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Last December, we introduced +Post ads to a limited number of AdWords advertisers as a way to amplify their content to new audiences. Starting today, we’re making +Post ads available to all advertisers with at least 1000 Google+ followers:

See how brands such as +Audi USA  and +Topman  are using +Post ads to drive more participation with their brand’s content across the web. 

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Re: Declining Facebook Organic Reach

As people “like” more and more Facebook pages, your organic reach—the number of your followers who see any given post of yours—is declining. 

Josh Constine breaks down Facebook’s “filtered-feed problem” in this +TechCrunch post.

To determine which posts to prioritize, Facebook uses an algorithm incorporating a number of factors. 

In essence, Constine notes, “the more successful a post is, and the more popular its creator is amongst everyone and the potential viewer, the more likely that viewer is to see the post.”

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Every Page on Facebook wants everything they post shown to everyone. But people only read a limited amount of News Feed per day. There simply isn't room for..
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Post-Click Engagement

"We already know that LinkedIn and Google+ drive very few referrals compared to their competitors. Yet it turns out the traffic they do drive, is actually quite high on the quality scale."

Social discovery and sharing platform Shareaholic today released its first report examining engaged social referrals. Since many of us spend an egregious amount of time using social ...
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Marketing Momentum & The Flywheel

A car’s starter has a small gear which turns an engine’s flywheel.

Although flywheels have initial resistance, they provide continuous energy once they get moving.

So while getting the ball rolling on your early marketing endeavors can be laborious, once your marketing really starts going you’ll find yourself the effort which produced intermittent results when you started will begin to produce continuous results.

#marketing #business #momentum  
Getting the ball rolling on your early marketing endeavors can be laborious, but the key is to build marketing momentum.
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I'm with Pew, I'd give up my cell phone first.
What would you be willing to give up?

Pew research says you'd be more likely to give up your cell phone than the internet:

Do you agree?

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Don't Miss This

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Touting it as a way for brands to “make the entire web their social stream,” Google today announced the full rollout of +Post ads. The ad program gives advertisers the ability to place Google+ posts onto Google’s display advertising network. In testing since December, the program is now available to any Google+ page with at […]
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Which article will impact your bottom line?

What you’ll find below is what you likely should not miss. Each article, at a minimum, is worth skimming. I’m sure you’ll continue reading the ones that are pertinent to you and your business.

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Google’s Making Sense of Data Course

Google’s Making Sense of Data course helped me learn some new ways to structure, visualize, and manipulate data. It ends tonight so jump on it if you have time.

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Thanks +Google Analytics and +Justin Cutroni! 
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