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My first macro shot for picture 203/365 22/07/2011:

No outdoor activity today. So I finally decided to give a try to those macro tubes I bought a few months ago, which allows you to enjoy macro photography without having to invest in the appropriate lens. The quality is not as good, but it is good enough in my opinion and especially very fun! The subject is an orchid that my mother offered me, and that I am trying to keep alive! :)
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Beautiful shot! I wonder though, maybe you ought to be able to achieve such "wow" moments with the macro lens for nearly everything in nature, because we normally don't look close enough to fully appreciate them until they become the focus?
Yes you're probably right :-) It's always interesting to find unusual angles and points of view. One challenge I can already feel in macro photography is how to bring enough light (and if possible natural), as well as "stability", as moving a tiny bit can get you completely out of focus.
The setup I used:
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