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Watch our latest Party Political Broadcast, an appeal to help those affected by the devastating drought in East Africa.
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Half the video before you get to the message? Clearly MPs being silly is as equally important as starving people...
Incredibly bad taste. Using the drought in Africa to score political points.
I wish i could donate a little to Your cause David. However after paying Income TAX, National insurance TAX, Value added TAX, Council TAX, Television TAX, Car TAX, Fuel TAX, and all the other TAXES that your government takes from me there is simply nothing left. Nothing, Zero. Zilch.
There was such a dramatic change in this video!
And +Richard Langford , I'm sure you wouldn't like the UK where people didn't pay taxes, think how ugly everything would be. Also, compared to other countries we don't pay that much tax. The nations who are the "happiest" in surveys are usually the ones that pay the most tax.
The problem with some of the people voting is that people who don't study into who to vote for go for the people pledging to lower taxes. So many people don't see the advantage of sacrificing a little bit more
Just saying ;)
You could have got the message across far more succinctly and at a fraction of the production cost. Would love to know the true cost of that film versus the total donated by the MP's appearing in it
Ian Cox
How about we deal with the situations at home first, after all you are the "BRITISH GOVERNMENT"!! Just a thought from a tax payer?!?
I am grateful that our government sees the bigger global picture. Even when we are 'poor' we are far richer than those who are really poor. My only real desire would be that the aid we send goes to the actual people who need it; please do all you can to eradicate lining the pockets of corrupt regimes in these affected areas.
charging people for tribunals is a shocking idea. It'll just drive people into the clutches of the unions.
Over the last 3 decades, how many billions have been spent in East Africa? What exactly has changed? Still vastly more people than the land can support.
Although it is charity, there should still be a review of ROI. There are many good causes in the world that can be supported and those where the money will go the furthest should be prioritised.
Sending food is a band aid for a bullet wound.
Do you suppose it might be time for an review & eradication of Exponentially Exploitive mechanisms in Commerce & Politics? Weed out the NarcoticsTerrorist Code/Signals/Lingo & conversation from Public Life & Public Service? (Money for people/ Status & Service?)
#NHS #MentalHealth #EarthSelfSustainingABUNDANCE_Plausible
+John Pointon At the time of the Section 28 vote, I wrote to the Conservatives in disgust and got a reply. Apparently, Labour tied a lot of objectionable measures to the repeal of Section 28 to 'force' the Conservatives to either vote against the repeal, or accept legislation they did not want. This is a classic tactic in law; look up the bill. Also, Edwina Curry proposed equalising the age of consent in 94, but MPs such as David Blunkett voted against.

However, I'd also say that describing anyone's vote as "treachery" is stunningly offensive. All major parties have done things we'd find abhorrent today. And the most popular Tory blogger ever is in a civil partnership.
What an excellent use of a political broadcast. The east Africa drought is a natural disaster made worse by humans insisting on fighting each other. This is the kind of issue our governments need to be addressing although their ability to influence things on the ground is limited, this does not mean that they should not be trying.
I disagree. This is something the African Union should be taking the lead in. The UK has enough problems as does the EU.

If Africa wants to be taken seriously as an entity, it needs to be seen to be taking the lead in addressing events that occur within Africa.
Trying to distract attention from what is happening by using a PPB as a charity appeal? Jeez things go from bad to worse!
A RESPONSIVE Government isn't an Populist Government.
UKGB PM's have had an habit of using the news media to try to make people feel better. The same comments appear no matter who is in "power". It isn't the fault of any party, simply change processes of communication & engaging the public. Google+ is a start - Responsive Government can begin any time.
In response to Richard and David above, Great Britain doing what it can to help in a situation where many thousands are in danger of dying from drought and starvation absolutely does not stop the African Union taking the lead. We in this country are responsible to do what we can, we do not control and are not responsible for what the African Union decides to do that is up to them.

I fail to see that famine in Africa has any direct relevance one way or another to our serious problems here, charity may begin at home but it must NEVER end there!
Hi David, I'm not sure what I wrote that anyone could possibly disagree with.
Instead of aid, why not build a desalination plant and provide water
Simply support Native Indigenous Businesses... Hire Native Indigenous Board of Directors, consultants & contractors, etc.
do u really want to Help ? do u really care? hummmmm
Yes, we always helped and we do really care too.
We did appeal and we must need to find solutions so that such thing should not happen again. We should be creating self sustainability for East African Region.
I think we are already giving enough of the taxpayers money away to other countries. In the midst of the deepest recession in living memory OUR money should be spent on OUR hospitals, police, schools etc etc . Charity begins at home David. When we are out of this disasterous situation, then we can start thinking about sending aid to other countriers
Giving money away to other countries is always in British Interest.
There is always a drought or a famine in Africa and we have been sending money , food , clothes , medicine , equipment and anything else they have been begging for since I was a child back in the seventies. The problem is the people themselves rarely get the aid as its intercepted by the despots that rule over them and live in Luxury. My question To our Prime minister and the others on this video with their pretend concern is HOW MUCH OF YOUR PERSONAL WEALTH HAVE YOU GIVEN ? you know David the millions of the gambled money won by your father in the stock markets. We have a saying where Im from . "Put YOUR money where your mouth is"
Daniel, if we will talk in this manner, we will never reach to any result oriented talk. I am sure, people do donate but do not like to mention. Yes, there is curruption in African countries but some are doing very well. We always hope for the best to help those who need it.

Dr. Muhammad Naeem ul Fateh
Hi Naseem, If there is one think politicians like doing is telling everyone how gtreat they are. The result in Africa is exactly the same as it was in the 70s . omeone close to me was a fundraiser in Save the Children . The big donators gave but only if their was something in it for them , tax duductible or business opportunity. The only truly altruistic Givers are the public who themselves are struggling to pay
Daniel, I emphatically agree with you and suport your comments, yes public in large is biggest giver.

As I said the public are struggling to put food on tables, pay bills and keep homes warm. Problems caused by Bankers and present and previous governments. These banks are tje ones that should be giving but won't and until they are held to account for mismanagement these problems will continue. I have close friends from Somalia who while while problems there witness first hand the curruption with regards to aid. 1hile cameras are there aid is given freely but once western monitoring went the aid would dissappear and go to the army not the people. 
Overall, then we are talking like protest against wall street. Bank and large corporation etc.

I agree.

But still Government can bring legislation to reform in financial sector as well as to create the Britain as the hub of The Enterprise World.

Affectionate regards,
Naeem ul Fateh
Trouble is Naeem while Dave is in number 10 or even any of the 3 main parties, nothing will ever be done with the abuses by the banks and other financial institutions that have bankrupted the world. The reason being that Davids wealth comes from some of those institutions and many of his party members no doubt hold directorships or have large financial portfolio's with them. What would be better than protests ? well protests and E-petitions mean nothing to Mr Cameron. I think a class action by the British Public against the banks and the Labour party. Hopefully the judiciary would do their Job but I doubt that very much as they would also look after the wealthy. I believe the only answer is armed insurrection like we have seen recently in Libya. Thankfully for the Likes of Dave though your average Brit is a coward who is only interested in football and going on facebook. We have no potential Wat Tylers in this country any more our education system has produced for the last 15 years or so has only managed to produced semi literate idiots who know nothing but the propaganda the labour party has filled their tiny minds with. I will add more later .
Why British Public is not protesting. Protest can change anything. If it were labour, they could have done the same thing. I personally observed while studying in United Kingdom saw how from Council member to MP's are elected. They work for local areas and their backgrounds. Council members who are like Basic Democratic Initiative taker the most illetrate and they dont do more then the attesting or varifying the residencial addresses. Many of them are not even electable but its amazing when they get vote. How influence works. I think, people not only in UK but in many countries of the world they just become slave to institutions.

But still that is not way to forward. I like David idea of the bigger society etc and reforms. At the end, its public in large who can change anything.

Regarding Education, I agree with you.

Thanks again for writing in detail, wrting you from the mountains of kashmir and its iPAD if I made spell mistake. Apologise

Affectionate regards,
Muhammad Naeem ul Fateh
Hi Muhammad, Mountains of Kashmir beautiful. The main issue for me is that we are not in a true democracy. For instance, apparently there where at least 100 pro referendum MP's in the conservative party however before the vote they were coerced or more likely threatened into voting with Cameron who lets be honest is Tony Blair with a blue tie and has zero intention of giving his bosses the referendum we want. This vote exposed those politicians as having no integrity except to their own positions. Cameron and his mates like Blair and Brown want democracy in places like Iraq, Egypt and Libya and help and arm those opponents to take back their countries from dictatorships but deny their own citizens those same rights to take back our land from the EU dictatorship. The fact is and this comment is not an attack on Islam, those countries like Libya will become theocracies under Islamic control and not democracies. The fact that Cameron continues to ignore his own MP's and more importantly We the people shows that he has no integrity.
Hi Daniel, Yes, true democracy will take place only when people of those countries will take initiative. Sometime people do not have choice too. Prime Minister can not ignore MP's if they really play effective role. I am sure, you written lines will be read by the people and Press Secretary or Information Department of Govt. They should be knowing it either they are ignored or not.

At the end, its public openion that what they want.

Regarding integrity, I think, his BIGGER SOCIETY concept is excellent. I think, that shows, he want integral society looking after each other. I mean social cohesion and society integrity.

Naeem ul Fateh, PhD
Injecting more and more money to rescue bank will never bring stability. In few years times this will come back again on the saame spot where they are right now for struggling.
Money will never end the stagnation.

Muhammad Naeem ul Fatehh
It is people incompetency so people starvation is there. One who is born must have to die that is the law of nature.
Consider if one billion are starving, thenwhat 6 billion people are doing for them.

Muhammad Naeem ul Fateh
السيد / David Cameron نتقدم اليكم بالشكر لما تضمنة قرار مجلس الامن رقم 2014 بشان اليمن كما نرجو من سياتدكم التكرم بالنظر الي معانات الشعب اليمني بسبب الارهابيين الذين يريدون الوصول الي الحكم علي دماء ابناء الشعب فقد تظررنا كثيراً من اعتصاماتهم الدموية ومن الجرائم التي يرتكبونها يومياً بحق الدولة وبحق الشعب من تخريب للبنية التحتية وتفجير انابيب النفط وتفجير ابراج الكهرباء نطالب من المجتمع الدولي وعلي رائسهم بريطانيا ان تضع حد للجماعات الارهابية التي هي اساس في اقلاق الامن في العالم ومن جرائمهم حادث 11/9 برج التجارة
mr/ David Cameron

n the view of the politics circumstances which Yemen is passing through these days between the government and the opposition and the reflection of that in different sides. So we are as people of damaged areas of the sit-in, splitter forces, gangs followed to politics organizations who are using our houses and its habitants as humaneness armored for them. We got harm as well from those sit-in and armed clashes which caught our houses, stores, governmental foundations, ministries, universities, schools, hospitals and medical centers in our area. We've offered many materialism and psychological losses from those aspects about the constitutionality legality. We are the people of the damaged areas of the sit-in request from the international community the following:-


Demands of security aspects:- - Provide safety, settlement and society quietness.
- Pick up searching points and roadblocks.
- Cease-fire and armed opponent in streets and residential areas which due from it casualties among civil citizens and pull down their houses and their personal belongings and cause fear and panic among people. Their necessity of emigration from their houses scaring of their families and their kids lives.
- Stop occupied the public foundations, special institutions, citizen houses and ascend them to do shooting and free killing.
- Give back the status of the country and deter every one wants to touch citizens rights and freedoms and punish with fair and deterrent payment. Put a limit for the absence of the country which is happening now which encourage some to do misdemeanors crimes and offensives on others without a watcher.


Demands of education aspect:- - Allow students of schools and universities to study and get different knowledge considering that a right ensured for them in different legislations and laws, and it's forbidden to disqualify them from it anyway.
- Stop breaking into schools and universities trying to change them to militarism barracks and drop out the militarism forces from them and enabled them to do their teaching and educational function which is constricted because.
- Don't carry out pressures on students who want to study and threat them with different ways to make them stop going on their studies.


Demands of social aspect:-

Open streets and roads which are closed and which are put in roadblocks and changed them to closed areas, which double the suffering of citizens in their commercial and economic activities and getting their daily and humaneness needs and let them live in peace and get safety, quietness and tranquility back for these areas, streets and roads which are considered a public right for all. A lot are disqualified without any right aspect from it under strength and armed threats.
- Stop kidnapping innocents and safe citizen people in streets, roads and public areas and committing them into armed groups and Sheikhs' prisons, and subjecting them to investigation in given guilts and treating them with violence, hardness and inhuman ways and use torturing with them too.
- The quick troubleshooting to deliver the citizen whom the private and the illegal prisons are full with of the armed groups and Sheikhs and get the citizens respect back whom were kidnapped from the public areas and streets and present those who kidnapped them and got them into their prisons and treated them inhumanity for judgement and in flexion the legal and fair payment.
- Remove the roadblocks, armed aspects and searching points. Stop armed facing and its results of killing and hurting the safe citizens and innocents. Human and material damages in public and private properties. Transmit fear and panic among women, kids and aged people and force them to emigrate from their houses and live in so hard circumstances. Quick restorate the normal civilian life to all streets, areas, roads and rounds and pull armed forces and ordnances out of cities and get them back to their positions.
- Respond the calls of nations and parliament decisions to solve this crisis by discussion and peaceful ways. Avoid country and people of politics conflict woes and what was rose and rising from these armed facing, the innocents and kids, sons of this country whom were went as victims. Damage the country economic and constituents and made it on a brink to be Somalia but Allah's kindness is above all.
I agree with helping out the people devestated by the drought, but what about the unemployment rate !!
I can hardly afford to feed myself let alone anyone else
david old chap, i hope your sticking to your 2014 promise on the middle east i dont like being busy
Every six minutes a British Politician Knifes you, the Englishman, in the back. They are scum and traitors of the highest order, they have betrayed England to the EU and flooded the land with foreigners.
Yes. Africa is poor. A lot of it is due to the EU dumping it's products in their markets. What's Dave doing about that ?
They don't need aid, they need free markets and less crooks. What's Dave doing about that ?
Adrian I have never heard so much rubbish. I am not going to comment further.

I find it interesting to hear people talk about all that is wrong with government , yet they do nothing to address it. We have a democratic system that mean anyone within reason can get involved in politics. But few do, there are problems with our system it is not perfect. People then stop voting and say "they are all as bad as each other." Not voting has no effect if anything it makes things worse. If everyone who could vote did vote andnot just for the three main parties it would make the big three have to work for the votes. The majority of people don't vote yet they complain. If that majority voted they could change things they choose not to. So those that complain and do not vote are the problem.

The next point is people always blame others. The bankers get the blame and they hold some of the blame, but let us not forget who borrowed all the money and said no more boom and bust. The Labour government, they weren't alone most countries did. I have a young child who knows that if you borrow dome hing you will one day have to pay it back possible with interest. The Labour government were stupid if they thought they could borrow more and more and the interest rates would always stay low.

The other people who borrowed to much from the banks was the public. People should brace up and accept their part of responsibility in all this. The banks, the labour government and the general public.

People who are in high positions get bonuses and high levels of pay. Some are now saying it is not fait. Why not? They have got the job they do it and if the get profits ot hit targets they get rewarded. These are part of our economy if people dont like it they should ask why they dont and what they would do if they got a job which rewarded them for being successful.

The economy is in a mess and it is going to hurt sorting it out. When the Euro collapses and one ir more countries will bring it down we will have big problems and we are likely to hurt more than we are now. The conservative coalition is trying to get the European leaders to do all they can and make life easier for everyone in the UK. We need to all stand together instead of pointing fingers and accept redpondibility. Strikes will do nothing but damage our economy more.

It is time to dtand tall and show the world that although thingd are bad we are united. We have been Great Britain in the past, we still are Great Britain and we will be great Britain in the future. We are great and should be proud of it rather than being seen as a group of wingers who just want to point their finger and blame others.
It would be good to have David Cameron post here more often both about politics and about himself. Show his human side.
I agree that they need help but I am not going to give money to feed those who shoot at those who try to help them!
Ian Booth
We give to much Aid to Africa especially Zimbabwe to help Mugabe thugs. Also Somalia whose pirates blackmail us.
As an American, all I can say is that most of us here in the States trust our current "elected" officials about as far as we can throw them.
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I suppose sharing views that are to one extreme or another make for a more interesting read but where is the sense of balance? Politics isn't like footbal teams; just because you support conservative, you shouldn't hate the red and yellow no matter what... but this is what we see in the commons and what I am reading here.
Please come closer to home... This little girl needs desperate life saving treatment in America to save her life....

Family in desperate race to raise £500,000 daughter suffering rare form of cancer - The Daily Record
A MUM and dad have told of their heartache after their daughter’s cancer returned – and their shock that she can’t get the treatment she needs in the UK.
Fair do's, this is a clever piece of political campaigning, and portrays a side to the Conservatives which probably doesn't really exist in a significant measure. However, if it raises money for such an important and urgent cause, then I'm all for it.
i totally agree prime minister - no joke its really sad about all the people whilst we have so much.
Do you think the country is in danger of collapse?
jamie d
the nhs is for shaw if u dont get stuck in and sort it out :((
Err How about the devastating effect on the citizens of london, birmingham & manchester When all those rioteers smashed up a citizens house or shop or business place & you want us to appeal for something which is out of the country???? please please please DONT PATRONISE US...... WE know what is going on next you will be saying taxes are going up because we need donate to poor countries around the world>???
you mr cameron are nothing but a corrupt official to the sytem you are a puppet the recession in which you alone brought us deeper in debt because of the benfits you have cut alogn with jobs in which you have cost the people if you want to do anything stop lfilling your own pocket with the tax payers money and open your eyes to the world you are devloping only the rich in your eyes hence the saying while the rich is getting richer the poor is getting poorer
Please, let me know, how can I get Mr. David Cameron speeches in written?
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its a great full manner to feel the presence of the UK . As a citizen of an ex- G.B.'s ex- colony . I am very pleasant to see this contribution even related to a humanitarian sentiments . What a prudish issues to appreciate and praise . England - on its political path - should resort to its glorious past ,
not as of many serious global issues , where attitudes are subjected to others . The milestone is a sound economic reforms which set politicians' hands free to restore and maintain England's own interests . England must script its own destiny .
+David Cameron, why are you looking to snoop on people's internet and phone activity? Are you a paedophile?
As someone who is to young to vote, at 14 years old, I'm easliy influenced by the people around me, and their political veiws. It seems to me, that that no-one likes politicians, because they never do what people want. If the government were to have someone who came from a poor, working class background, someone who has had to live off benefits, and over taxing and the recession, someone like me, who can empathise with the poor, then the right desicions would be made and people would start liking politicians again. What do you think, Mr.Cameron?
IN THE HON’BLE HIGH COURT OF JUDICATURE AT ALLAHABAD. Civil Misc. Writ PetitionNo. 36818 of 2004 (UnderArticle 226 of constitution of India) (District – Agra) 1. Institute of Rewriting Indian History Through its Founder President,P. N. Oak. S/O Late Shri Nagesh Krishna Oak, R/O - Plot No. 10, Goodwill Society, Aundh, Pune – 411007 2.P. N. Oak. S/O Late Shri Nagesh Krishna Oak, R/O - Plot No. 10, Goodwill Society, Aundh, Pune - 4110071. Founder President, Institute of Rewriting Indian History, Aundh,Pune - 4110071 ----------Petitioner VERSUS 1. Union of India throughSecretary,Human Resourcesand Development (HRD),Government ofIndia, New Delhi. 2. Secretary, Tourism andArcheological Department, Govt. of India, New Delhi 3. Director General, Archaeological Survey of India, Government of India, Janapath, New Delhi.----------Respondents To, The Hon’ble the Chief Justice andhis lordships other companion Judges of the aforesaid Court. The humble petition of theabovenamed petitioner MOST RESPECTFULLY SHOWETH AS UNDER; 1. That,no other writ petition has been filed or pending on the same controversyinvolved in the present writ petition before this Hon’ble Court, nor thepetitioner’s institution, namely, “Institute for Re-writing Indian (and World) History” has received any notice ofcaveat application so far in the present writ petition. The petitioner No.1 andpetitioner No.2 are same person, but they are impleaded in different capacity.2. Thatthis writ petition is moved to re-establish the truth and cultural heritage ofour Country. This writ petition is pertaining to the world marvel, one of theSeven Wonders of the World, namely, Taj Mahal, and other monuments authorshipattributed to Hindu Rulers, much prior to the period of Mugal Invaders. Theancient monuments and structure are part of our tradition and culture andevidence of glorious-marvelous architectural achievement and further to that itis a part of our heritage. Fraud upon history should not be perpetuated as lifeis evaluated in the perspective of history. For the sake of history ofheritage, these monuments should be identified, protected and preservedproperly in the right perspective with right historical records of creation andconstruction of truth and realities, which includes rectifying and/ orcorrecting the wrong records, notions, motivated dis-information and mis-information.3. That thiswrit petition is moved in the Public Interest, for a National Cause, to establishthe truth there is no private interest or any other oblique motive, or anyother personal gain. The petitioner institution, known as Institute forRe-writing Indian History, Thane, having registration no. F-1128 (T) is apublic trust. The founder president of the trust is Shri P.N. Oak S/o Late ShriNagesh Krishna Oak, R/o Plot no. 10, Goodwill Society, Aundh, Pune.411007, whohas written number of books namely 1. World Vedic Heritage, 2. The Tajmahal isa Temple Place, 3.Some Blunders of Indian Historical Research, 4. FlowersHowlers, 5. Learning Vedic Astrology, 6. Some Missing Chapters of WorldHistory, 7. Agra red Fort is a Hindu Building, 8.Great Britain was Hindu Land,9. The Taj Mahal is Tejomahalaya a Shiva Temple, 10.Who Says Akbar was Great, 11.Vedic Guide to Health, Beauty, Longevity and Rejuvenation, 12. Islamic Havoc inIndian History. 4. Thatthe petitioner No. 2 is the founder President of an Institution, namely, “Institute for Re-writing Indian (and World) History “. The aim and objective ofthat institution, which is a registered society having register no. F-1128 (T)as the public trust under the provision of Bombay Public Trust Act. Inter alia,is to re-discover the Indian history. The monumental places of historicalimportance in their real and true perspective having of the heritage of India.The true copy of memorandum of association of the aforesaid society / publictrust having fundamental objectives along with Income tax exemption certificateunder section 80-G (5) of I.T. Act, 1961 for period 1/4/2003 to 31/3/2006 arefiled herewith as marked as AnnexureNo.1 and 2 to the writ petition.5. That the founder-President ofPetitioner’s Institution namely Shri P. N. Oak is a National born Citizen ofIndia. He resides permanently at the address given in case title. Thepetitioner is a renowned author of 13 renowned books including the books,titled as, “ The Taj Mahal is a TemplePlace”. This petition is related to Taj Mahal, Fatehpur- Sikiri, Red-fort atAgra, Etamaudaula, Jama- Masjid at Agra and other so called other monuments.All his books are the result of his long-standing research and uniquerediscovery in the respective fields. The titles of his books speak well aboutthe contents of the subject. His Critical analysis, dispassionate, scientificapproach and reappraisal of facts and figures by using recognised tools used inthe field gave him distinction through out the world. The true copy of thetitle page of book namely “The Taj Mahal is a Temple Palace” . written by SriP. N. Oak, the author/ petitioner No. 2 is filed as Annexure –3to this writ petition.6. That the great “Kshatriyacommunity” pride to defend their faith and the culture of our country againstforeign invasions in converting the monuments by the foreign invaders requiresa sacrificial magnanimity and moral purity in the exposure of the truth to thepublic and thereby to safeguard their right of freedom of information couchedunder Article 19(1) (a) is the theme behind the writing this Article and thepresent Petition .The serene beauty, majesty and grandeur of the Taj Mahal, oneof the seventh wonders of the world and other monuments is still not so wellknown to the world regarding the true story of its origin. The magnificent palace,which was built earlier got converted into the Tomb .The changeover has proveda shroud deluding from lay visitors to the researchers and the great historianSri P.N. Oak, a co-worker of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose. The popular nostalgiaof legendary love to get the conversion of every Hindu Palace/Temple due tomythical attachment from fanatic raging fire converting dazzle of leapingflames and blinding smoke should be discouraged into a cool research regardingthe origin. This is required to check a different form of terrorism prevalentamongst the crusader of the death to the innocent victim on the psychologicallevel. Let us examine the scared truth about the origin of the monuments.Thetrue copy of the title cover of books namely “Some Missing Chapters of WorldHistory” and “Some Blunder Of Indian Historical Research” written by Sri P. N.Oak containing the Boigraphy sketch of identity of great author are filed as Annexure No. 4 and 57. That the said book, which is the ‘research paper’ of the author on the subject that the so-called “Taj Mahal “ is not a monument built by anInvader Emperor Shahajahan in memory of his late wife but a Hindu Shiva Templewhich was converted into a love-memorial by a Invader Emperor. The true copy ofthe book was first published in 1968, 2nd edition on 1969, 3rdedition in 1974 namly THE TAJ MAHAL IS TEJO-MAHALAYA : A SHIVA TEMPLE is filedherewith as Annexure No.6 andlarge 4th edition published in 1993 shall be produced is beingdirected by this Hon’ble Court. 8. That the afforesaid bookcontaning 35 pages –booklet lists scrially numbeded 118 points of evidence withmay be treated as the submission made before this Hon’ble Court for makingfollowing demands (I) The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) be ordered toremove forthwish its notices at the entrance to the Taj mahal in Agraattributting its creation to Shahjahan, since those notice in English, Hindiand Urdu are false and baseless and quate no authority.(II) Misuse of the left– flank building as a mosque be banned since the entire premises constitute apre-Shahjahan Tejomhalaya Shiv Temple complex. (III) Free entry on Fridays beordered to be discontinued since there being no geniune mosque in the premiseswhy should the Government lose a day’s revenue! (IV) If Free entry on Fridaysis not discontinued then Mondays should also be free-entey days because that isa day of special Shiv worship. (V) The Tejmahal, its two flanking buildings anda well being all seven-storyed they enclose over a thousand rooms which shouldall be thrown open to visitorssince they are charged an entrance free. (VI) TheA.S.I. be ordered to remove its locks from those storyed and also pull down thecrude unplastered walling-up by Shahjahan of staircases, ventillators anddoorways leading to those sealed rooms. (VII) The A.S.I. be directed to searchfor hidden histirical evidence such as inscriptions, divine idols etc. in thosesealed rooms and thick walls tampered with by Shahjahan. (VIII) The water inthe seven-storyed wall be pumped out to look for jettisoned valuable andinscription etc. at its bottom when Shahjahan’s Mogul troops swooped toconfiscate that temple palace complex and the bullion, gems, gold-pitcher, thegem-studded gold-railing and the Peacock Throne inside, owned by Raja Jaisinghof Jaipur. (IX) Beating of Nagaras (drums) at ausicious dawn and dusk hours beresumed as of yore in the two Nagarkhanas in the premises. (X) Since the Tajhas two cenotaphs each in the name of Shahjahan and Mumtaz in two storeyes atleast one each of those two pairs of cenotaphs must be fake since Muslims don’tcut their dead into two pieces to be buried under two cenotahs it is belived.Even the basement conotaphs could’s be genuine because they are two storeyedhigher than the Yamuna river bed ground level. Therefore the ASI be directed toinvestigate which of those cenotaphs if any are genuine or whether both arefakes or whether there are any more fake conotaphs upto the ground level ? (XI)The Koranic graft patched along the entrance arches be ordered to be removedsince those are illagel forged imposition to be Islamic lettering desecratingthe ancient sacred Shiv shrine. (XII) Extensive repairs to the hundreds ofsealed or locked rooms in the storeyes beneath and above the marble floor beordered to be undertaken immediately to prevent collapes of the Tajmahal frominternal weakness. (XIII) The A.S.I. should be directed to intestigate as towho stencilled the Arabic letter ‘Allah’ and some Englishmen’s names on themental pinnacle shift rooted in the dome, since no such names exits on the fullscale replica of the pinnacle shaft inlaid in the red stone courtyard on theeastern flank of the Tajmahal. (XIV) The Muslim attendants squatting by theside of the cenotaphs should be decommissioned and disbanded because thecenotaphs are fakes covering the ancient Shivlings. (XV) Since the toweringseven-storyed Tajmahal edifice must have been raised over an undergroundbasement the ASI should be directed to investigiate whether there is any suchhidden, buried basement as was the ancient Vedic practice.9. Thatin 1155- 1158 A.D.It is said that RajaParamdardi dav, a Jat Ruler on his behalf and on behalf of the MinisterSalakahan who constructed Tejoji Mahal which came in occupation Of Raja Man Singh and remain in possession of RajaJai Singh when It was tken for conversion to Taj Mahal, for the purposes ofshifting the remains of Arjumand Banu( Mumtaj )W/o Emperor Shahajahan Died Inbetween 1629-1632 and buried at Burhanpur and her body Exhumed after about 6months (as disclosed in Shahajan Badshahnama written by MullaAbdul Hameed lahori).10. That, it is said that in1629-1632 A.D. Arjumand Banu( Mumtaj )W/o Emperor Shahajahan Died in between and was buried at Burhanpur and her body may beExhumed after about 6 months.It is submitted that 1641-1668 probableperiod of the shroud deluding changeover of Hindu Palace/Temple asmughal Monument/ Graveyard. It is submmited that in 1652 A.D. Aurangazab Lettershowing his somsidern about need of elaborate repairs of Taj Mahal.. If Taj Mahal was constracted in 1641 to 1668, whyAuranjab sought for illobrate repair. It was nothing, except for changing theauthoriship of building as Mughal monument. In 1658 A.D. Emperor Shah jahandied. Their after his graveyard was also placed in Taj Mahal near the graveyardof Arjumand Banu( Mumtaj )W/o Emperor Shahajahan. It appear that koranic ingraving dragged for camouflaging Hindu building with Muslim Lattering as ahoary tredition, which is evidence Adhai- Din-Ka-opda at Ajmar which was a partof vigragharaj Vishandeo’s palace an also at kutabminar with a legerdemain ofIslamik carinngs on it.11. That in 1843 A.D., theGoverner General Lord Auckland with his lieutenant cunningham tempered entirehistorical data of the arcologicaly department by converning the authoriship of these Hindu palaces to Mughalmonument for adoptding the policy of “Divide and Rule”. A deep ConspiracyCommitted By Lieutenant Alexander Cunningham in 1842-1847.12. That in 1904 A.D., the provisons of The Ancient Monuments Preservation Act,1904,have further tempered the entire histrocial data of the arcologicalydepartment by converning the authoriship of these Hindu palaces/monuments toMughal monument for adoptding the policy of “Divide and Rule”13.
Ban Congress: The gang of terrorists!
Congress leader and a former minister Mr Mohamad Surti was recently convictedby the TADA court for his role in 1993 Gujarat bomb blasts. He has beensentenced for twenty years of imprisonment. Thus now when it is proved that theleaders of Congress party are involved in anti-national activities, it is timeto permanently ban this party by declaring it as a terrorist organization Justto advocate the cause of Muslims the Home Minister is making the capital ofBabri and Gujrat riots !

One should take lessons from Central agriculture Minister Mr Sharad Pawar andhis follower Mr R. R. Patil , home minister of Maharashtra regarding how to seta campaign for maligning someone.In fact the demand to ban Sanatan Prabhat ispart and parcel of their election campaign.That is exactly the reason why bothof them are interested in continuing the campaign further which was originallystarted by Muslims to defame such Hinduttvavadi organizations like SanatanPrabhat and Bajrang Dal in order to please the Muslims.Mr R. R. Patil who seemsto be advocate of the Muslims argues that because of Babri Masjid demolitionand Gujrat riots the Muslims were provoked to do bomb blasts.But such asstatement of his is based more on his ignorance about the history. ( It is ourluck that Mr Patil has not held Sanatan Prabhat and Sangha Pariwar responsiblefor the bomb blasts at America,England, Pakistan and Afganistan!)

It has been repeatedly proved that since the establishment of Islam the Muslimsare at loggerheads with Hindus.The history of Partition is full of Islamiccruelty and hence the ‘secular’ politicians did not mention about it in theHistory Text books of India.It is likely that Mr Patil is not aware of it. TheMuslims slaughtered Ten lakh Hindus during the time of Partition. They evenplayed the demoniacal game of slitting open the abdomen of pregnant women andtossing the foetus up in air and then cathing it on the tip of spear.The Hindusresiding at Pakistan and BaglaDesh became extinct. Mr Home Minister, whichBabri Masjid the Hindus had demolished then?Even prior to that in the pasttwelve hundred years 65000 Hindu temples were demolished, crores of Hindus notwilling to embrace Islam were killed and there is no account of how manythousand Rajput women committed Johar to escape from being raped.Mr Minister,were then the riots triggered by Hindus? Just think over it and tellus so thatlet this Maharashtra’s Holy soil of Saints come to know your true colour!

If Mr Patil feels that because of 1992 Babri Masjid demolition and 2002 Gujratriots has lead to increase of terrorism then it is intellectual blindness.Thatis because the terrorism is the problem of last 30 years.In the year 1989 theMuslims of Kashmir slaughtered 93000 Kashmiri Hindus and made 450000of themhomeless.For your attention The Babri masjid was well standing that time andneither there were Gujrat riots.Therefore it is requested that Mr Patil shouldstop supporting Muslims by making capital out of such things and should honourhis chair of Home Minister!
These are only speeches as inspite of being in power the lack of evidencediscourages them to put a ban!

‘ If there is ban on SIMI there should also be a ban on Bajarang Dal andSanatan Prabhat’. Some such misleading speeches are given by this duo of MrPawar and Mr Patil.Why misleading ? Because one of them is in Central Ministtrywhile the other one is in power at State level.If they had enough evidence theywould not have kept quire by this time. Infact they would have easily put a banand would be ready for a praise from the Muslims. However the fact is that thereis no such evidence which can lead to a ban on Bajarang Dal then how come theyare going to find them against Sanatan Prabhat?This appears to be cunning ployto soften the anti national attitude of fanatic Muslims by making speeches atthe least to gather the sympathy of Muslims.With the persecution of SanatanSanstha’s seekers, Congress’ pot of 100 crimes is full!

‘Hindus ! By persecuting and subjecting Sanatan Sanstha’s seekers tounnecessary interrogation in connection with the bomb blast which you neverdid, the heretic Congress and the anti-terrorism squad are only adding to theirheap of sins. So the Congress will be defeated at both the centre and statelevel in the ensuing elections. That will be followed by a grand enquiry of theCongress’ sins for the last 100 years in general and for the 61 years ofindependence in particular which has lead Bharat to the nadir of regression.When that happens, the Congressmen will feel like fleeing to Pakistan!’
‘Though the Congress is going to die its own death after completion of 100 sinsin the ensuing elections, convass against the Congress to root it out as a partof our duty towards Hindu Dharma, that is, your wilful actions!’‘The cases ofdefamation shall be filed against the Congress rulers and the police in theensuing Divine Kingdom for defaming the Sanatan Sanstha!’
IN THE HON’BLE HIGHCOURT OF JUDICATURE AT ALLAHABAD. Civil Misc. Writ Petition No. 36818 of 2004 (Under Article226 of constitution of India) (District –Agra) Institute of Rewriting Indian HistoryThrough its Founder President, P. N. Oak. S/O Late Shri NageshKrishna Oak, R/O - Plot No. 10, Goodwill Society, Aundh, Pune – 411007 and another VERSUS Union of India through Secretary,HumanResources and Development (HRD.),Governmentof India, New Delhi. And others …………...Respondents1. 2. Thatthe petitioners has no other efficacious remedy , expect to file the presentWrit Petition on the following and other grounds:- GroundsA. Because truth will not make us rich, but it willcertainly make us free. The wrong historical data leads to the horror, as wehave seen during the period of demolition of the Babri Masjid. There has beennumber of concomitant given by the respective community representing to thefollower of two prominent religions, but the loss that we have suffered in theshape of hatred between the two section of the society, cannot be compensatedwithout revealing the truth. Unfortunately, the term Hindu communalism is moreexaggerated by the fanaticism under the garb of secularism, while the Hinducommunity as a whole has always been receptive to all the religion.B. Because Article 25 of the constitution in Indiasecures to every person, subject of course to public order, health and moralityand other provisions of Part III, including Article 17 freedom to entertain andexhibit outward acts as well as propagate and disseminate such religious beliefaccording to his judgement and conscience for edification of others. The rightof the State to impose such restrictions as are desired or found necessary ongrounds of public order, health, and morality is inbuilt in Arts. 25 and 26itself. Article 25(2)(b) ensures the right of the State to make a law providingfor social welfare and reforms besides throwing open of Hindu religiousinstitutions of a public character to classes and sections of Hindus and anysuch rights of State or of the communities or classes of the society were alsoconsidered to need due regulation in the process of harmonizing the variousrights.C. Because every citizen of India is fundamentallyobligated to develop a scientific temper and humanism .He is fundamentally dutybound to strive towards excellence, in all sphere of individual and collectiveactivity, so that the nation constantly rises to the higher level of endeavorand achievements. Everyone, whether individually or collectively isunquestionably under the supremacy of law. However it is true that exaggerateddevotion to the rule of benefit must not nurture fanciful doubts or lingeringsuspicion and thereby destroy social defense, as the curiosity cannot be thesubject matter of fair criticism. Thus the conclusion derived that on one hand,every citizen is having the freedom of speech and expression so far as they donot contravene the statutory limits and may prevail in the atmosphere with outany hindrance.D. Because public education is essential forfunctioning of the process of popular government and to assist the discovery oftruth and strengthening the capacity of individual in participating in decisionmaking process .The decision making process include the right to know also andpushing the protection beyond the primary level betrays the bigwigs desire tokeep the crippled more crippled forever. The education of spritualism is thefoundation for value based survival of human being in a civilized society. Theforce and section behind civilized society depend upon moral value; and themorality cannot be cultivated through the falsehood of ideological barrier.Thus the children may not be required to read such facts, which are having thefoundation of falsehood.E. Because in Bijoe Emmanuel vs State ofKerala (1986) 3 SCC 615, the questionraised in the aforesaid case, as to whether three children who were faithful to“Jehovah’s witnesses” may refuse to sing our national anthem or salute thenational flag of our country despite being the student in the school, whereduring morning assembly, the national anthem is sung by other children. Thecircular issued by the Director of Public Instruction, Kerala providedobligation of school children to sing the National Anthem. Thus these childrenwere expelled. The Hon’ble Supreme court while setting aside the aforesaidorder of expulsion of the children from the school was pleased to examine, asto whether the children faithful to “Jehovah’s witnesses”, a worldwide sect ofChristianity may be compelled against tenets of their religious faith dulyrecognized and well established all over the world which was upheld by thehighest court in United States of America, Australia and Canada and findrecognition in Encyclopedia Britannica. It was held that the appellants trulyand conscientiously believed that their religion does not permit them to joinany rituals except it them in their prayers to Jehovah, their God. Though theirreligious beliefs may appear strange, the sincerity of their beliefs is beyondquestion. They do not hold their beliefs idly and their conduct is not theoutcome of any perversity. The appellants have not asserted the beliefs for thefirst time or out of any unpatriotic sentiments. Their objection to sing is notjust against the National Anthem of India. They have refused to sing otherNational Anthems elsewhere. They are law abiding and well-behaved children, whodo stand respectfully and would continue to do so, when National Anthem issung. Their refusal, while so standing to join in the singing of the NationalAnthem is neither disrespectful of it, nor inconsistent with the FundamentalDuty under Article 51 A (a). Hence no action should have been taken againstthem.F. Because the concept of sovereignty was presentfrom the ancient time but the sovereignty was conferred upon an individual whois suppress the wicked and is recognized as great resources in itself like thegod of fire, air, sun, moon and religion. The religion in the ancient time wasconsidered as spiritualism and it was not dependent upon any ritual ceremony,but it was considered s the knowledge in the darkness of ignorance andinjustice. The sovereignty was supposed to promote the cause of the religion,wealth and enjoyment of life and those, who were voluptuous, malicious, mean,and low-minded, were ruined by the retributive justice.G. Because the apex court held in RamSharanAutyanuprasi’s case 1989 (Supp.) (1) SCC 251/AIR 1989 S.C 549 , that men’s lifeis inclusive of his tradition , culture and heritage and protection of thatheritage in its full measure would certainly come within the encompass of anexpanded concept of Article 21 of the ConstitutionH. Because the mankind must be satisfied with thereasonableness within reach and the decision-making process may belong to theknowledge of the law. Thus the reasonableness and the rationality, legality, aswell as philosophically, provide colour to the meaning of fundamental right.The concept of equality is not doctrinaire approach. It is a binding threat, whichruns through the entire constitutional text thus the affirmative action may beconstitutionally valid and the same cannot ignore the constitutional morality,which embraces in-itself the doctrine of inequality. It would beconstitutionally immoral to perpetuate inequality among majority .Theconstitution is required to kept young energetic and alive. The attempt beendure to expand the ambit of fundamental right. It is said that the dignity ofthe ocean lies not in its fury capable of causing destruction, but in its vastextent and depth with enormous tolerance. Thus the wider the power, the higherthe need of caution and care while exercising the power.I. Because the Student/children, the futurecitizens under taking the education of Indian History on the misconception/pattern of Anglo Saxon teaching meant for division of Indian society on thepolicy of “Divide and Rule”. There is a important question posed as to whetherwe have actually gain our independence or we have to under take another journeyfull of animosity, aggressism on account of terrorism and fanatic ideology aprevalent throughout the World of a particular religion.J. Because this writ petition is moved in thePublic Interest, for a National Cause, to establish the truth there is noprivate interest or any other oblique motive, or any other personal gain. Thepetitioner institution, known as Institute for Re-writing Indian History,Thane, having registration no.F-1128 (T) is a public trust. The founderpresident of the trust is Shri P.N. Oak S/o Late Shri Nagesh Krishna Oak, R/o-Plot no. 10, Goodwill Society, Aundh, Pune.411007, who has written number ofbooks namely 1. World Vedic Heritage, 2. The Tajmahal is a Temple Place, 3.SomeBlunders of Indian Historical Research, 4. Flowers Howlers, 5. Learning VedicAstrology, 6. Some Missing Chapters of World History, 7. Agra red Fort is aHindu Building, 8.Great Britain was Hindu Land, 9. The Taj Mahal isTejomahalaya a Shiva Temple, 10.Who Says Akbar was Great, 11. Vedic Guide toHealth, Beauty, Longevity and Rejuvenation, 12. Islamic Havoc in IndianHistory.K. Because the petitioner No. 2 is the founderPresident of an Institution, namely, “ Institute for Re-writing Indian (andWorld) History “. The aim and objective of that institution, which is a registeredsociety having register no. F-1128 (T) as the public trust under the provisionof Bombay Public Trust Act. Inter alia, is to re-discover the Indian history.The monumental places of historical importance in their real and trueperspective having of the heritage of India.L. Because the‘ research paper’ of the author on the subject that the so-called “Taj Mahal “ is not a monument built by anInvader Emperor in memory of his late wife but a Hindu Shiva Temple which wasconverted into a love-memorial by a Invader Emperor.M. Because the freedom of speech and expression isbasic to indivisible from a democratic polity .It includes right to impart andreceive information. Restriction to the said right could be only as provided inarticle 19(2). The old dictum let the people have the truth and the freedom todiscuss it and all will go well with the Government. It should prevail. Thetrue test for deciding the validity is whether it takes away or abridgesfundamental right of the citizens. If there were direct abridgement of thefundamental right of freedom of speech and expression, the law would beinvalid.N. the ambit and scope of “Right to Know “ isconferred fundamental right under Article 19 (1)(a),25 and26 read with Article49 and 51-A(f) (h) of the Constitution of India; read with the provision ofFreedom of Information Act, 2002 .The right to get information in democracy isrecognized all throughout and it is a natural right flowing from the concept ofdemocracy itself. Freedom of expression may be necessarily included in theright of information. There is no expression with out having an idea on thesubject, regarding which the expression of an individual may be given effect tochange the existing values of ideology, which are based on the notable extractsof certain facts. An enlightening informed citizen would undoubtedly enhancedemocratic values.O. Because the GovernorGeneral, Lord Auckland, and young lieutenant Alexander Cunningham conceivedindigenous scheme of misusing the archaeological studies. This young Cunnigham,an army engineer had no training in the archaeological department, he wrote alengthy letter dated September 15, 1842 suggesting archeological exploration inIndia. This letter is reproduced on page no 246 Volume 7 journal of Royal AsiaticSociety, London, and 1843 A.D. It discloses that the purpose of archeologicalexploration in India is neither the study; nor preservation of historicalmonuments, but to use archeology as the imperial tool to create mutualdissension and resentment between Buddhists, Jains and other Hindu withInvaders by falsely crediting all monuments to the authorship to alien invaderswhile few may be labeled as that of being constructed by Buddhist or Jain, butnot by Hindus.P. Because ithas been disclosed during the High level Committee Meeting at Paris during theconvention of United Nation Education Science and Cultural Organisation(UNESCO) that near Anoop Talab (Pond), there has been the ancient palatialbuilding and the ancient cultural activities remain in existance prior to theperiod of invasion by the Mughal invaders. The historian have related them backto the existence of all such palatial building during the period of Sikarwar,Rajput, which find support by the research were conducted Prof. Ram Nathan historianof Rajasthan University, Jaipur and also by Dr. Pratima Asthana, Ex ViceChancellor of Gorakhpur University.Q. Because one great tragedy of Indian history hasbeen that while Indians remained subdued and gagged under alien domination forover a millenium foreigners, who wielded all power in India played great havocwith Indian history merrily destroying or distorting it at their sweetwilleither out of sheer cunning and cussedness or through their colossal ignoranceand wanton barbarism.R. Because that life includes all the meaning givento a man’s life including his tradition, culture and hertiage and protection ofthat heritage in its full measure squarely comes within the encompass of theextended concept of Article 21 of the Constitution of India.S. Because that the Taj Mahal, is a mark of historyof hertiage and the glorious achievement of Indian Art and Archaeology, and hasto be named and recognised in its true perspective and origin as a monument ofworld important must not be allowed to be the victim subject of an “Historicalfraud” as an infringement of Indian tradition and heritage if the said monumentis wrongly and falsely indentifing and reconized as a mausoleum giving a go byeto its origin and actual creation as a Palace/Temple in redemption of fact andrestoration of history.T. Because the history of one’s heritage has to berewritten to give a true and correct account of the facts and figures,achievements and failures, conquest end the the Taj Mahal was notbuilt by the fifth generation Mugal emperor, namely, Shahjahan which isevidently proved.PRAYERIt is, therefore, MOSTRESPECTFULLY, prayed that this Hon’ble Court May graciously be pleasedto1. Issue a Writ,order, direction in the nature of mandamus by appointing a facts finding committeefor exposing the falsehood of the Arceaological department regarding thehistorical blunder committed by them in respect of their purported claim set-upin declaring Taj-Mahal, Red- fort Agra, Fatahpur –Sikiri and other ancientHindu buildings/ monuments as Muslim monuments and restrain them fromdisplaying the authorship of these buildings as constructed by Sahajahan or byany mughal Invaders as truth may be disclosed to the public/citizens andStudents in Subject of History regarding their true authorship prior to Mughalperiod in furtherance of theirfundamental rights conferred to the Citizens under Article 19 (1) (a), 25 and26 read with49 and 51-A(f) (h) of Constitution of India and Freedom OfInformation Act, 2002.2. Issue a writ,order, direction in the nature of mandamus declaring the provisions of TheAncient And Historical Monuments And Archaeological Sites And Remains(Declaration Of National Importance) Act, 1951 to the extend of declaring theancient and historical monuments and other and Archaeological Sites namely TajMahal. Fatehpur-sikiri, Agra Red Ford , Ethmadualla and other Monuments asbuilt by Mugal invaders on the basis of report submitted by Then GovernorGeneral, Lord Auckland, and young lieutenant Alexander Cunningham conceivedindigenous scheme of “Divide and Rule” and thereby misusing the archaeological studies, as ultravires toArticle 19 (1) (a), 25,26 49 And 51-A (f) (h)constitution of India and thisHon’ble Court may futher declare theprovision of Ancient and HistoricalMonuments and Archaeological Sites and Remains (Declaration of NationalImportance) Act, 1951 (71 of 1951), The Ancient Monuments And ArchaeologicalSites And Remains Act, 1958 of declaringthese ancient building/ monuments preserved with such false identity with outany scientific inquiry/ investigation as purported Muslim monuments /graveyards as unconstitutional and void.3. Issue a writ,order, direction in the nature of mandamus on the basis of the ResearchConducted by the petitioner No.2 as published in the different books writtenby him as referred in earlier paragraphs namely 1. World Vedic Heritage, 2. TheTajmahal is a Temple Place, 3.Some Blunders of Indian Historical Research, 4.Flowers Howlers, 5. Learning Vedic Astrology, 6. Some Missing Chapters of WorldHistory, 7. Agra red Fort is a Hindu Building, 8.Great Britain was Hindu Land,9. The Taj Mahal is Tejomahalaya a Shiva Temple, 10.Who Says Akbar was Great,11. Vedic Guide to Health, Beauty, Longevity and Rejuvenation, 12. Islamic Havocin Indian History Published by-HINDI SAHITYA SADAN 2, B. D. Chambers, 10/54 D.B. Gupta Road, Karol Bagh, New Delhi-110005, the truth may be exposed throughScientific inventions and temperaments to the Citizen/ Students of history byconducting the research/ excavations of the remains of Hindu monuments by theCentral Government surroundings to all such Hindu Palace/ temple and otherancient archaeological building/ Monuments as the incidents like demolition ofdisputed structure at Ayodhya may not be repeated resulting in mass destructionof the public property shacking of public confidence under Rule Of Law in thesociety.4. Issue awrit, order, directions in the nature of mandamus directing the respondentauthorities after due Scientific investigation and facts finding inquiryreport, the respondents in particular the Archaeological Survey of India mayDeclare and Notify in terms of the true history, as the Taj Mahal was not builtby Shahajahan and thereby directing the Archaeological Survey of India toremove the notices displayed by them in the Taj Mahal premises creditingShahjahan as its creator and to futherdesist from writing / publishing / proclaiming / propagating and teaching aboutShahjahan being the author of Taj Mahal and stop and discontinue the free entryin Taj Mahal premises on Fridays in theweek.5. Issue a writ, order, direction inthe nature of mandamus directing the respondent authorities in particularArchaeological Survey of India 1)-to open the locks of upper and lower portionsof the 4 storeyed building of Taj Mahal having numbers of rooms, 2)-to removeall bricked up walls build later blocking such rooms therein, 3)-to investigatescientifically and certify that which ofthose or both cenotaphs are fake,4)-to look for a subterrance storey below theriver bank ground level, 5)-to look into after removing the room-entrancedirectly beneath the basement cenotaph-chamber.6) by removing the brick andlime barricade flocking the doorway, 7)-to look for important historicalevidence such as idols and inscriptions hidden inside there by the Shahjahan’s orders as truth may not make usrich but the same will make us free from superstitions and false propoganda ofsome of fundamentalists.6. Any other Writ , Order or Direction,Which this Hon’ble Court May deem fit in the circumstances of the case Dated-7th September,2004 YogeshKumar Saxena Advocate, High Court (Counsel for the Petitioner) Chamber No.139, High court, Allahabad
I 1993-1994 Rs.57083/- Rs.29,250/- II 1994-1995 Rs.63335/- Rs.31,800/-III 1995-1996 Rs.84859/- Rs 36,450/-IV 1996-1997 Rs1,02,350/- Rs.52,430/-V 1997-1998 Rs.1,18,443/- Rs.56,000/-VI 1998-1999 Rs.1,54,568/- Rs65,275/-VII 1999-2000 Rs.2,51,488/- Rs.99,347/-VIII 2000-2001 Rs.3,43,828/- Rs1,04,724/-IX 2001-2002 Rs.4,17,630/- Rs2,44,253/-X 2002-2003 Rs. 4,23,630/- Rs.2,47,096/-XI 2003-2004 Rs.5,41,867/- Rs.2,72,500/-XII 2004-2005 Rs.5,26,460/- Rs.2,96,530/-XIII 2005-2006 Rs. 5,12,620/- Rs.2,99,768/-XIV 2006-2007 Rs. 5,10,170/- Rs.2,86,121/-XV 2007-2008 Rs. 5,60,993/- Rs.2,72,598/-XVI 2008-2009 Rs. 4,48,225/- Rs. 2,73,639/-XVII 2009-2010 Rs. 4,56,370/- Rs2,73,152/-XVIII2010-2011 Rs. 4,17,250/- Rs 2,03,152/-XIX2011-2012 Rs. 4,13,750/- Rs 1,93,152/-XX2012-2013 Rs. 4,32,650/- Rs 1,93,152/-
6. PERMANENTACCOUNT NUMBER (INCOME TAX)- AGFPS6357M7. ADDRESS - H.I.G.203, PREETAMNAGAR, SULEM- . SARAI HOUSING SCHEME,ALLAHABAD. E-mail Address-, TELEPHONE No. 2637720 ( R ),2436451/94152848439. HIGH COURT’S CHAMBER No.- 139 New Building. Phone. No.420518 Advocate’s Association10.PASSPORTNo.A1143266ISSUEDON18.10.1996.
Wife’s Passport No. A 1805460 ISSUED ON 04.03.1997. 11 ACADEMIC QUALIFICATIONS-
Examination Year Name of Institution 1. HIGH SCHOOL 1966 M.D. Jain Inter College, Agra.2. INTERMEDIATE 1968 Hubb Lal Inter College, Agra.3. B.Sc. 1970 Agra College, Agra
4. L.L.B.(3 yrs.course)1973 Agra College,Agra.12PROFESSIONAL PERFORMANCE - Legal practice in civil ,criminal&consolidation courts and in original jurisdiction. .
Practice in original Jurisdiction of Writ jurisdiction (civil &cri.)special appeals, Testamentary cases , Company matter. Appellate & Revision jurisdiction in Civil ,CriminalJurisdiction. Appointed Amicus curie in cases by Hon’ble Courts .
Conducted arguments in Jail Appeals andgot the appreciation of
Div. Bench and also conductedarguments in Death Sentence
Conducted arguments in important legalquestion
Conducted arguments in Fair Price Shopsmatter
Conducted arguments in H.J.S.recruitment matter. Social Action Litigation pertaining to the cause of the Environment (water pollution in River Ganga ), Rail accidents .
and also up-lifting the cause ofFarmers /Down trodden. 13 EXTRA-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES DURINGEDUCATION PERIOD.
i. N.C.C.(A)Certificate “B” Senior Division (Army wing) Infantry No.UPSD/003/06073 Rank-Corporal,3,UP Battalion N.C.C.Agra.
(B) Attended annual training Camp at Achnera from23rd . Sept. to 20thOct.,1968 (Agra College ,Agra ). (C ) Discharge Certificate withO.C remarks “ He was a very smart and wellbehave cadet. He took keen interest in all NCC activities. He has also attendedannual training camp at Achnera from 23rd Sept. to 20th Oct,1968.” ii. Swimming- Member of Swimming “A” team of Agra College, Agra in Law IIYr. Session,1971-72.iii. Debate & Literary Activities-Participated in Session-1969-70 at AgraCollege, Agra. iv. College Youth Festival- College Drama-1969-70 & awarded Second Prize for acting.v. MusicActivities- Participated in Session 1971-72 at Agra College, Tournament- Participated in Session 1971-72 of LL.B. inter classtournament..15.MEMBER OF GOVERNING COUNCIL OF HIGHCOURT BAR ASSOCIATION-1986 and 1990.16. VICE PRESIDENT OF ADVOCATE’S ASSOCIATION ATHIGH COURT(2001 TO 2003)17. Editor –Allahabad Selected Cases-Manav Law Publication18. HOBBIES- i. Out-door games Cricket .ii.In-door games - Badminton, Swimming & Chess.
iii. Participation in Social Activitiesfor uplifting the cause of Farmers iv. Extensive driving of vehicle on Himalayans Hill side. v. Writing Articles in editorial columnof Newspapers regarding . problems relating to socio-economiccrisis & Legal aspects .HavingThousands of Articles Written in the MY GROUPS, BLOGS, DOCUMENTS on WEB, FounderCreator of 1, WORLD CITIZENSHIP GROUP, SWAMI VEVEKANAND WORLD ETHICALFOUNDATION, WORLD PARLIAMENT EXPERIMENT, 2008 BONN at GERMANY, as executivemember, GITA ASHRAM INTERNATIONAL CHERITABLE TRUST, RIHIKESH, URTTRANCHAL(a) WE, THE PEOPLE Published on 10.12.1995 in Editorial (OurLeader)(b) PARLIAMENTARIAN DEMOCRACY UNDEROUR ANGLO-SAXON JURISPRUDENCE (Published on 11.11.1995). in Editorial (OurLeader)(c) PARLIAMENTARIAN ATTACK ON JUDICIARY(Publishedon 31.71996,Editorial Our leader)(d) BANE OF RESERVATION INPROMOTION(Published on 13.8.1996 in Editorial Our leader)(e) STEADFAST WISDOM & THOUGHTMEDITATION (Published on 3.9.1996)in Editorial Our Leader ).(f) OUR PARLIAMENTARIAN DEMOCRACY-AN ASSESSMENT OF PREVAILING MALADIES IN RETROSPECT & PROSPECT.(Published on12.9.1996)in Editorial (Our Leader)(g) BLACK MONEY & ITS IMPACT ONSOCIETY.(Published on 18.9.1996)(h) OUR ELECTION PROCESS WITHGRADUAL DETERIOATION OF OUR DEMOCRATIC VALUES(Published on 14.10.1996,EditorialOur leader)(i) CRIMINALISATION OF POLITICS(Published on 29.10.1996,Editorial Our leader)(j) INTELLECTUAL’S APATHY TOPOLITICS ECHOES BACK 30.10.1996(k) VIBRATION FROM GANDHI’S GRAVE(Published on 21.11.1996 in Editorial Our leader)(l) PARTITION OF INDIA-A PUREPOLITICAL GAME Published on 20.12.1996 Editorial Our leader)(m) ROLE OF INDIAN TRADITIONS FORLIBERATION OF WOMEN IN INDIA (Published on 10.12.1996 in Our leader)(n) SUPERIOR’S COMMAND Vs. RIGHT OFREBELLION.(Published on 9.3.1997)in Editorial (Our Leader )(o) 50 YEARS OF OLIGARCHY(Published on 23.8.1997 View Point Our leader) (p) INDIA-A FUNCTIONINGANARCHY(Published on 12.9.1997 in Editorial Our leader)(q) THE BANE OF OUR SOCIETY (ANTIDEFECTION ACT )Published on 9.11.1997 Editorial in Northern India Patrika.PARLIAMENTARIAN POLITICS ANDCORRUPTION (Published on 11.11.1997 Editorial Our leader)(r) WHO IS AFRAID OF ARTICLE21(Published on 30.11.1997 in Editorial Northern India Patrika )(s) INDIAN SUB CONTINENT- APOLITICAL NEED FOR FUNDAMENTAL UNITYWITH EMOTIONAL INTEGRATION (Published on 10.12.1997)(t) THE RIGHT OF DUTIES (Publishedon 25.10.1997).(Northern India Patrika in Editorial)(u) INDIAN CONSTITUTION & OURCULTURAL HERITAGE(Published on 29.9.1996).in Editorial (Our Leader)(v) SONIA CONGRESS AND POLITICS(Publishedon 3.1.1998 View Point Our leader)(w) LEGAL INSTITUTION, POLITICS& JUSTICE.(Published on 7.1.1998 inEditorial Our leader).(x) LEGAL INSTITUTION AND JUSTICEPublished on 29.1.1998 in editorial Our leader)(y) AMBIT & SCOPE OF ARTICLE 21COUCHED IN NEGATIVE LANGUAGE. (Published on 23.11.1997) .(z) OMBUDSMAN-AN INSTITUTION OFACCOUNTABILITY (Published on 1.2.1998) .in Editorial (Our Leader )(aa) CONSTITUTI0NAL RESURRECTION(Published on 3.5 .1998 in View Point Our leader)(bb) FALSEHOOD BEYOND TRUTH(Published on 7.7.1998 Editorial Ourleader)(cc) IS IT DEMOCRACY (Published on23.8.1998 View Point Our leader)(dd) VANDE MATRAM (Published on21.9.1998 in editorial Our leader)(ee) FREEDOM OF PRESS VS RIGHT OF INFORMATION (Publishedon 27.8.1996).in Editorial (Our Leader)(ff) HUMAN RIGHTS IN INDIAN DEMOCRATIC CONTEXT (Published on1.3.1999)in Editorial (Our Leader )(gg) BHARTIYA PRAJATANTRA (INHINDI)( Published on 5.2.1999 in Kanpur Ujala)(hh) MINING PERMIT TATHA PATTA KEBINA JAMIN KHODANE KA ADHIKAR NAHIN (IN HINDI )(Published on 22.3.1999 inKanpur Ujala)(ii) VAN SAMPADA KE KHANAN kAADHIKAR KIS KO NAHIN(Published on 22.3.1999 in Kanpur Ujala)(jj) BHARTIYA YOG THERAPY,HEALTH ANDMEDITATION CENTRE(Published on 4.12 .1999 Our leader)(kk) GOD GIVE US MAN (Published on13.12.1999 editorial Our leader)(ll) CONVERSION OF A RELIGION-THEBANE OF CASTE SYSTEM (Published on13.12.1999 editorial Our leader)(mm) LEGAL ETHICS ,PROFESSION ANDADVOCATES( Published on 15.2 2000 Editorial Our Leader)(nn) LAW SHOULD LIBERATE ,NOTENSLAVE (Published on 7.3 2000. In Editorial Our leader)(oo) JUSTICING THE PEOPLE (A BOOKREVIEW) A CRITICAL ASSESSMENT ANDAPPRAISAL OF AN ADVOCATE( THE BOOK WRITEN BY HON’BLE JUSTICE ASHOK A.DESAI)(Published on 27.4 2000 in Our leader)(pp) INDIAN LEGAL HISTORY AND IT’S IMPACT ON CONSTITUTION .(qq) EXTRAVAGANCE OF PUBLIC FINANCEVIS-AVIS CURBING THE POWER AND DUTIES OFCOMPTROLLER AND AUDITOR GENERAL IN INDIA . Yogesh Kumar Saxena, Advocate, High Court, AllahabadEx Senior Vice President,Advocate’s Association, Chamber No. 139,High Court Trained Mediator of the first batch of Mediation Team Registration No. 946 of 1974 ( U.P.Bar Council of Allahabad) Special Counsel in Ganga Pollution Matter. Executive Member, World Parliament Experiment (Bonn) Germany 22ndFeb. 7th March 2008Conveyor InternationalConference Of Jurists, Held in SINGAPORE on 28th Feb. upto 3 rdMarch 2010ISRAL PROJECT INDIAN REPRESENTATIVE for SOCIAL COORDINATION ANFFOR MAINTAINING THE ROLE OF PEACE AND TRANSQUALITY IN INDIA (THROUGH SRI RAJIVDIXIT, BHARAT SWABHIMAN TRUST, PATANJALI YOGASPEETH, MAHARSHI DAYANAND GRAM,HARIDWAR 249402 PHONE 01334-240008) Yoga superior studies &meditation science technique,4215 NW 7 Street, #34, Miami, FL33126 Internationalconferences of Chief Justices of the World (CoCoordinators and Co Organizers) at City Montessori School, Lucknow,, 0532-2637720, 2436451, 9415284843, 9792131584, Declaration- I, do hereby swear in the nameof God that I will abide by the great ETHICS propagated by SWAMI VEVEKANADand the sacrifices given by NETAJI SUBHASH CHANDRA BOSE, BABA BHIM RAO AMBEDKAR, BALLABH BHAI PATEL,SHYAMA PRASAD MUKHERJEE , BABU RAJENDRA PRASAD and LAL BAHADUR SHASTRI. Icontribute my ANNUAL/ Life / FONDATION Membership for promoting the drive, as there may the eradication ofprevailing maladies and corruption , genocide of innocent citizen be stoppedforthwith with iron hand of Government.
Mr Cameron can I write you a private message?
East Africa Appeal I must be the only one that see this. You say "countries to face up to their debts and deal with them". So why are we getting cuts right so deep its hurting the hole country. Then in the next click of the mouse i hear your given that money to other countries in need what are we the Wold Bank.?
You'd make Bono very proud
Hi David, I was touch by your appeal,I really dont know in every 6mins a child dies. The 6mins was very poweful cos it continues to ring on my mind. I truly appreciate this message and would definetly contribute. Great piece.
Hi mister priminister ,i dont mean to be blunt but what they need in africa and countrys like that,is some contraception they need to sort there lives out before they have kids ,and watch them die, if it wasnt for countrys like ours sending aid .
Ps can you lower fuel tax its killing me and everyone else in our country
waaryaadhaheen yaa ingirriis carro buuqiinu waa battee madaxdiina lashaqeeyoo hagaajiya anana nasoo hagaajiyaha oo hidha iyo sharafta aadmahadavedna idinkaa doortee dee xilka haku xumayninanna. so be so smart, intelligent and trust worthy nation. great britain.
Ninety per cent of people in India are fools.Their minds are full of superstitions, communalism and casteism.
Prime minister. You an your government are so out of touch,question why have you not put back any of the civil liberties that labour took away?answer because all rich global elite puppets are the same
u r a lad :) u r my fave pm and go show uk 'ow its done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Africans: Instead of walking 20 miles a day with a bucket on your head to get water, simply move your mud hut next to the river and hey presto, water on tap. No more walking, problem solved. I bet David Cameron wishes he'd thought of that.
Guess what guys I know people in this country who do not eat food for up to ten or more days at a time because of crippling bills or they simply no longer can pay for food or bills. Of course my heart goes out to the people of Africa but that is a tune that's been played since I was at primary school in the 60's and quite frankly I am sick of hearing it. We have ploughed billions of pounds into Africa and other countries and while I understand that need what I cannot understand is why people in our own country are starving. 

Its almost like this government is trying its best to send us back to the era of Charles Dickens - the very rich and the very poor. Guess what the rich are winning at the moment.
Chris, it because of corrupt political ideologies that has crippled the appetite of African people. The bureaucrats choose to live in luxury depriving the poorest of the people half empty in stomach and left with no choice but to depend on western aids. My heart definitely goes out to them, and i remain compassionate for the hungry people who can barely afford the minimal. Everyone knows about this, few lends a helping hand.

You do not blame the people who have had some colonial past, but blame them who now have a political presence!
sort your own country out before you help others. stop putting foreigners before the british!!
This is parshaly right but it is also hypocritical David Cameron you have ruined our country so now you want to get on the peoples good side with this campain. What about reintrodicing child benifit especialy for single "parents" as you call it (more like single mothers) not everyone in the UK tries to cheat the system some people need money otherwise they will be on the streets. Put it this way if you want to solve the problem with this defasit then stop bieng prejudice to single famies especialy mothers and just people who are poor because not everyone is a horrable person just by where they come from. And bear in mind my mother is a single parent with me and a family of three and because of you making thease cuts my family and most others who are born working class and know more about suffering and not bieng able to afford things than you have all of your life and the rest of it to come. Not everyone is born with a silver spoon like you and 20% of the country so get your priorities strait and sort out our country first. You will not last so enjoy the power while you can because even some of your own MPs, AMs ect. are turning against you.    
Cameron hasn't ruined the country, if anything he's saved us from high interest rates on our 10yr bonds by sticking to a plan of austerity. The markets have confidence in the UK economy because the govt have decided to do something about it. It was the previous govt - Balls and Brown in particular who's responsible for the mess we're in now. You can't spend more than you earn, and that's what this country has been doing in general thanks to an over-sized and inefficient public sector. The hallmark of left-wing, socialist governments unfortunately. It's going to be painful and messy but it's got to be done to get our house back in order. The only problem is that people don't see it and they'll probably vote that muppet Miliband in once the mess has been cleared only to take us back to square one. No more burying our heads in the sand people. 
PS that's not to say I think that everything the coalition are doing is right but scrapping the war on the motorist, bringing back some common sense/anti-PC culture etc is a breath of fresh air! 
+Mark Skinner Really? So why is the interest rate on 10yr Japanese bonds even lower than the UK's? They owe 233% of their GDP... surely the bond vigilantes should have come down like a ton of bricks on them? That's right they haven't like they haven't in the UK. You know why?

1 - Because both countries can print their own money. Effectively this removes default risk so the only thing for an investor to worry about is inflation risk.

2 - Because both countries have depressed economies with very low growth prospects for the future. And that means inflation is likely to be low in the future too.

So what does this tell us? Rather than being a reward for Cameron's austerity policies the low interest rates reflect the lack of confidence investors have in the UK having any sort of meaningful growth anytime soon.

Brown didn't do a particularly good job with the economy by overspending in boom years but Cameron is making things even worse by tightening the purse strings when he should be investing in infrastructure. With such low interest rates it is criminal to waste such an opportunity to project Britain into the 21st century as a technological and green superpower.
+Jorge Miguel Oliveira e Silva I'm not an expert by any means but with the markets, it's about confidence and the markets have confidence that Japan will rebuild and be able to pay down its debt. Whereas with Greece and Portugal the markets aren't so sure...not completely sure why.

I have to say I'm quite surprised by your comment that 'Brown didn't do a particularly good job with the economy' Are you some sort of master of understatements? Brown was completely irresponsible with the economy. Signing off big cheques in the last days of government that he knew he wouldn't be cashing!

You're right on both 1 and 2 of course. However, the IMF have given their seal of approval to the UK's austerity plan and I believe the UK are still investing in infrastructure (  but probably not as much as some or I would like.

We (and other countries across the world) have spent way beyond our means in this country for far too long and it needs to stop. Would you be able to live by borrowing more than you earn? 

It seems like you're suggesting that the UK shouldn't be cutting its spending...just a bit crazy especially in light of the IMF's approval. 
+David Cameron High kudos for taking on that bully of a president Kirchener of Argentina. I have massive amounts of respect for you for taking her on. She needs to be brought down a peg or 10!

I can't imagine any Labour prime minister doing what you did so well done!
+Mark Skinner
"I'm not an expert by any means"
It shows.
"...not completely sure why."
I'll give you a hint, it has something to do with being able to print money.
"However, the IMF have given their seal of approval to the UK's austerity plan"
Bollocks. The IMF report was scathing of the UK's performance and policy choices and then Lagarde spins it in her BFFs favour. Anyone who had read the report knows Lagarde was just kissing ass.
"Would you be able to live by borrowing more than you earn? "
I'm not a country. People are not sovereign nations. In an aggregate economy my income is your spending. If we all try to save at the same time guess what happens.
"just a bit crazy especially in light of the IMF's approval. "
A -  There was no IMF approval, just some Lagarde political spin.
B - The IMF are experts in fucking up economies. Look at Ireland/Greece/Portugal. Totally fucked up by austerity and your buddies the IMF.
West Africa should not be ignored either. After the post-election Civil War in Cote d'Ivoire, there is massive unemployment, medical crises, and an extreme need for agricultural supplies. Might be worth looking at and advocating for....
* Peace *
hi sir   your are very handsome and kind  and i hope you must have pity for the poor  pleas help me i need your help  pleas  my email    i want to get free education  but i cannot do it because ma very poor  i am very grateful to you thanks
Did you know Friday is the International Day of Qods?
 There was a day last Friday of Ramadan mosque, Al-Aqsa and Palestine from Israeli occupation is the noble freedom.
PM Cameron :Robot usage for manufacturing and robot manufacturing are still a home grown technology, but the question is : will the EU leaders get together and make sure the technology that makes robots stays at home ? software and hardware ? or will they argue, like in so many other areas, endlessly among each other, and by the time they agree on something, the technology will be in Asia ? again ?  the balance between manual high-end labor and advanced robotic manufacturing is success , will the EU leaders be there ? or will they lose the race while talking about fashion ties and shirts ?  while we need the finest organic natural foods and drinks crops, we also need 500 million EU consumers with a home-made smart phone and a home-made laptop or tablet and a home-made aluminum bike or electric-plug-in bike, as well as a home-made solar and wind system and a home-made fuel-cell and batteries to power them, and that takes a lot of fine smart  robots, and will they be made in the EU ? and the installation , parts and service of them for EXPORTS too ?  the time for action is right now.
PM Cameron : Being able to stream video and TV on the web, with open source and open standards, with HTML5 ,  on any gadget , on any platform and with any browser could go a long way to help the Youth in Europa to create and succeed, to win.
شهدت محافظة البصرة تظاهرة كبيرة تحت عنوان ( جمعة سلطة ظالمة ... وشعب مقهور) احتجاجاً على الفيلم المسيء للإسلام والرسوم الكاريكاتيرية المسيئة للنبي محمد (صلى الله عليه واله وسلم) التي نُشرت مؤخرا ، انطلقت التظاهرة من امام جامع الامام الباقر (عليه السلام ) بعد صلاة الجمعة المباركة بتاريخ : 21 / 9 / 2012م ورفع المتظاهرون لافتات خط عليها باللغتين العربية والانكليزية " لبيك يا رسول الله ... لبيك يا نبي الرحمة ... " شارك فيها عدد كبير من ابناء محافظة البصرة من مقلدي المرجع الديني الاعلى العراقي العربي السيد الصرخي الحسني ( دام ظله ) من مختلف طبقات المجتمع وكان لطلبة الجامعات والاكادميين والمثقفين مشاركة فاعلة خلال التظاهرة ، كما حمل المتظاهرون صور كاريكاتيرية وشعارات بينوا من خلالها استيائهم لانعدام الخدمات والامن والامان وفقدان حقوق الانسان واعتبروه اساءة بحق الشعب العراقي المسلم واساءة للنبي الاكرم محمد صلى الله عليه واله وسلم ، كما وهتفوا بشعارات تندد بالأعمال المشينة التي طالت مقام نبينا الاقدس محمد بن عبد الله (صلى الله عليه واله وسلم ) .
" لبيك يا رسول الله ... لبيك يا نبي الرحمة ... "
Lol! This is like a year old. Poor dude ran away from everyone. You do know what cyber bullying is, don't you?

Anyway, I'd just like to say we don't live in a democracy because:

1: Some people are influenced by the media
2: Some parties get more exposure than others
3: Advertising works that's why so much is spent on it
4: Democracy should be a fair system and if it isn't we should strive to make it fair.

Therefore the money that is pumped into promoting some parties, influencing some people, giving them an unfair advantage means: we don't live in a democracy.

It's just a big lie.

I hope that makes sense.
maalin galab wanaagsan. muddo hadeer laga joogo in ku dhow dhow illaa iyo 7 billood ayaan halakan netka bartan internetka isku aragney inkastoo aynaan xoog isu barran una wada hadal hadana aragtidiinu adiyo inanyahey madaxdiinuba kolley si weyn baan idiinku sharfey intii aan kari karayey oo qof bani aadamihi dad aanay is barran weli uu u sharfi lahaa. dee deyna idinkuma laheyn deeq gaarana markaa aad idiinkama rabin. waxanana aha ardey wax kabarta barriga africa siiba caasimada dlka uganda ee kampala. maadad loo yaqaan ama aqonta loo yaqaan Public administration and management degreega ama shahaadada loo yaqaan masterka. muddadii u dhaxaysey 210 illaa hada oo aan qalinjabintii diyaar u ahey.
hadaba sidaas awgeed annuu waaban u bogey kow markaan arkey inaad adiga iyo weliba hoggaamiyaha u sarreya dalka ingiriiska aan ku arkey cinwaankayga.waxa kaloo kasii darran oo wanaag kale ah in abaaraha aaad loogu ururinayo lacago weliba toos uu haogaamiyaha uk uga hadley oo aan codkiisana maqley aragtiddisan aan arkoba.
intaa waxa ii dheer waxa gabadheydu ku guu leysatey oo ka heshay dalkiina aadna soo siiseen casuumad waxbarasho codsiga vissaha kugalideed  dalkugal ee UK iyda oo anna la iigu soo xidhiisdhiyey inaan soo raaco oo kampala wada joogney muddaba nasiibdarro aniga oo haysta passporka dalka yeree isku magacaabey somaliland aan marwada gudbiney codsigayaga ayaa anniga kaygii la soo diidey kediina lasoo ogolaadey oo sidaa waxa soo yeeley safaarada ingiriiska ee dalka kenya. weliba waxa qoraalka ku jirta orodoo xaaskaagii u tag iyadoo aanuwadaba socono. lana arko warraaqdii nikaaxa sawiradayadii odhaahdayadii is qabiyeed iyo wixii caydeymo ahaa. dee aalla mahadiiye xaaskaygii waxay joogtaa englsand york university oo noo ballanqaadey caawimada waxbarashane aad bey uga xummaadeen kal hadhkayaga. annaga oo ah qoyka kamid ah dadaka aadka uga shaqeeya xuquuqda aadamaha waanu aad iyo aad ugu hanweyneyn israacidayada england oo aanu soo aragno meeshii ay ehelka u aheyd luqadan aanu marwalba qorno ku shaqeyno oo ku qancinno cid kastoo ku xadgudubta xuquuqda aadamaha gudo iyo dibadba.
qoraal siadanoo kala ah oo ku qorran englishna waa u direy safiirka soomaaliya ee nairobi laakinn wax jawaaba kama helin waxaaban sax u arkey deedna in ta soomaaliga ahi sax tahey oo ta englishku idiinkuba badatey. saarreeye dee waxaan kaa codsanaya dadnimo dabiib iyo deeqba inaad ii ammarto oo xoghayntaadan iigu sheegto inaan mar soo booqdo baladka beesha ingiriis. waad mahadsanthey.
passport number 0006892 somaliand republic issued in hargeisa 14may 2011 born in 1968 at Hargeisa. date of vissa refusal UK 14/9/2012 Nairobi 393967   
Regards with thanks
Ahmed Abdi Ibraahim MPA kamapala Uganada East Africa   
,my mums voted 4 u just because shes a big fan of that charity. it's a very sefless act,
joshua, age 11
هل تبحث عن السعدة
David Cameron, You are a twat! I voted for you as I thought you was better than the others but turns out your just the same. I have two jobs just to survive and pay the always increasing way of life. Im taxed stupid amounts and I don't receive any government support. Now everyone knows that there are scum out there who can't be bothered to work yet they have an easier life than me financially. How does that make sense? Then there's the immigrants who come to this country and immediately get moneys thrown at them, access to our health care. Again how does that make sense? I know in the past other government party's haven't helped the situation but don't you think its time to start somewhere. There is alot of people like me in the same position and worse so before the shit hits the fan sort this fuckin country out and you'll always have my vote. 
Dear Mr Cameron,Please do some thing positive for  the rights of doctors who are British national but are graduated from non EU countries and they are unemployed in the UK or doing basic para medical jobs.GMC criteria is very strict for them.Why can,t we get some trainig following to the GMC registration and work as a doctor instead of PLAB exams and a long que for jobs.Kind Regards.Dr T Baig
PM Cameron : Thanks to your Administration  for the push towards new clean green energy systems and policies , very smart ! In my opinion, besides Wind and Solar farms , your geography is ideal for wave-current turbines to generate electricity, ideally the whole EU should build a " tidal-way "along the Atlantic from Southern Europe all the way to the Arctic, that could generate hundreds of gigawatts of electricity and millions of new jobs , a new industry and complimentary to deep-sea drilling and mineral research, a win -win for all, but where is the EU leadership ? and Private Industry, why are they not at the table ?  greedy ? incompetent ?  corrupt  ? why is EU Private Industry and the big EU Bankers and EU Industrialists not behind any of these new smart solutions in a big way ? why ?  and where is their Patriotism  ?  
Never mind helping Africa. How about fixing the mess our country is in first!
Happy St Andrews Day. 2014 YES gets my vote
Mr David cameron i relly like your movies i am your big fan.
U know what we need a new goverment that can sort britian, because u n ur bunch of joking friends are shit! Putting taxes up when u n ur friends ruined the economy what r u paying seriously????? 
start on the top floor then work your way down !
Your a fuckin prick mr cameron puting cost up on raily services i hope something bad happens to you and your lot.
I thought you where going to help the poor and tax the rich it seems to me your doing the opposite you toffee brown nose bastard.
Why dont you taxs the royal family the fuckin hanger ons they go on about all the good they have done wont about all the bad they have done as well like in the old days when they used to ride round on their merry horses and take peoples land off them.
hi David my friend meet you at Chelsea vs Villa with your son , I am a Chelsea fan and hope you had a great day at the bridge - he met you at the end of he match
What about an appeal to get some of our money back to deal with our floods Matey.
Can you add us or follow us ?

were not able to follow you, thanks dave.
Great vid. Now stop messin around with this eu stuff we need the EU it doesnt take a genius!
We do not need the EU mate we got to the top before it was ever thought of we need to be leaders again not just a member of a pack. Germany is trying to be what it always has tried to be the dominant one.
mr Cameron should read his history books more then he might see what is occurring

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This is very cleverly done.

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When will you wake up
Why should we give money
To countries with copper
Mines Gold mines
Diamond mines Ll of which
We do not have .
And how much did we get when we were flooded
Recently matey
Get real please wake up

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PM Cameron : We cant' lose Africa to the Sunni Jihadist and Sunni Salafists, please help Pr. Hollande and the African Union , we need Africa healthy and wealthy, thanks.
Mr. Cameron the people of this country would like you to cut the head off the illuminati snake that is slowly cutting off the American economy remove money and go back to handling debts with something a bit better than paper. Such as forgotten currencies
Thanks mr camerom you fuckin twat for bring in this bedroom bollocks taxs and for making me and my family struggle even more and the poor people like me all you politions want to do is tax poor people and the hard working to the eyeballs and for nothin in return and it's you rich bankers and poilitions who've got this country in to debt how many bedrooms you got mr cameron i bet you and your doggy polition friends have got two fuckin house so why don't you give one them up you fuckin prick i hope when they start routing again the first place they go is 10 downing street and i hope somebody drops a fuckin bomb on the lot of ya so see ya you bunch of posh toffee brown nose bastards 
And villa are going down as well just like you you twat
Get a life man or at least some education before writing this rubbish ,if
you have something to say then think about how it will
look before putting it in writing .
What you put may be right and make people sit up and notice but this sort
of complete rubbish will just make all and sundry
wince at you lack of the situation ..
PS there is a thing called spell check on your computer get someone to show
you where it is it will help you a lot.
 I can tell that all you will do to England is trash it. economically, on the short term, this will benefit us. however, socially, in both terms, you are doing us no good. this is because of privatization -  who is to say that forcing hundreds of already squeezed parents to pay yet more just to get their children a job they like will do the country good? 
we are in a relatively equal country; the fact that you went to a state school, in theory, should not impact what you  will do in later life.
however, you are cutting on education, meaning that the only solution could be to send children to private schools. I notice that whilst you are cutting funds for schools, you are still able to pay taxpayer's money to the queen, and at the same time fund a multi-billion pound nuclear submarine scheme that will do nothing other than scare away ducks. 
Conservative and Liberal Democrats are just shambolick as previous government.

You are forgetting that the recession hasnt been lifted even the uk stock exchange tells you Uk are in trouble. But oh well cameron thats the coalition for you. No use going on about horse meat when what is the real problem??? Oh yes it recession

LOL, Chris Humphries. Couldn't disagree with you more. BTW your caps lock was on
lol, just read that twice! (why's it their last party political broadcast? hmmm....) . 
David, you need to think more about the people here in the UK who are really, really struggling to maintain any sort of standard of living, not because they don't or won't work but cannot work, by this I mean those who are disabled in a way that makes even getting from the bed or sofa to the lavatory a major, even epic journey, then once back to where they started from cannot move again for hours, sometimes days. These are the people you are hurting the most with your so called spending cuts, in the name of balancing your budgets.

For crying out loud, as I and many of us have done, Stop Now and step back a little before it's too late. Too late for what, you might be saying? I and many, many other are suffering, we all agree things need to be done to rebalance the countries deficit but forcing people to survive on less and less money, forcing people to move house, when there are none to go to, all the while food, fuel, energy costs, motoring costs are continually on the rise. I know from first-hand how difficult things are becoming, my housing association have just been to impose your new bedroom tax on me and my wife, and because I am disabled we do not sleep together any more and your new measure is taking almost £60 pounds per month out of my income. I am disabled with severe Myalgic Encephalopathy, Fibromyalgia and clinical depression, just getting through a day when life is pretty OK, is very hard but when my wife and I are living with the mounting worry. How we are going to manage as ALL of your new ideas if they come to fruition, we can not envisage any standard of living if you continue on the present course.

We used to be upwardly mobile but 13 years ago illness struck and turned our lives upside down and inside out. My wife has a number of health issues herself but I need her help most of the day, I cannot do a great deal without assistance or supervision. My wife tried to return to work on the advice of her hospital specialist, this involved an inter county house move because we lived in a rural part of the country and she cannot drive, however 7 weeks into her job she suffered a major burn out, two years on, we are still struggling to get back to where we were before, trying to find some sort of stability.

None of this will be of much interest to you, and your comments regarding how your measures will make people better off are empty, it is not working, so you are either not telling us the truth or you are very misguided.

 David, You appear to have picked up where Margaret Thatcher left off....This is OK if you have 20-30 thousand pounds a year coming in but the majority of this country do not, most of us live on about 8-10 thousand pounds per year. I would like to see you try and live on this; not just of a week or a fortnight for the TV stations, try it for ten years plus and you might just understand what the majority of this country have to contend with.

Back to 'before it's too late' your cuts and reforms are pushing many to the brink and before too long we will reach critical mass where the country will be driven back to a neo-Victorian lifestyles. Although we  have a 'them and us' and the 'haves and have not's' but the gap between these lives will become massive, it will be social devastation. People will be forced to turn to crime to survive, there will be an increase in prostitution as people struggle to maintain any sort of life, leading to massive disease increases. Semi and unskilled working people will become slaves and many aspects of normal life to go beyond the norm.

There is still time to pull us from the brink and I urge you to be the man who your voters imagined you would be. Be strong and turn things around before it can never be. As it is said...Pride goes before a fall. to hell with your pride and what good you may be 'imagining' you are doing. We, the people you swore to take care of when you became our leader are now dying through suicides and worry because they cannot meet their needs, feed their kids and so on. There is a world beyond the Watford gap and we are facing an impossible future with no solution. You are the puppeteer David, don't abuse your power and destroy us.

Would you prefer to be remembered as the PM who cared for the poor and needy, even if you need to make U-turns and admit 'OK I got wrong', people won't mind provided your words were heart felt, or would you like to be known as the PM who picked up where Maggie T left off and drove the country to its knees and he was the PM who didn't care or was't interested in those who cannot work (not to be confused with those who will not work) or those who have a nice financial buffer that can bridge the peaks and troughs life throws at us.

Please, please don't forsake the vulnerable David you are killing us and the country. Step back and take a look, Step back and turn back. NOW
Kevin Bates, everyone feels the pinch. I hope for whatever reason you are able to get the support you need because you sound to me like you need it. I hope everything works out for you. Just so you know; its like that in every sector. But I grant you one thing, those that can help themselves could change things if they wanted to. Haves and have not's are from choice, and people need to start working out how they are going to survive. I admit you sound vulnerable and an exception though, so my heart goes out to you. Find somewhere that will help you though please ;)
I can't wait until the first cripple gets pushed out of their home (hopefully down a flight of stairs) due to Cameron's Bedroom Tax. It will make a great YouTube video.
I'm on incapacity benefit.
I have a tiny flat which is necessarily close to my son's school and his mothers home.
My council tax has just quadrupled. My electricity bill has doubled in the last year.
Every time you and your party talk about helping 'hard-working' people, I feel excluded.
Every time you and your party talk about 'hard-working' people having to look at the 'closed curtains' of their neighbours, I feel demonised.
You and your party are abominations.
You never learn, indeed I believe you are incapable of learning.
Incidentally, although I can't work I'm a hard working father and I can't afford curtains.

Perhaps sopmeone should have told you thatyour council sets the Council tax and not the Government. Just thought it worth pointing out.
The Government can force councils to set a lower tax but they choose not to for political reasons, Thatcher did it and she also implemented the Poll Tax which was her downfall.
I'm not pro-anyone but just pro-truth. If you check, the Government put in place funding for Councils that they get in return for not touching the Council Tax. Unfortunately, for political reasons many Lib Dem and Labour councils have gone against this and put up the council tax anyway. A sceptic might say they know people will blame it on the government. Wouldn't take much to confirm what I'm saying but you'll be hard pressed to see the media talking about it. Heaven forbid something positive is said for any government in power.
Nobody is going to say anything positive about this Government that's for sure.
Democracy doesn't work. You all think you vote, which creates choice. Its a lie. We all vote every 4 years into whoever has the best political campaign. Then 4 years later they replug the political train campaign back in for us idiots to be allowed to vote again. thats not a peoples goverment, thats just rule making by an elite against our will after we fuck it up every 4 years becasue we was lied to by the party train. Devolution isn't a method of making it a democracy, its unvoted people making rules over us. rant over
oh... and by the way, we go to war because we think democracy rocks the best. And America borrows money off China
How about helping people in this country instead of forgetting the poor in country, bedroom tax, PIP assessments that will be given by ATOS who will take anyone of benefits that can breathe. Why don't you look around you and see what you are doing, making the wealthy richer and the poor destitute, I worked for 24 years, 12 of those serving my country and have had 2 strokes, injured my back, now I'm worried about the future. I bet you don't reply to me.
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Ilove mr.David Cameron very much go head!
all people are love mr.DVD happy day dear DVD
اذ كان اح يعرف يتكلم الغة العربية يتصل بيا
The Government is changing its UK emblem from a Union flag to a Condom. It allows for inflation, halts production, destroys the next generation, protects many a prick, and gives you sense of security while you are being FUCKED.........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mo ism
السيدDavid cameron رئيس الوزراء البريطاني بعد التحيه لقد تم التجاوز علي الشرعيةفي مصر وا
ود ان ااكد لكم مدي تمسكي بالتيار التسلامي في مصر لانه اقوى تيار من حيث التنظيم ومن خلاله يمكن اتخاذ القرا ات أﻻصعب والاقوى في تاريخ الامه ويمكن دمجه في العمليه السلميه في المنطقه وااكد لسيادتكم انه لن يكون هناك سلام حقيقي بدون التيار الاسلامي
Ur a joke tae this country mate 
What do the conservatives care about all those poor kids in east Africa? I think cameron should experience the same conditions as these children.
Correction: cameron DESERVES to be in these conditions.
This is not our problem, it is not down to us to aid anyone, we can barely pay for ourselves let alone more third world countries, it is sad and it is wrong that they should have to live like that but you don't see the leaders of those impoverished countries living in squalor, no instead the leaders have private jets and ruby encrusted forks, they eat off gold plates and have everything they want and why? because they swallow the aid money that is why.
الامر يتطلب كثيرا من الجهد والاصرار.
انا ارغب في المشاركة بالعربية
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