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David Clunie

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David Clunie

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OH BURN! Nice one Vader! ;)
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David Clunie

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David Clunie

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David Clunie

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This and the Darth Vader Gir prints are pretty sweet! Gawd I miss #invaderzim  +Melissa Blanchard 
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David Clunie

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love these gordon memes... and yet so true! :)
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David Clunie

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one of the most funny reviews ive read in awhile :)

War Thunder in a nutshell,

When your pilot gets killed:"WTF I call hacks! This game sucks!"
When you kill the enemy pilot:"Take that sucker, I knew my CoD skills would work here."

When you get rammed:"Frickin noobs everywhere"
When you ram:"It's called a kamikaze brah"

When you get killed by rockets:"F******g rocket spammer,rockets are bs!"
When you get a rocket kill:"MWHAHAHAHA"

When you can't hit ground targets with a bomber:"I swear if those tanks stopped moving I would get them"
When you hit ground targets:"Guess I have to much skill, WW2 is sooooooo easy, I would have bombed every frickin tank"

When your wing gets ripped off:"WTF, ARE THESE WINGS MADE OUT OF PAPER, UNINSTALL!"
When you rip off an enemy's wing:"Pfft, I'm to good"

When you get matched with a plane 2 tiers higher than you:"F***, thx Gaijin"
When you get matched with a plane 2 tiers lower than you:"Poor guy maybe I won't go after him (Said no one ever)

When somebody cleverly maneuvers you:"My plane sucks!!"
When you outmaneuver somebody:"Step up your game NOOB!

When you come across some USSR planes:"F**** Russian bias"
When you use a plane from the USSR:"Oh I'm sorry I thought the USSR was a country that fought and won with the Allies"


When you get flipped over:"Plz help, I'll give a free bj just PLEASE"
When you see somebody flipped over:"Sorry dude, I have losers to pwn"

When you get one-shotted:"FRICKIN HACKS AGAIN"
When you one-shot somebody:"Why do I have to aim so good man?"

When you're getting shot from some random place:"WALLHACKS"
When you're hitting somebody and they can't figure out where you are:"2ManyNewbs"

When someone calls an artillery strike on you:"S***, S***, S***!!!"
When you call an artillery strike on someone:"You better not run, you better not hide (You know the rest)"

10/10 Would still play despite all the times I raged :D
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David Clunie

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David Clunie

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David Clunie

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David Clunie

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Senior Level Software Quality Engineer
  • SugarCRM
    QAE, 2011 - present
  • Independent QE Contractor/Consultant
    Senior Level Software Quality Engineer, 2009 - 2011
  • XO Communications
    Senior Level Software Quality Engineer, 2000 - 2009
  • Concentric Network
    Software Quality Engineer, 1996 - 2000
  • General Motors
    65 Ton Induction Furnace Operator/7 Ton Ladle Driver, 1995 - 1996
  • 7-Eleven
    3rd Shift Clerk, 1995 - 1993
  • American Eagle
    Associate, 1991 - 1993
  • Dr. Reid; Ear, Nose, Throat
    Chart Preparer and File Clerk, 1988 - 1990
  • Good Times Pizza
    Store Operator, 1985 - 1988
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San Jose, Ca 95110
Saginaw, MI 48603
Yes, THAT, David Clunie!
Born in the US Pacific Northwest, lived in Germany, and then settling in Michigan, unfortunately all before I was two!  I was then raised in Michigan, and have since been transplanted to San Jose, CA.  However I'll always be a "Michigander" at heart, Go Detroit Red Wings!

I'm a self proclaimed geek since 1976-77 when my grandmother granted my birthday wish and bought me the original dnd box set. Subsequently she tried to take it back the following year as the whole Midwest "That DnD Game Is Evil!" Campaign was making the rounds in my neighborhood.  My grandmother was unsuccessful in her effort!

Being a product of the 70s I was well aware of the emerging home computing/gaming revolution. I've had tech ever since my first Pong video game, followed a few years later with my first computer, a Ti-99/4a, yes with the cassette tape storage unit!  I've become a boardgames enthusiast over the past 10 years.  (Ok, more so now than when I was a kid as my collection now stands at 280+ boardgames)  I can be found most nights doing the following: (not necessarily all in the same night)
  • Playing games with friends (Boardgames, Video games; Xbox/Wii/PC, RPG's, Card games, etc.)
  • Tweaking one of my computers I've constructed (Media Center, Gaming Computer, Movie/Music Storage.)
  • Experimenting with a yummy gourmet recipe. (Have to use my chemical engineering background somewhere!)
  • Trying to be creative via digital photography, oil painting, sculpting/painting miniatures, and scratch building models.
  • Watching the latest dvd/blu-rays from a rental service. (Watchmen, Empire, LOTR trilogy, JC's The Thing, and the Matrix are some of my fave's.)
  • Delta College
    Chemical Engineering, 89 - 91
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Great place for BBQ!
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