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Today I signed a letter, along with other G20 leaders, calling on countries to face up to their debts and deal with them. Every country in the world has to do that so we can get growth going again.
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And tomorrow you will give us the promised EU referendum? For what it's worth, conservatives tax reduction policies are great. Really need to sort MoD and defence out though, not sure we get good value there right now.
Is there an actual theoretical reason that reducing debt increases GDP growth? I thought the two would be separate. Maybe because with less debt, the government is able to invest a little more? (Edited to clarify)
+Michael Boyd - Public debt is essentially tax payer debt. A large public sector, or public sector debt requires large taxes to fund it. Tax is paid not only by individuals but by companies. Heavy tax is damaging as it makes us less competitive against countries with lower tax.

Traditional right-wing policy (Conservative) is for minimal government/public sector for a strong private sector. That's my understanding at least.
A view that prevailed in the late 1920's / early 1930's. It worked out well that time to. It worries me that a PR exec from Carlton TV is in a position where he can influence the global economy.
Sorry to say but you don't seem to have done a good job of that so far. Instead you have brought misery and suffering to the very people that you are supposed to represent. The easiest way to cut debt is to stop giving away billions to other countries in aid. What do we ever get back from any of them. Bet if we had a major disaster we wouldn't get much help. Hmm.
Ah so that's why the pound has dropped.
Very little substance in this letter I am afraid. There was a single line of interest among the points in the letter :

"The Eurozone must confront its debt overhang, deal with excessive deficits, strengthen the banking system, and improve competitiveness."

Everyone knows that Europe (and beyond) must sort out the debt issue and reduce deficits. However do you have a credible plan for doing this? As much as I would love to believe that the next G20 meeting will produce this magical solution , it probably won't. We have seen these meeting come and go, with very little in the way of solutions emerging from them.

Also how do you propose strengthening the banking system? The recent reforms that were announced (to be implemented not till 2019) fell short of what would be needed to prevent a crisis like the one in 2008.

I would love to see some real leadership from the politicians that attend this meeting and try and address this issue properly. This letter does not really say anything at all and falls short of the standards that I expect of my political leaders.
Trouble is all these people have an old fashioned view of the world and what worked years ago will not work now. Its time to consider some really radical ideas and stop feeding the established powers.
I wish everyone would realise the predicament that the world is in and stop whinging about cut backs. Unfortunately, it's a necessary evil that has to be dealt with
Every country lends to every other country. America stopped itself from going bankrupt by increasing it's allowed level of debt to something even higher, I don't personally understand how this works but if anyone could explain it I would be very grateful. This is going to take time and cooperation between nations to help support each other in trade.
+Eve Crook i think people are more "whinging" about how it's happening rather than why.
You signed a letter? How much good is that going to do?
The fathers of the United States of America signed something once, the rest as they say is history.

Many self-improvement professionals help people achieve their goals in steps, the first step is usually to write it down.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but to cut down a debt, you need to stop spending. Or am I only showing my ignorance here?
+Jason Olivier Or the country can print money (as long as they own currency, like the pound, not like the euro). Then the money can be spent in building and other projects, creating jobs, which in turn creates consumer spending and taxes.
From a European perspective having spent a lot of time in France and Italy recently, from a man in the street perspective you wouldn't think there was a debt issue ........................ not sure that everyone is taking it as seriously as they should
+Michael Boyd For every extra bit of currency printed/minted, over and above that which is classed as soiled and removed from circulation, depreciates the value of the remaining currency. As demonstrated quite ably in Zimbabwe, this is an easy way to tax EVERYONE not just the working class. Which kinda sucks. The Zim government also printed money solely to pay off its creditors and you can see how well THAT turned out. The Zimbabwe dollar became so reduced in value that it was worthless and was discontinued.

If there is no "work" done then no value is added to the currency. Money doesn't just increase in value on its own.
+Jason Olivier Sure, if you print too much money, Zimbabwe happens. But the US has printed twice responsibly in recent years without devaluing their currency too much.
PM. thank you for wearing Harry Moseley's bracelet and supporting.
I visited Harry last week and Duncan Bannatyne went to see him today. Step by tiny step, Harry is making progress.
Out of interest, how many of the G20 counties are in a debt crisis?
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Does that include third world countries who had masses of debt foisted on them by western Imperialist powers and who are still paying those debts off and rendered impoverished by it?
Oh wow! Bravo!!! You signed a letter. How about getting some action going?
The phrase "talk is cheap" comes to mind. Mr Cameron, are you really that desperate for a "Chamberlain moment"?

I note the complete lack of substance behind the intent - even from countries with large reserves (which sadly does not include the UK).
Telling them to "face their debt" doesn't actually make them do anything. You should work on enforcing financial laws that are already in place in the UK, increase regulation in some areas such as the financial sector, and polluting companies, and work on creating demand for products. Maybe, the UK government needs to go into the advertising business, not by being stale, but creative. +David Cameron
Why is the UK opposing the proposals for a Palestinian state?
You are right. I think we can all agree there is no way through this if we don't all unite.
Dave, I double dare you to create a debt free currency that isn't controlled by the banks.
As I have including both Labour and Liberal parties - I thought I would copy in the Conservatives as well and hope that some of my ideas are looked at and hopefully even taken on board.

As a long-term Labour voter and a student of politics and international relations, I find myself turning more and more a-political and losing faith in those that run our country. Mainly because they, that includes all political parties, have got themselves so wrapped up in their own spin, lies and feeling of self-importance, they have lost site of the real world.

The system is broken and needs a complete overhaul from top to bottom. The welfare state, taxation...well everything to be fair needs to be completely reinvented and not just bandaged up in hope of preventing the wound from spreading - the key word is simplicity.

Change's to the political and voting system - elect local MP's using the first past the post system, who would then represent their constituents interests in an English parliament. We then use the PR system to elect our government, who without having the ties of having to deal with a constituency can get on with the real business of representing our countries interests to the best of their abilities

A simple taxation system - income tax and National Insurance should be combined into one tax, followed by the scrapping of Working Tax Credits; with a much higher starting rate of income tax, to cover the loss of WTC. A tax like this would be easier for the everyday person on the street to understand and for the government to administer.

Why not go further and combine Council Tax into the above tax! Money could be distributed to local councils based on area of land they maintained and density of population within that area.

Pensions, one of the most controversial topics in British topics - To start with the Pensions Credits agency needs to be scrapped and all moneys ploughed back into the state pension. Then give pensioners who wish to continue working the choice to opt out collecting their state pension for as long as they continued to work. To entice those of a pensionable age to do this, double the lower level at which they would start to pay income tax, then for every year they continued to work they would get an extra £5 or £10 per week on top of their state pension. The savings from opting out of the state pension would be considerable and the average working pensioner would have more disposable income to spend.

NHS - first and foremost, binge drinkers and those with self-inflicted injuries (not suicide attempts) should be forced to pay for the treatment they receive at full cost. Second, as cost of medical procedures and treatments get more expensive - those in employment should have to pay small cost towards their treatment, similar to what already occurs with NHS dentists - maybe at a cost of £50 for a surgical treatment. This in no way would cover the costs of running the NHS, but it would go a long way to making sure that it could improve it services and give the best possible treatments available.

Crime and punishment - those convicted of non-violent offences should be given the chance to work off their sentence in the armed forces. This would hopefully give the wrongdoer a trade and a some self-respect. Should they in away break their terms of this military sentence, they are sent to jail to serve their entire sentence, without parole.

Also murderers and rapists should serve life and I mean life, not some half-hearted sentence where they get out for good behaviour.

Furthermore, for those who are in prison, make them earn their keep, as they once used to do producing goods and providing services. Also for those of little or no education, make sure they get basic qualifications - if the prisoners work hard and study hard, then they would get an increase in privileges.

The government systems need to become transparent, so when a mistake is made or they do not have an answer to a question or a problem, they hold their hand up and say so - the public will be much more likely enamoured with an honest politician and not one that hides between rehashed rhetoric and half-truths.

My final gripe is in regards to the playground that is House of Commons, it seems that MP's seemed more concerned about getting a cheap shot at their opposing members or political points scoring instead of focusing on the importance of running the country. You have to wonder how this televised spectacle is viewed internationally - I see at as one of the longest running non-funny attempts at comedy ever produced in this country.

I'm sorry for this rant of mine, but it I needed to get it off my chest.
+David Cameron how come everyone says you smell of cheese? As a cheese lover it disturbs me to know that my sandwich smells like you.
Is it me, or does the latest Ed Ball's statement on the economy, sound very much like Gordon Brown, did in 1997, when they wanted to take over the best set of accounts ever seen by an incoming government? I would ask the electorate 'WHAT HAPPENED that time?'
Today I signed a letter, it was to accept delivery of my washing machine. If you've been sat near me in the last few weeks, you'll agree this is a step towards a safer humanity.
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Sorry David, I get the feeling sometimes that everything is directed at me by some people. I think we met in the 70's when you already wanted to be PM.

CLEARLY ! David Cameron is not sitting down of an evening with a coffee, opening up his notebook and typing this. Someone writes this from his press team in No. 10. Probably cut and pasting from twitter and other press releases, I would imagine it's a she, around 30 and does it because none of the senior press team have any idea whatsoever how New Media works. Perhaps she does Cleggs on the side. Get a grip people!!!! Ps tell us what your name is Press girl?
+David Cameron, do you not think it's completely corrupt for a government to force the media (Youtube) to remove news about protests relating to the government?
Most of those debts are to China lol
As Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, I say I SHOULD BE THE PRIME MINISTER DAMMIT!!!!!
Some people seem to be confusing "censorship" with "the even isn't important enough to be reported" when it comes to protests...
Praying to the confidence fairy again Cameron? Or is it the bond vigilantes from the deep this time? (edited for grammar)
We need to learn to live on less and not be greedy with the world's resources -Oil and petrol. We take far too much and dont give alot back! Thats what the UK needs to do Mr Cameron!
It would be easier for this country to pay its massive debts if HMRC didn't spend a disproportionate amount of time making it hard for small business owners to even understand what their obligations are, whilst simultaneously enabling large corporations and banks to avoid paying millions (billions?) of pounds of tax legally.

If you sell goods or services in any country, then tax should be paid on those earnings IN THOSE COUNTRIES.
I do hope David Cameron has better things to do with his time than come on Google+ ;)
There a better indicators of the nations mood than a handful of people on Google+. Unless we claim to represent the whole nation.
Agreed. Any major issues though should be put up for petition. As we have seen with the Hillsborough petition, it can work. People just need to make more use of that new system.
Told easy and cool. Let us see how Britain and the rest of G20 do it, first.
This will work only if sincere efforts will be implemented. Usually, they all stays in papers and get published in the newspaper.
If you didn't give so much of OUR money away to other countries, we might have a little more in the kitty to pay of OUR debts
DAVID, You did great work along with International leaders.
Ron G
+Naeem UlFateh stop dick riding. The US defaulted on their debts, why the hell shouldn't everyone else? Including the public - who's taxes were spent propping up the financial institutions responsible for initiating the recession
Regardless of which side of the economic debate you might favour wouldn't it be nice if our politicians - of all persuasions - actually told us the truth.
We are told that the present government inherited levels of debt that were at an all time historical high - go look at the data since records began in 1692 (chart 2) it will help to put the propaganda within a factual context:
Ron G
Well politicians are meant to represent us - the people. Yet it always seems as if their interests lie with themselves or some financier. In this day and age, why the hell do we need them?
This will help if UK can increase exports or those countries shares some investment in the uk in any form which can create jobs or anything benefiting UK society as many number of reforms required there. We have seen, society is not tolerating as it use to be half century ago.
good luck in Berlin..they seem rather tesky
i like your door its big
Sounds cool, you know my mum works for conservatives
Mr Cameron,

I am not and never have been a supporter of either the Conservative party or the current coallition. However I do appreciate the difficult decisons you have had to make with regards the current financial issues in Europe, and as such agree with and support your posture in the defence of the UKs interest in this matter. It is expected that things may get tougher than they already are for us as a nation, however if this is the price of doing the right thing then so be it.
Have you lost your job this year?
We all know what caused the credit crunch that struck the Western World in 2008, or do we?

Of course we do. The bankers were recklessly lending money to masses of people who they knew could not afford to repay their debts, which ultimately sparked the problem in the United States by the fall of Lehman brothers, which was followed swiftly by the fall of Northern Rock in UK. This then created a snow ball effect with the subsequent failing of many other banks and businesses. The governments of affected countries, including ours in the UK, have reacted by bailing out the banks and pouring billions of pounds of taxpayers money into them. The reasoning they came up with to justify their action was that the banks can't be allowed to fail as that would be extremely destabilising for the economy. Failed executive bankers therefore, such as Fred Goodwin of HBOS, walked away unpunished with huge pensions.

Who will pay for this bailout that saved the banks, and repay the taxpayers money back? Surely the bankers themselves since they were the root cause of the problem!! WRONG, it is you and me who will be made to pay, not the bankers!!!!

Yes, we are being made to pay for the mess the bankers have got us in through their sheer greed and utter incompetence. What is worse, they are still pocketing huge bonuses just as they have been doing before the crisis. Have you heard of a banker that has lost his or her job due to redundancy or branch closure? Of course not, and even if this happens, they tend to generally walk away with eye-watering retirement packages.

Hundreds of thousands of ordinary men and women, who had not at all contributed in any way or form to the causation of the credit crunch, have been sacked from their jobs due to closure of businesses and staff reduction. Three years on, the economy remains as fragile as ever, ordinary people continue to suffer on a daily basis from a problem that was created by the wealthiest elite who are still enjoying their life and remain detached unaffected to the slightest. WHO THINKS THIS IS FAIR?

Together, let us try to restore some common sense back in our society..
i ham not gowing to go on about capotlison or greedey bankers or evon the fact that it was the tory govoment that changd the banking law when thacher was in that corsd the mutrals to becom banks and use the housing stock as colatral to reas money in the markits ) NO i whont to tark about the leter i sent you ofice the i sent to pint out the need in this contrey for the les wel of to get from under the shacols of oil giants !! that old thing when are you gowing to give us wood gas or to qolifiy that the tools to use wood gas see we have nown for years that wood gas genoraters used to be usd on car,s yes back when i was a lad i gruw up whith a farther that uesd one on is truk i evon have a pik of one just like it on the top of this page not the one dut pritey clows i now that is agenst a tores gumpshon that soum uneducated bafoon is probley what you thinking would not know a thing that i speek but not so as i spent most of my yong life runing such a tool but that asid it,s jobs of whot i speek yes jobs semey skild jobs at that the sort of jobs that can help put uneducated bafoons back to work ?!! see yes ther is somthing in it for you ha ha is that i hear lafter whell ther you have it a torey cuting is nows of to spit is face for evrey galon of oil savd in a car of a worker thats a galon save for when it gets short now how much will it be wert then ! a lot more than it is now the producshon of genoratrs can help find jobs i would say nasonal servis jobs but thats asking to much of a tore but privit ferms bilding them ther is potenshal but it needs vishon to pul this of have you that vishon are you the driving fors behind the nexst edisn or thelfor of are time i say give us the tools to do the job set the people free fro oil ...les a labour suporter
You are no more interested in getting the UK's economy back to a state of sustainable growth than flying in the air.

Two simple policies would restore the feel good factor, reduce inflation, put money in people's pockets, stimulate the economy, stimulate manufacturing, while reducing unemployment and the national debt; better yet it would cost nothing !!!!

Do I have your attention yet Mr. +David Cameron ?

Policy N°1
Levy a 0.05% Tax on transactions in the City. This will raise aprox. £23 billion pa. This will be a popular policy because it will show that the government is at least asking the people that caused the financial problems to put their hands in their pockets and help get us out of the mess, rather than punishing Doctors, Nurses, Teachers, low paid workers and the disabled.

Policy N°2
Remove ALL taxation / duty on fuel, namely petrol, diesel and heating oil at a cost of aprox. £23 billion pa. It is this policy that will deliver for the UK economy. To begin with the lower transport costs will arrest inflation, it will put money in peoples pockets thereby stimulating the economy. The increased sales this policy generates will stimulate manufacturing and business confidence resulting in investment and jobs. The public will travel more within the UK which will see an increase in short breaks, thereby stimulating the tourism/hospitality sectors, creating more jobs. Reducing the cost of heating oil will help the elderly, disabled and low paid out of fuel poverty enabling them to contribute in a positive way to the economy. Now that the economy has been stimulated and is growing strongly, less people will be claiming unemployment and other benefits, they will be paying taxes and contributing to society. With the growth in manufacturing, retail and tourism sectors will see a rise in the revenue generated from these businesses. The rise in GDP will see the overall amount of debt as a percentage of GDP fall, which will ensure we keep the important AAA credit rating while we avoid the disaster that is causing so many problems in the Eurozone.

Time to Act, Mr. +David Cameron and actually solve our problems without making our most vulnerable in society.
Appreciate your debt reduction policy Dave. Ignore the left wing idiots asking for more taxation..
It is not about "growth" it is about gettting the cost of living and doing business down. Runaway deficit spenders in government are the cause of the current economic "con" It is not the common person it is theocratic corporatists spending all of the purchasing power of the various nations currencies. Cut spending.
Economic ruin on the horizon for Greece: Germany cast doubts on saving country from financial meltdown
Posted on January 26, 2012
January 26, 2012 – GREECE - Angela Merkel has cast doubt for the first time on Europe’s chances of saving Greece from financial meltdown and sovereign default, conceding that Europe’s first ever multibillion euro bailout coupled with savage austerity was not working after a two-year crisis that has brought the single currency to the brink of unraveling. In an interview with the Guardian and five other leading European newspapers, the German chancellor also insisted – against widespread resistance elsewhere in the eurozone and in the UK – that the European court of justice (ECJ) be empowered to police public spending and budget policies of the 17 countries in the euro. She also called for the eventual creation of a European political union, with many more national powers ceded to a central government, a strengthened bicameral European parliament, and the ECJ assuming the role of Europe’s Supreme Court. Days before the latest EU summit, which, at Merkel’s insistence and evoking scant enthusiasm elsewhere, is to finalize an international treaty between eurozone governments entrenching German-style fiscal and budgetary rigor in all single currency countries, the chancellor admitted having doubts about the strategy she had pursued during the crisis. “We haven’t overcome the crisis yet. Of course, there’s Greece, a special case where, despite all the efforts that have been made, neither the Greeks themselves nor the international community have yet managed to stabilize the situation.” Asked about the European response over the past two years, during which Berlin has often dictated terms and encountered strong resistance in Brussels, Paris, and at the European Central Bank in Frankfurt, Merkel said: “Good politicians always have doubts, as a way of constantly reviewing whether they are on the right track.” There were no doubts about her aim – to save the euro and preserve the EU. The reservations concerned the means to those ends. With Europe’s biggest ever crisis moving into its third year, the chancellor is facing growing resistance to her key aim at Monday’s summit – finalizing the “fiscal compact” treaty that is the euro’s new rulebook, foreseeing quasi-automatic fines for fiscal sinners, empowering the Luxembourg-based ECJ to sit in judgment of the 17 countries’ budgets, and establishing legally binding debt ceilings for eurozone governments. –Guardian I wonder if you know about this yet Mr Cameron
What is 10 Downing street like then?
First concentrate on the financial matters back home you and your chancellor are destroying UK we are loosing our jobs because of the 1% which you belong too just look at the current fuel price stop taxing aggregate demand did you you really pass your economics
Corporate tax breaks are going to continue and their profits will continue to be put back into their pockets. The growth governments keep talking about will not happen from the corporate company's leaving the middle classes picking up the holes in government policy. Same old discussion.
Just back on quickly...Glad to see something's being done about the minimum wage and the clearing out of needless Patients in the NHS Hospital beds...Save them for the Hero's ;)
Great going and there must be growth and development sooner than later. However the world will need another oil recess but this time third world leaders must follow through on price reduction, in goods and services, rentals of properties, and taxation, for us to see real changes.
Francis Malcolm MASS
You are a evil man. Why is it always the smokers who get screwed over. Just as many people die from eating fatty foods..

I work for minimum pay, I don't have a pot to piss in and i am struggling. the only thing in my life i have for myself is a packet of fags a day that i enjoy and you are making it even harder.

I want to work because i feel proud to earn my way in this life but its a piss take when i see people on benefits with massive 50 inch tvs and nice holiday abroad.

I feel ashamed to be part of this country, I cry myself to sleep worrying about how am i going to pay my rent this month, how many days am i going to have to go without food before i get paid again,

I would love to see you try live my life for a week without contemplating suicide, I have to pay for what the banks and the government have done to this country...

So thankyou for making me feel like at least if i was dead i would not feel like this.
Hi Dave.. Glad you are taking a stand on Smoking. I smoked for over twenty years... Im 38 now and feel that something should have been done to stop children being attracted to them a long time ago. I didn't vote for you but given your parties long track record would you? I liked the peace protest 'Occupy.' Not the smelly messy hippy side... which was inevitable but the fact people cam together and shared a sense of community. That we are all aware was destroyed by your Gran,' Maggie. ' the one Im not working for anymore and amusing enough I don't know anyone whom is... I really think though you are doing your best for this country, although you must have been kidding yourself if you thought you were going to win any award tis a mad mans chosen chalenge. Well it is Easter so don't count out a miracle just yet... Im so glad you are a man of faith but surprised you havent opened more places in mental institutions for folk not unlike yourself. There is certainly need for an improvement for though's criminals. Oh Sorry, i was thinking of prisons!( Easy mistake to make... the law does it alot) Well, have a happy Easter and God Bless you.(Not that I am daft enough to vote. Brusters' millions... all the way.)
Ar Chi
Hello David Camelon:)
hi cameron have got any rude things to say today
Dear Prime minister it would appear that you can not please everyone within the country with your policies! You have made a decision to cut cut and cut a bit more and to be fair you did say that you would make tough decisions that needed to be made, there is signs of improvement and I can see light at the end of tunnel but it is a long tunnel and the jury is still out!!!
daved your people should not be afraid of us me and my people paly stay work in happiness never feel scared from us peace in the world in britain in america in uganda and in somaliland . we defeat those who are against peace and prosperity. let us terrorise the terror.
Prime Minister, the letter you signed has done nothing to improve this countries debt (The UK). We are in a recession again, because your policies are failing. You have given a tax reduction to the rich and used the excuse that it will encourage them to employ, they are not.
The sheer fact you have posted nothing on google+ since last year speaks volumes. Shame on you. P.S. Stop bitching at the despatch box and answer the bloody questions dear.
Mr PM what ever you was doing maybe you think its good but its hard for every one to live in the UK in these days thanks for doing this to us
Look its very simple if you want growth you need jobs so people can spend their earning in shops, going on holiday e.t.c. Putting people on the dole queue is not the answer to growth.

I worked for a lovely company for nearly three years but the moment you lot took over you started your cuts. This meant contractors that owed our company money couldn't pay us which meant that we couldn't pay the tax man. What was his solution the great tax man? He forced our company to close down so that he could get his tax there by putting 144 people out of work claiming benefits e.t.c.

My skills got me another job quickly but in my field the cuts are digging deep and I am out of working again. I am not rich and it now looks like everything that I own will now have to be sold just so that I can pay my bills.

When are you millionaires going to understand what its like for the ordinary person on the street. One of my closest friends once she has paid her bills perhaps only has enough money to pay for three days worth of food which means that she will go for nearly six days without eating a thing. In my book that is simply not right and you as our so called leader should be ashamed of yourself. 
but your still sending money to other countrys to and supplying hem with neuc-weapons
Mr Cameron 
Please go to my page
I need your help
Please help
Abbas Javan 48
We'd be better off if we stop subsidizing half of the rest of the world.
The same people in the same countries decade after decade standing there holding out the begging bowl.   Charity starts at home.
Come on Mr. Cameron, when are you going to do something about the millions of illegal immigrants living in Britain? Has Britain's racial make-up hanged for good??
you dont think hell reply i emailed his office he passed the buck even then got no replys
Yeah! You are so right. I absolutely hate what has happened to
Britain...the racial balance is seriously askew. If Brits love themselves
at all, they need to get involved in the situation. Right now...
Kyaw san ( refugee)0060123904192
Hello, my brother David Cameron, May my brother get whatever my brother wish and get free from Danger. I am a refugee from Myanmar ( Burma). Now, I am a teacher of All Ethiinc refugee children school. I am giving teaching to be understood. Whoever I like England to migrant for me and my family . I have one son. So, can I apply to stay in U.K.
Hey Cameron subscribe to me please
this kind of statement will make people angry and lose votes be smart david get the people to rally behinde you by saying what they want to hear in steed of what you are going to do
David cameron should actually do something good... GET A LIFE, and if David sees this comment which i hope he does, then it's his funeral
Hi isn't David cameron a complete suck up? He's such a spoilt brat!
according to you, do you feel you are socially excluding all the people who earn more than 60,000 from receive child benefit because according to our human right system every should be treated equally? thanks 
Que bueno que existe el G20 para eso de la esconomia global
Growth is never achieved by giving money away to all and sundry .
Try concentrating on this country then Maybe others will follow instead of just holding their hands out with a begging bowl .
We have enough people in this country who have and are spending their lives on handouts without teaching other countries to do the same . 
Yes mate . Put a bedroom tax on them and high unemployment , and low wages and cripple Europe just like you have to your own country .
What do you want a pat on the back , you and osbourne have got us into even more debt all you have to do is give us more spending power to boost our economy , if we have no jobs and no money how can our country get out of this mess .
You are a complete twat who was born into wealth , you have soft skin on your hands which indicates that you have never worked a day in your wet nursed life . How about you and your family spend a year as a minimum wage family in social housing . But you won't for you are a twat .
listen david yeah you betta watch yourback bruv fuckin up the uk im coming for you take all your ps leave you for dead braaaaaaaap braaaaaaaaap

من.صلي.علي.المصطفى صلي الله عليه وسلم مائية ماره صلي عليه الله
You're right, every country has to do that because this is the only way to get out of this situation.
your a wet fuck im gunnu jump on your head
So you can steal more money from the needy.
Dear Sir/Madam, I would like to complaint against British citizen Altaf Hussain. He has openly threatened to kill peaceful protesters in Karachi which is against the values of freedom and democracy. He has also threatened media anchors which is another grave crime. Please investigate this matter and his organisations' history. I would like to mention here that his organization, the MQM, is already declared a terrorist organization in Canada. Please carry out investigations in depth and ensure that these activities are not carried out from British soil. Please carry out a prompt investigation and don't take years and years of time. This is your duty now. One thing to note here is that this guy openly supports freedom (at times), speaks openly against the Taliban and also supports rights of women on the media, however, in reality he is a fascist. So please carry out investigations in depth. When you can help freedom seekers in other countries, then why not help the educated, liberal freedom lovers of Karachi? Why let oppressors and tyrants give a bad name to the UK by allowing them to freely terrorise innocent people from British soil? Please take this seriously. UK is considered to be role model for other countries of the world in justice. We as citizen of pakistan wants justice that why UK is harbouring such a terrorist. regards,
i would ask metropolitan police to look into altaf Hussain speech which london condomed people he is the biggest Terrorist in London who kill people in karachi please kick him out your country he is doing exactly what England is ageinest for Speeches or essays calling for racial or religious violence. Videos of violence with messages of ‘glorification’ or praise for terrorists. Postings inciting people to commit acts of terrorism or violent extremism. Messages intended to stir up hatred against any religious or ethnic group. Bomb-making instructions.
There's a clever boy, did mummy help you.
Yes, yes I did my name is mummy kins. David baby, did u wash behind ears and did u use the new penis cream i gave u? u know u get itchy down there
"Today I signed a letter, along with other G20 leaders, calling on countries to face up to their debts and deal with them. Every country in the world has to do that so we can get growth going again."

Great David, when are you sending in the Royal Marines and the Paras to invade the tax shelters of the Cayman Islands and Bermuda and recover 2 trillion pounds in tax avoidance?  The country is behind you in this endeavour.
David, I've just received a letter from HSBC stating they are now going to charge £66 a year for having an online business banking account with them.  Considering they pay no interest on the money in the account and no doubt make a nice little profit from it, I now feel I am receiving negative interest rates on my business account.

This lack of interest in rewarding savers is all down to the BoE issuing out oodles of free cash to the banks.  The banks have no motivation to attract savers when they are breast feeding off the BoE.    QE and government lending funds have completely distorted the market for cash.  

Quite how a yearly charge for running the simplest of business accounts is going to encourage others to start their own business is a mystery.  The banks control this country more than they did in 2008.  They need dismantling otherwise they'll be too powerful even for Parliament.
It is stupid and ridiculous that we are spending money on rocket building, it is actually down right insulting to us when we are in dire straights with the economy that we aid such a thing especially when we don't even have a rocket! or a space agency, however don't vote in Labour because they will be worse, they are only getting popularity from the mistakes of the Prime Minister and then the Labour Party looks like a more sound choice in the next elections when in reality they wont be, +Ed Miliband is a absolute fool with no real substance and definitely does not have an idea about how to run a Country, Ed Balls is well his name says it all and do we really need another Gordon Brown cabinet in power? No we don't, just stick to the Tory Party because at some point someone with substance will come out of that Party and my bet is on William Hague, he seems like he would do better in the head seat, he is more driven, determined and he isn't afraid to voice his opinion and he must be good if Cameron nearly had a heart attack when Hague threatened to resign. If Cameron doesn't improve then vote Hague all the way
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