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We are starting to see videos related to a "chemical attack" in an area near Damascus. Anyone help with more information about these videos? @itsEnas: BREAKING: #Massacre in Ein Turma in #Damascus suburbs.Tens martyred,suffocated to death by chemical weapons.
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Ein Tarma is in southeast Damascus, just outside the hotspots like Jobar and Zamalka on the edge of East Ghouta. In other words, this is an area with strong opposition leanings, and is a major supply route to the front lines in the fighting in east Damascus. Assad's forces in both Mt Qassioun and in the Mezzeh airport have this area very zeroed in for rocket (typically Grads) and artillery strikes.

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Looking at this Youtube channel, it has primarily posted videos from Kafr Batna. That's consistent, as Ein Tarma is the next neighborhood over. As I'm somewhat confident that I've seen some of these videos picked up by the more respected aggregators in recent days, I think it's a relatively safe bet to say that this is a neighborhood channel, likely uploaded from just a handful of cameramen. I haven't geolocated any of the other videos, but generally they look consistent with the architecture and terrain of this area of Damascus.
The casualties, according to the typically reliable LCC:

Damascus Suburbs: Eastern Ghouta: The number of martyrs rises to more than 280 along with hundreds of casualties due to shelling with poisonous gases in Zamalka and Ain Tarma, as Kafrbatna's field hospitals have received 140 martyrs, 51 martyrs to Erbeen medical point, among them 17 women and 23 children, and 50 martyrs to Douma medical point, as well as 40 martyrs to Hamourieh, in addition to the hundreds of casualties most of whom are in critical situation
We're currently seeing videos uploaded to YouTube channels with links to all of the areas James has mentioned, as well as Jobar and Saqba. All of the channels have a consistent history of uploading from their respective areas, and most link to Facebook accounts associated with coordinating committees or activists from those areas.
Additionally, the videos have consistently been posted first to accounts associated with areas within a three-mile radius of the locations mentioned above. 
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