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With just under 10 weeks to the most important election in a generation, here's 10 good reasons to vote Conservative. Click 'share' to let friends know.

— A LONG-TERM ECONOMIC PLAN THAT IS WORKING: The British economy has been transformed.

Out of the ashes of the Great Recession, last year we were the fastest-growing major economy in the developed world. More than 1.8 million extra people are in work. The deficit has been cut in half. This didn’t happen by accident.

It’s because we’ve got a long-term economic plan – and for the sake of your job, your family and your future, we’ve got to stick to that plan.

— 1,000 JOBS A DAY: Since the Conservatives have been in Government, 1,000 new jobs have been created every single day. We’ve created more jobs than the rest of the EU put together. So if you want Britain to keep on as the job-creating factory of Europe, then keep Conservatives in government.

— CUTTING YOUR TAXES: Because we’ve lifted the income tax allowance to £10,000, chances are you’ve had a tax cut – like 26 million other people in our country. Why have we done this?

Because you worked hard for that money – and Conservatives think you should keep more of it.

So we’ve made a big commitment: Next time we’ll raise the tax-free threshold even higher – to £12,500. People working 30 hours a week on the minimum wage will pay no income tax at all. Labour and the Lib Dems threaten to raise your taxes, we will cut them.

— GIVING YOUNG PEOPLE A DECENT START: So far we’ve got a million more children learning in good or outstanding schools – and by investing £7 billion next time, we will create many more brilliant school places.

On top of that, we will fund three million more apprenticeships, so that instead of heading for a life on the dole, our young people are learning a trade and getting on in life.

— MAKING BENEFITS MORE FAIR: Our welfare system was a soft touch for too long. It sent out the terrible message that it was better to stay idle than to work.

So we brought in a benefit cap – and next time we would reduce that cap to £23,000 per household. Why? Because many hard-working taxpayers in our country earn less than that.

This is about real fairness between who puts in and who takes out. The age of something for nothing is over.

— DIGNITY AND SECURITY IN OLD AGE: For years pensioners were treated poorly. The people who fought the Nazis and built our country were fobbed off with pitiful 75p increases in their pension. It was a disgrace – and we’ve turned it around.

The State Pension is up by £950 a year. Benefits including free bus passes and winter fuel allowance have been kept.

Next time we’d keep the pension rising by earnings, prices or 2.5 per cent, whichever is highest. We’d keep those free benefits – and keep ensuring dignity and security for the older generation.

— MORE HOMES FOR YOUNG PEOPLE: We’ve pulled out the stops to get more people on the housing ladder. Help To Buy has got 77,000 so far into a home of their own.

Next time we’d build Starter Homes across our country – especially for first-time buyers under 40.

Tens of thousands more people will have the brilliant feeling of standing in their own home, keys in hand, knowing “this is mine”.

— PROTECTING THE NHS: It is one of the best things about being British: Whoever you are, however much money you’ve got in the bank, you can get help if you are sick.

That’s why we have protected the NHS budget, employed 9,500 more doctors, 7,500 more nurses, started a Cancer Drugs Fund and boosted dementia care and research. Next time we would make sure – once again – that healthcare spending goes up.

— CONTROLLING EU MIGRATION AND HOLDING AN EU REFERENDUM: I will go to Brussels with a clear plan: No more benefits for EU jobseekers; if you haven’t got a job after six months, you must leave; no in-work benefits or social housing unless you’ve been here for four years.

Then, in 2017, a Conservative Government would put our future in Europe to the British people in a referendum. In or out – you decide.

— BACKING OUR BRAVE TROOPS: In an age of Islamist extremism and threats from across the world, it is vital that Britain’s forces have the best kit.

That’s why Conservatives plan to invest at least £160 billion in new hardware over the next decade, including seven new Astute-class submarines, the Joint Strike Fighter, and two vast aircraft carriers to patrol the seas and keep us safe.

We’ve taken money from fines imposed on the banks into veterans’ charities, and made the Military Covenant the law of the land. We’ve always backed our troops – and we’ll keep it up.
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On one hand you have Muslim extremists and just above my post ☝, you see an extremist of another kind. Not really helpful is it?
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David Cameron

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We're building a Britain that offers everyone dignity and security in retirement. Watch this video to find out more:
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+Anonymous Anonymous and whilst many struggled to keep warm and feed themselves, he's pledged that the very well off pensioners and millionaires will still get free benefits like winter fuel and bus passes etc. Why not cut the freebies to the well off and pass that saving to the not well off so they can actually feel warm and have food in them? That is what a fairer society would do. We need to look after the pensioners who haven't got enough and NOT the ones who have more than enough. This is buying votes and should be made illegal!
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David Cameron

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Announcing new powers for Wales at the Millennium Stadium - part of our long-term plan to help the Welsh economy grow.
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Please don't give the Welsh Assembly tax raising powers. I don't want to have to emigrate!
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David Cameron

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Top global economists are clear: we must stick to our plan to secure a better future for families across Britain.
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+Polly-jaiyne O'Marlley Well, Paul Krugman says Cameron's economic policy is wrong because he believes Cameron's economic policy is wrong. :) Things he has written are online. Have a look.
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David Cameron

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I will protect TV licences, free bus passes and winter fuel payments for pensioners - part of ensuring we offer security in retirement to all.
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+Vetrox wash your filthy mouth out with soap you naughty child, awful language!!!
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David Cameron

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In Govan to announce £859m of investment in the Type 26 frigate programme, part of our commitment to UK shipbuilding.
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David Cameron

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A very happy St David’s Day to everyone. Dydd Gwyl Dewi hapus!
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US now worried about tory cuts to armed forces. What an embarrassing statement to say Britains forces will have to make up the numbers in US forces.I HAVE LOOKED AFTER THE FORCES. BS
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I am shocked and sickened by the callous murder of Boris Nemtsov  as he walked in the heart of Moscow last night. This despicable act must be fully, rapidly and transparently investigated, and those responsible brought to justice.

Boris Nemtsov was a man of courage and conviction. His life was dedicated to speaking up tirelessly for the Russian people, to demanding their right to democracy and liberty under the rule of law, and to an end to corruption. He did so without fear, and never gave in to intimidation. He was greatly admired in Britain, not least by his friend Lady Thatcher, who visited him in Russia and who would have been appalled by today's news. The courage of Nemtsov's life contrasts with the utter cowardice of his murder.

I extend my condolences to Boris Nemtsov's family and friends. The Russian people have been deprived of a champion of their rights. Boris Nemtsov is dead. But the values he stood for will never die.
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+Chris Blackmore surely you think about more than two things, and so in all likelihood does he.
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David Cameron

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Britannia should never have been taken off our coins - but now the symbol of our national identity is back on the £2.
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You following maggies lead on privatisation has lost our identity and heritage, as all towns now begin to look the same, if our identity is only to be found on a coin we are well and truly fucked you slimy excuse of a man.
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David Cameron

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Lance Corporal Leakey epitomised valour with his actions on that barren hillside in Helmand, risking his life to run across it not just once, but multiple times, to turn the battle and save the lives of his comrades.

That is why he deserves the highest honour for bravery the nation can give: the Victoria Cross.
A paratrooper who showed "complete disregard" for his own safety during a Taliban attack in Afghanistan is awarded the Victoria Cross.
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+Karen Tsharakyan advice for us all,including the primeminister!!!
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David Cameron

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We believe if you have put in, you should get out.

And if you have worked hard during your life, saved, paid your taxes, and done the right thing - you deserve security when you retire.

That's why we'll continue to increase the State Pension through the Triple Lock, so it rises every year at either the rate of earnings, prices, or 2.5 per cent - whichever is highest.

No more of the paltry increases - one year as low as 75p - we saw under Labour. Instead, the Basic State Pension has risen by £800 since 2010 with the Conservatives.

And it's why we're protecting pensioner benefits including the free bus pass, TV licence and winter fuel payment.

These values also lie at the heart of our commitment to give people the freedom to invest and spend their pension however they like.

From six weeks today, no longer will you have to buy an annuity and have your own money doled back out to you. Instead, your money will be yours to do with as you like.

If you want to buy an annuity - fine. If you want to take a lump sum - fine. It's your money - you earned it.

And if you want to pass your pension on to your loved-ones, you'll be able to do so tax-free. No longer will you be hit by a shameful 55% tax - we've cut that to zero.

This is about values - Conservative values that say that everyone who has worked hard and done the right thing should know that they will have dignity and security in retirement.

If you share these values, please share this post with your friends and family.
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+Gordon Simpson just one of the140,000 non friends. 
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Dementia is one of the greatest challenges of our lifetime, and I am proud that Britain is leading the world in fighting it. 

Because of the growing strength of our economy, Britain has doubled research funding for dementia to £66 million – and today we are announcing that £300 million will be committed to further research in the next parliament, so we defeat this terrible condition and offer more hope and dignity for those who suffer from it.

That way, we can help make Britain a country that offers security in retirement for all.
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+Nicholas Roberts thank you once again very kind of you bless you and yours as well .
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