim work needs doing and will cost £1200. Male takes £110 in cash off victim and then takes victim in his own car to the bank to withdraw £1090. Male remains in his vehicle, whilst victim goes into the bank. Male returns the victim to her home address. Once victim is inside the offender drives off in unknown direction. 
Offender/Vehicle Description: White male, 5ft10, medium build, clean shaven, roundish face, driving a dark blue car.
Distraction Burglary
When did it happen: 1.30pm on the 31/1/14
Where: Cheadle Hulme
General Information: Unknown offenders knock at victims front door; victim opens the door and sees one male stood on doorstep and a second male a few paces behind him; Male(1) with Irish accent says to victim "Can I come inside and use your phone"; When victim states that he couldn’t he reached into the hallway and attempted to grab mobile phone from victim’s hand; With her free hand the victim scratched offender’s arm and both offenders turned right out of driveway and ran down the road.
Offender/Vehicle Description: 1. Male white, dark hair. 2. White male, blond hair, 5”3-5”4, 17-20 years, Irish accent, very slim build, wearing a black jacket with sleeves rolled up. 
Distraction Burglary
When did it happen: 29/1/14
Where: Cheadle Hulme
General Information: Whilst the victim is in the front garden sorting out her bins the first offender approached the victim and informed her that his younger brother has thrown a stick into her back garden and caused damage. The offender got the victim to move around to the side of the house away from the front door whilst the second offender enters the address via the insecure front door. When the victim got to the side of the house she told the offender that she cannot access the rear garden from the side as her gate is locked and made her way back to the front of the house with the first offender. The victim told the first offender that she would check her property later and the first offender walked away. The victim noticed her front door was slightly ajar. She went straight back into her house, to her bedroom and saw that her jewellery was on her dressing table. As she turned around she saw the second offender stood in the doorway. The second offender told her to check her valuables. To which she responded I don’t have any, go away. The offender moved about the bedroom. The victim shoved him out of the house but he managed to grab 2 rings from the dressing table. The offender walked to the front door. The victim followed him and scratched his neck to try and pull him back into the property. The offender made off. 
Offender/Vehicle Description: 1. White male, approx 17 years old, 5”10 tall with a medium build and shortish dark brown hair, wearing a knitted blue jumper, jeans or tracksuit bottoms, speech impediment as he first spoke but it later disappeared. 2. White male, 18-19 years old, possibly early 20’s, very skinny with sharp features, about 5”10 tall, local accent wearing a shiny grey suit and jacket, was buttoned up the front almost up to his neck.
Distraction Burglary
When did it happen: 28/1/14
Where: Heald Green
General Information: 2 unknown male offenders approach side door of semi-detached property.  1 offender enters through insecure side door leaving 2nd offender outside. 1st offender is in kitchen and is confronted by the victim. Offender states he is from the water board and states "I am here to look at your pipe". Conversation continues and offender asks ‘Can you get the pans out of the cupboard’. Victim refuses and 2nd offender enters through side door and goes into living room and returns when exits premises. 1st offender exits as entry and states make sure you lock your door. Both offenders make good their escape.
Offender/Vehicle Description: 1. White male with a bit of a sun tan, 40/50 years old, 5”10/6” tall, well built, round face, dark medium hair and dark moustache, well dressed in all dark clothing. 2. White male, darker complexion than male.
• When answering the door, always use a door chain, check who is there by looking through a window or door viewer and always ask for identification – IF IN DOUBT KEEP THEM OUT!
• Don’t do business or accept services from a cold caller on the telephone or at the door
• Remind people to lock all doors and windows securely
Emergency: 999 Non-Emergency: 101 Citizens Advice Consumer Services: 08454 040506
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Just downloaded, so easy to use and to categorise pictures.

Well done, XnViewMP improvement on basic version - and still free!!
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To sleep at night in Greater Manchester, have a monitored wireless alarm fitted by The Alarming Man, a Visonic Certified Installer.
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David Cole (The Alarming Man)

commented on a video on YouTube.
Shared publicly  - 
This must be the best alarm system available - and we can install in your home!!
If you know students at or going to University, please pass this on.
We can provide portable wireless alarms for students - call 07801711166 for more info.
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Dear David, immediately I'm lost, how does one 'pass this on'?
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Be alarmed, there are those who hope your not!
Sophisticated not complicated security
Bragging rights
Been around, still here
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Bespoke Security
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