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Hey fellow Exalted-ers - our gaming group has recently come across a neat way of doing play-by-post games: Storium (links below). Right now we use it for blue-booking, but it does have a nice use of mechanics to restrict craziness. We have two games going on right now, one in the East and one in the West. If you're interested in checking it out, it's only $10 to back it. I wish it would let me show you games, but it won't until you get an invite to a game or become a beta tester.

If you're interested in trying it out just let me know - both storytellers are open to new players right now. You can see how we set up Solars/Sidereals in the game to see if it's something you like. There is also an Obsidian Portal link in the description of each game so you can follow any past events. (Links will take you directly to the game once you are a backer/invited player; until then it's just the "join us" page).

Silver Sun Era

Deadly Skies

There is a bit of learning curve, but their instructions are pretty thorough.

Am I the only one who reads forum/website comments for amusement?

Hit "Shift+F" in an open Photoshop document and tell me if you've done that on accident without knowing how to fix it. #icantbetheonlyone  

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Much needed vacation begins...
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No idea why I uploaded this as unlisted. Just a short clip I did in C4D and touched up in After Effects.

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Dear Felicia Day, I agree.

Happiness is having class cancelled on a day you wished class was cancelled. #senioritis

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Yes, yes we are.

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This was just epic.
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